Video Sync Problem


Dec 9, 2001
I just rebuilt my system and am putting Civ back on it. When it launches, its all out of sync, like a monitor with the wrong refresh rate. The Infogrames logo is fine, then it pops back to out of sync.

I've added Keepres or Video resolution to the .ini file, and it changes the resolution but keep it out of sync. I remember having this problem when I first installed the game, but forgot what I did to fix it.

OS is XP
nVidia GF 3 Ultra Pro
latest nVidia reference drivers (Det23.11)
NEC Multisync 6FGp (Default Monitor in XP)

Anyone got a suggestion on how to fix this? I would like to pick the game back up with the new patch and give it a run, but can't really play the game this way :)

Hey! I got the same problem!
I see the Infogrames screen ok, and the animation for the tower, but when it gets to the main menu, I just see you said it looks like the wrong refresh rate. Here's what I got:(i think)

Nvidia GeForce3 64MB

Thanks for your help in advance!
Another guy helped me in another thread.

Put "Refresh=75" in your civilization3.ini file. Or refresh=60, whatever works.

Undocumented feature of Civ 3 :)
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