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Sep 23, 2019
Bologna, Italy
        Adjustments to diplo AI logic for vassalage and war
Last game i'm completing with Caterina was perfectly balanced about voluntarily vassalage. Two AIs just gave up and request when they saw my Army at their door. War: AIs still accepting going war for a low bribe like a couple of luxury and some gold. Arabia bribed Greece to DOW Russia. Red Army vassalized Greece in 9 turns.


            Vassals holding capitals now count towards domination victory
Finally Domination is possible again. Nowadays as soon you can build United Nation is a DV in 15 turns if you went successfully warmongering.

            Scrapped prior model - now build normally up to prior era of buildings
Argh .. No. No. Let them as they are now. Sigh :\
            If a city has a building replaced by a 'free' copy from a policy etc., the current cost of the item in the city is refunded as an immmediate instant yield in the city.
Very nice.

        Scaling Spies
            Policies/Abilities that scale on number of CS now only scale off of those founded in first 10 turns of game
Uhm. So if a CS conquers another city it does not scale. Fine.

            Empire Happiness is now distributed on from high->low pop cities (instead of order of founding)
                Distribution now ignores local population cap - so it'll just keep passing out happiness until the empire sources are gone
            Local happiness can now exceed local population, just like local unhappiness
            Slightly expanded the ratio for distress (70 -> 100), meaning you'll suffer less relative distress overall
            Distress is no longer the average of food/production in a city - it is now the sum of them
            Unit Production/Cost no longer scales off of local unhappy - now scales off of War Weariness
            War Weariness - increased rate of increase slightly, increased % cap to 34% of total empire pop (was 25%)
This is an earthquake by itself way more than spy rework. It will need a lot of testing by players. Overall I like it. In my recent games when going wide i just beelined Two Kay Food. Ticket to win 100%.

            Science/Gold theft no longer have effect cooldowns (no blocking)
            'Quell' counterspy mission no longer requires unhappy element in city
            Fixed CTD caused by firaxis spy pointer method (bad direct access, bad!)
            Fixed some strange notifications in specific situations
            Added two new espionage missions, locked behind policies/wonders:
                Steal Tech - locked behind Bletchley Park
                Steal GW (copy, not actually a theft)- locked behind Avant Garde
New espionage rework was more an heavy nerf imho. Now is just an event like many others, maybe with some player control. Sadly you cannot rely on it to catch up at higher difficulties. It's better keep those Authority war machine going at all time or you'll find yourself severely behind tech wise.

In my final push vs Arabia (the whole world vs Arabia) Harun kept at bay my 8 Bombers with 4 Destroyers nested in an internal lake. Not big deal but 124 units vs 12 come on just give up your capital and sue for peace.

Updated changelog. See war weariness and unit production cost scaling, and also the new espionage effects.
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