view an civ's empire


Feb 15, 2002
Why not aloow a treaty that can allow you to view the other guys empire like being able to see what they see even though spies can let you see where their units are it still won't let you see where units that his units see (ex. i have th treaty with germans then if an english unit passes inside the comp's view you will be able to see it) this could make protecting an ally easier because you could see wht cities are in trouble and where to oppents units are inside of his empire, don't have an idea for it's name though maby somthing like... Thinking ... nothing popped into my head, but this combined wit a MPP and RoP could make protecting comps (when MP come ou it'll be even better) more fun and easier.
Dude. Think .... punctuation.:p
Public education at its finest.

He has a good point though... working with allies is more like a race to grab land than actually working to defend your friends & neighbors.
I suppose that is the nature of competitive international systems.
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