v91 released


's and Fall creator
May 23, 2001
Japan / Italy / Germany
Time to play in the Mediterranean!

- Fixed Mountain in Baltic added by mistake

- Mongolia gets less units on city conquered when it’s the human player

- Population and Policies do not count for Mongolian victory

- Native America renamed Indian America

- Updated some city renames

- Mbanza Kongo will always be present

- Added Benin and Mogadishu

- Updated coordinates of Hercules’s Pillars in the code

- fixed bug in stability calculation, which was preventing to the changes introduced in last version on Territory category to take into effect

- included InfoAddict as a standard component

- new power for Rome: Cleaning a barbarian camp in the first 100 turns produces a settler.

- Legions no longer have settling ability

- increased barbarian camps in Europe, reduced barbarian units, reduced Celts

- slightly reduced victory points modifier for conversion to Arabia

- Eastern Rome can flip capitals when they don’t belong to the human player

- fixed bug of double palace for Phoenicia

- fixed bug of no free harbours for Phoenicia

- slightly reduced tech penalty for number of cities (16% to 14%)

- barbarian chariots spawning slightly farther away from Greece (may disturb the spawn)

- reduced barbarian pressure on Persia

- wandering barbarians in Europe in very early times changed from swordsman to warrior

- tweaked barbarian camp distribution system

- removed minor civs Italy and Papal State from the penalty count of stability (for Rome)

- Greece starts with already existing Sparta and Syracuse belonging to the Achaean League

- Greece must kill the Achaean League as part of victory, Romans must kill the Celts

- added Nanjing from the start when human is China, as filler to symbolise different dynasties

- Rome must control the area of historical Roman Empire for victory
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