Vassals or jealous kids?


Honk of the hill
Sep 3, 2001
I just got into a situation, where I got two intact vassals, Bismarck and De Gaulle. They're still big enough to do some sidetrack research for me. Now it's hard enough to get them warm enough to deal techs with them, but unfortunately I had to recognize, that they are each others worst enemy. Yeah, I know, could have seen that coming, but nevertheless it's kind of stupid, that your vassals are pissed of, because you're trading techs with your other vassals. In my case gifting backwards Bismarck some techs made it impossible for me to ever trade with De Gaulle again :cry:

I would like to see that fixed, so that you can't get the "you traded with our worst enemy"-penalty if the worst enemy is your vassal as well as the civilization that gives you the penalty.
I don't consider the vassal system broken (I play BtS) but it is not yet really well done in my opinion.

Am I alone on this, or are others out there thinking along similar lines?
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