Victory Types

Miserable Old Git

Feb 6, 2021
Now we know Civ VI isn't at an end (and a new pass probably mean Civ VII is a good way off) I'm putting a request to the devs.

I find I can get a domination victory a bit too easily (and I always play as Deity on a Huge map). I'd like a further victory type: "Conquest". This is like domination, but a victory requires you to own (or raze, where allowed) every city on the map. The main twist with this is that you have to conquer all the city states, and thus forego the advantages of suzerainity. This would be particularly challenging alongside the Barbarian Clans mode.

Whilst I'm at it, I'd like a buff to diplomatic victory to make it a bit more dynamic (I haven't really thought through how, though). Also a buff to religious victory to make it viable at deity level on a huge map without having to make it primarily a military game.


20% accurate as usual, Morty
Apr 5, 2013
Conquer all City-States as an extra condition to defeating all players is miserable busy work. City-States can't defend themselves because the rules give them almost no agency, so there's no way it's hard after you remove every threat on the map.
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