Varietas Delectat (unofficial) expansion


Mar 2, 2022
After being disappointed in the lack of a tank skin for the French I decided to check the VD folder, where I found out there was just a bunch of unused units laying around, a good amount later and I was browsing the forums for more models to add.
I've done quite a lot and I'm sure I was not the only one that felt like stuff was missing so I might as well post this somewhere.

By far the major difference is that I included different skins for a single unit, so you might get a ww1 tank if you rush the tech tree, I say might because I have no clue how the game chooses between <early>; <middle> and <late>, seems to be just how far you are on the tech tree but Im not certain, the game favors <middle> and <late> art so is more of "a cool thing that can happen" instead of "ultra-realistic unit progression".

I don't really use forums so I'm not sure how file sharing works, the file is definitely too big for me to annex here so I will just post a link:
Im assuming you already have the VD module installed, so you should just replaced it with this one (remenber to back it up if things break or you want to revert some of the changes).

I might have messed some things up, so tell me if you find a unit that is too large or just missing textures, is a bit hard to check every unit since the game can't show every variation at once, that and it takes me 5 minutes to boot the game up.
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