Varietas Delectat review and improvement


Blue Period
Aug 23, 2009
Is anyone interested in helping me review, clean up and improve the Varietas Delectat component?

I have a couple of things in mind that are mostly busywork and require no coding or XML editing at worst. For example:
- checking which units lack civ specific art at all
- checking which civs do not have art for a specific unit
- identifying unit art differences between Varietas Delectat and History Rewritten
- identifying city/improvement art sets not being used by Varietas Delectat

As you know, the Varietas Delectat module is based on the standalone Varietas Delectat mod, which is pretty old by now. Since then, a lot of additional art has been produced. Especially History Rewritten has very pretty looking unit art which in my opinion is much better than what Varietas Delectat has, and if possible I would like to switch over to that. However, right now I don't even know what the differences are. I could start figuring this out, but it's very tedious and my time is probably better spent elsewhere.

However, if someone wants to help out, that would be very valuable. At the simplest it would already help to open both mods and compare the unit art lineups of all civs in there, e.g. with sufficiently detailed closeup screenshots. Obviously the units and civs don't match exactly but they do pretty closely.

Likewise, not all units that have been introduced along with the new tech tree have been accounted for in VD, in fact most haven't. This means those units usually use the default art in VD. It may also be the case that VS is using a model for one unit type that is now more suitable for another unit type. For example, one case where I already checked this is Arquebusier/Musketeer. Since the Musketeer is a new unit, some of the existing Arquebusier art was better suited for Musketeers, especially since Arquebusiers were named Musketeers earlier. There are probably other cases like this.

I also think there are city art sets out there that the mod doesn't have. I would also like to expand the amount of city artstyles in other ways. For example, Sword of Islam has a mixed Mediterranean/Islamic city style that it uses for the Ottomans. I think transitional mixed styles make a lot of sense with other combinations as well.

If anyone wants to help here, let me know, we can then discuss the details.
Also, wasn't there a cityset with even more modern building art out there? The current modern cityset carries through the Global and Digital eras, even though the skyscraper style is mostly evocative of 1930s New York architecture. It would be cool to have a different one for the different era. I am so sure there is one that looks more like current steel-and-glass type skyscrapers but I can't find it.
If they exist, it would also be nice to have different city styles across civilizations for industrial and later eras rather than the one-size-fits-all styles we currently use.
Yeah, that's another thing I was thinking about with the mixed citysets. You could easily take skyscrapers etc. and mix them with culture specific buildings from previous eras to create culture specific versions of modern citysets. I think it is overboard how your entire civilisation is covered in modern buildings all of a sudden anyway. Same for cottage improvements.
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