v92 Phoenicia


Jul 15, 2020
Following my previous gameplay with India, I tried playing as Phoenicia this time, progressing in chronological order, among the civilizations where the Role Playing Victory is enabled. To successfully win as Phoenicia, gaining control over large water tiles, notably the Mediterranean, is vital. Fortunately, the Phoenician Quinquereme is exceptionally powerful, which I am quite pleased with, allowing for the easy conquest of coastal cities in Greece and Rome.


Playing as Phoenicia also offers the opportunity to earn points by relocating the capital to the location of Carthage, which I couldn't achieve in this gameplay. Especially since I hadn't anticipated the fall of the capital, I didn't establish a second city near the location of Carthage. However, it might be a good feature to have the ability to move the capital voluntarily, though I may just not be aware of how to do this.

Additionally, I encountered pirates ravaging the Mediterranean:

There were three points of concern during the gameplay:
  1. Regarding happiness levels when occupying a city:I encountered an issue when occupying Syrakousai and Rhegion where the pop-up (choices like annexing or puppeting the city) did not appear. Consequently, the happiness level didn't decrease even after acquiring the city. This issue seems to resolve upon saving and reloading the game.
  2. Regarding the city of Sur:Around the 600s, Arabia emerged and declared war. Initially, it was just a regular war, but at some point, I noticed the city had been occupied without any apparent battle taking place. I'm not sure if it's related to the "Gone Arabic" event or if perhaps the stationed soldiers turned against the city.
  3. Regarding stability:As far as tracking the numbers goes, the 5-turn plan appears to be functioning as expected (as commented during my gameplay with India). However, sometimes the check seems to get removed before the 5 turns are up, which I suspect might be a bug.

Once again, the gameplay was enjoyable. Thank you very much.If you have any questions about the Phoenicia gameplay or anything else, please feel free to ask.

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