VERY strange city state bug

Aug 3, 2020
I encountered a bug yesterday, which had some uses for me as it freed up settling space, had no negative consequences in terms of grievances, and still allowed the city state to be "present" in the game for envoy/suzerain purposes.

I played with Barb mode on (the newest mode, cant recall the name right now).

The way it happened was this:
A barb camp turned into a religious city state (Jerusalem) in an area that I generally wanted for settling purposes.
The location for the city state was made worse, in that it took up the space of potentially 2 cities that I intended to settle.
On the flip side, as I was playing Peter and had Kilwa Kisiwani, I also really wanted to have the city state in the game, as it was one of two religious city states which would allow me to suzerain them both for the purpose of gaining an empire-wide +15% faith (as well as envoy bonuses).
I decided I wanted the cities more than the city state however, so I declared war on Jerusalem, deciding that while I would love to have the envoys and suzerainties (and no grievances), more cities would pay off in the long run.

Now this is where things went weird:
Unfortunately I had put an unescorted settler on auto-walk towards the coast, where one of Jerusalems units snagged it up, right before I conquered Jerusalem and razed their city.
Since Jerusalem now had a settler, they were not wiped as a "civilization" when I razed the city.
I still also got the negative grievances, and was rather annoyed at that point.
Jerusalem then settled my captured settler, and got the new city of "Washington" (also a religious city state which I was still at war with).

And now even weirder:
After capturing the city of "Washington" (Jerusalems settled city), I decided to keep Washington since it was located in an ok spot for me.
However, I suddenly noticed that I had 0 grievances towards the other leaders now (very good for me).
Even better, Jerusalem still existed in the city-states menu (though with no city or unit existing anywhere), and I was able to get both working envoy bonuses and the suzerainty of the city state!

While not entirely game-breaking, this bug seems to have some nice applications.
If this can be reproduced on a regular basis (with the method described above), it allows the player to take out city states with good locations, for no grievances and without losing the ability to get bonuses from the city state (envoy or suzerain).

If something as strong as Bologna now spawns near Mt. Roraima in your game, you now know how to approach the situation. :D


Mar 29, 2021
I can confirm this bug. Maybe share some more light to it. I played as Portugal with the Barb mode on. I attacked a natural spawned City state (Akkad) and everything went fine as normal. Attacked Fez (a city state spawned from barb camp) and the city state did not get removed. Its units continued fighting. Cleared everything up as all unit escaped to the water, but the City state are still set as active. I can make peace with it if I want.

Another example was Egypt attacking Mogadishu, a barb spawned city state. They razed the town and still the City state is set as active. I can even get envoys in it, even if I can't locate the town when I click on the City state in the City state menu. While Mali captured Bologna, (natural spawned city state) and it is gone from the list, so natural spawned city states are fine.

Playing vanilla this game as well, as there was some issues with my usually mods from the Portugal update. So I guess this might be an issue with the patch and barb mode.

I can send the save file if you want. It's not a big deal all in all, but it should not happen.
Aug 3, 2020
Here are the save files.
Sorry for the delay, kinda forgot about it.
Save files include before, during, after.

Note, when I ran the "during" save (T115 iirc, at the time where I conquered Jerusalem/Washington), I couldn't recreate it the second time around.
Yet it happened that one time in my actual game, hence my "after" save which clearly shows Jerusalem still in the game, but without a dedicated city.

Note that I haven't played this for a while now, but I'm pretty sure it began around T110 when Jerusalem grabbed my unescorted settler, T115 being when I took "Washington", and T120 being from an autosave where I retained Jerusalem in the city states menu.
Do let me know if I didn't post the right saves.


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Nov 15, 2010
Not same but possibly related. I stumbled upon a barbarian camp about one quarter in progress to city state. I got the message I have met a new city state XY!!!! I could not enter the camp and destroy it because it was considered already a city state but with an empty barbarian camp graphics.


Dec 20, 2010
I confirm too, about a city state still seen in the list after conquest.
File was attached. (CS Lahore)


  • Lahore.Civ6Save
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