Viking Scenario Music Outrage!

Was the old Viking Scenario music better than the new version?

  • Yes, the old music was better

    Votes: 2 14.3%
  • No, the new music is better

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  • What the heck are you on about?

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Feb 15, 2007
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I like to go into the Civ IV Assets folders and listen to the soundtracks and diplomacy music. (You may laugh, but don't you say you haven't done the same at least once. ;)) But one of them has changed since BtS!

They've split the Viking Scenario music up! :wow:

That scenario music was brilliant! The whole point of the song was the contrast between the first part (slow and sinister) and the second part (faster, but still warlike and threatening, especially counterpointed with the first part). Now, with the second part on its own, the music seems... wrong somehow. It's not sinister anymore.

Does anyone know if this happened in BtS, or if it was due to a patch released for Warlords (I didn't download any patches) included in BtS? And more importantly, what do you think? Was the old music better than the new music, or do you prefer it how it is now?

(I really shouldn't get myself worked up about these things. I'll die young.)
Are you listening to openingmenu and defeat in the mod folder instead Warlords\Assets\Sounds\Soundtrack\Viking.mp3?
umm... what?

Are you talking about the Victory and Defeat music files within the Viking Mod Soundtrack folder?

Well, if you want the entire Viking music, just go to the Assets folder within Warlords itself and go to Soundtrack. You'll see a file called Viking, which has always been there.

I absolutely love this track too, it's probably my favorite background music file.
Oh, thank goodness. Yes, I was doing that. :blush:

On the plus side, now I can't have to die young! Perhaps I'll eat some fire.
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