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Vincentz Infinite Projects [VIP MOD]

Spoiler :

9 Eras :

Gamespeeds :

Mapsizes :

Female Leaders of History

Terrain and Routes



Ethnic Palaces

From top down : Germanic, European, Greco-Roman, Middle East, African, Asian and American

Team Colored Gunpowder Units


Spoiler :

Rise of Mankinds Techtree (almost 300 techs)

My very own composed, performed and produced Title Menu Music that I made for around 15-17 years ago (the time I started playing Civ I)

Bigger Great Wonders
Scaled the Wonders and Palaces so they are easier to spot and look more.... great.

10.000 BC Start
Many of Civs techs are way older than 4000 BC (even than 10.000 BC) and RoM adds even more. This is a way for being a bit more realistic.

Extended Granary System
Instead of the Granary standing for all food storage (50%), there is several buildings each adding a small food storage (10%-20% each) :
Granary, Fishing Village, Butchery, Bakery, Grocer and Supermarket are some of them.

A 5 part improvement system : Light, Sparse, Medium, Dense & Heavy Industry

Trade Posts
A 3 part improvement system : Trade Post, Trade Market & Trade Center

5 Different Route Systems
Path, Road, Paved Road, Highway, Railroad

The promotion system has been categorized into 3 Branches : Offensive, Defensive and Special. While a unit can select more than 1 Branch it will be better off specializing in a given field/branch.

Movement Overhaul See movement cost in the following posts
The movement system has been changed approx by a factor of 3. This opens up for added play with movement. F.ex. +1 movement to landunits with Cartography Tech and +1 movement from Transportation Promotion added to landunits with Wheel Wright Building. It also introduces a few other promotions primarily in the SPECIAL Promotion Branch. The units have added movement points as well starting with Clubmen (3) and Scout (5).

Terrain Overhaul See terrain effects in the following posts
Colonization Terrain Graphics
Added Reefs and Swamps
Changed the values of almost all the others. This was done for improvements in mind, but also very much for improving AI.

Improvement Overhaul See improvement changes in the following posts
Added Tradeposts and Industry
The Improvements had a big overhaul, and it is now possible to build practically any improvement without the need of a resource. Instead almost all improvements have a chance of "growing/breeding/finding" a relevant resource. If you got stuck on a island without luxury you might try nursing a few plantations, or if you lack horses you might hope that little donkey standing behind the workshed, one day will breed into a fearsome warsteed with a few pastures (you might get "unlucky" though and get a pig instead). The chance is 1 in 1000 (compared to vanillas 1 in 10.000 for mines). Workshops and Industry have the chance of "producing" goods or weapons.

5 New Civics :
  • Chiefdom (Government)
  • Nobility (Legal)
  • Corporate (Labor)
  • Guilds (Economy)
  • Divine Cult (Religion)

New Resources :
  • Apple
  • Coffee
  • Camel
  • Cotton
  • Diamonds
  • Hemp
  • Lemon
  • Natural Gas
  • Olives
  • Opium
  • Potato
  • Rubber
  • Salt
  • Shrimp
  • Sulphur
  • Tea
  • Tobacco
  • Alcohol
  • Glassware
  • Fuel
  • Steel
  • Alloys
  • Electronics
  • Synthetic Rubber
  • 3 Guild Charters
  • 6 Weapontypes

Weapon Trading :
  • Bows & Arrows
  • Bronze Weapons
  • Iron Weapons
  • Firearms
  • Automatic Weapons
  • Grenades/Explosives

15 Medieval Guilds :
  • Apothecaries Guild
  • Artists Guild
  • Bakers Guild
  • Blacksmitsh Guild
  • Butchers Guild
  • Carpenters Guild
  • Clerks Guild
  • Drapers Guild
  • Equestrians Guild
  • Fishmongers Guild
  • Glassblowers Guild
  • Goldsmiths Guild
  • Grocers Guild
  • Masons Guild
  • Mercers Guild

6 New Corporations :
  • Big McDowells
  • East Western Trade Company
  • Emperors Clothing
  • Mall Wart
  • Mile High Tours
  • Moonbean Coffeeshop

Noble Specialist & Great Nobles

5 New Warlords Armies & Great Warlords :
  • Warlord Chief / Great Chief
  • Warlord Captain / Great Captain
  • Warlord Corporal / Great Corporal
  • Warlord Colonel / Great Colonel
  • Warlord Commander / Great Commander


New Buildings :
  • 3 Grand Master Guilds (National Wonders)
  • 15 Master Guilds (Great Wonders)
  • 10 Guild Halls
  • Bowyer/Fletcher
  • Bronze Smith
  • Weapon Smith
  • Wheel Wright
  • Elder Council
  • Fishing Village
  • Bakery
  • Butchery
  • Bazaar
  • Horse Stud (National Wonder)
  • Brewery (National Wonder)
  • Glassworks (National Wonder)

* Not added yet, but is either on the drawing board or just not in this version, but will come soon.

Spoiler :

Zappara - For inspiration and the Tech Tree (and a bunch of other good stuff).
JosEPh_II - For help testing the mod.
Drakarska - For help testing the mod.
SaibotLieh - For help making the crates for Manufactured Goods.
Platyping - Bunch of cool python stuff, especially the UI.
Nightinggale - For great assistance with DLL coding.
Defender Withdrawal - Killmeplease
Gold for Dispanding - Killmeplease
Archid - See Invisible Promotion
Bombard Experience Mod - TheLopez & Stolenrays
Air Experience Mod - TheLopez
Temudjin - MapScriptTools
Better Air Interception - Afforess /Orion
Fort Attack - Archid
Civic Specialist Yield & Commerce Changes - Captain Midnight
Specialist Enhancements - Supercheese
Culturally Linked Starts - Jean Elcard, Modified by isenchine

golden planet by juancursor

All the Graphic Artists who have supplied the Download database with thousands of fantastic graphics.
(if you are a Great Artist and see your unit used here, please dont hesitate to PM me, and I will put your name here :D)


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Last edited:
Spoiler :

units that is in the mod or will be added at a later stage :
Name, Type/Cost, Strength/Moves, Combat

[B]Clubman [/B]		M30 	s3 m3 	+25% City D
Incan Quechua		M30	s4 m3	+25% City D, +100% Archery, Combat I
[B]Spearman [/B]		M60	s6 m4	+100% Mounted
Mayan Holkan		M60	s7 m4	+100% Mounted, Imm to 1st Strike
Zulu Impi		M60	s7 m4	+100% Mounted, Mobility
[B]Axeman [/B]			M70 	s7 m4	+50% Melee
Native Dog Soldier	M70	s7 m4	+100% Melee
Sumerian Vulture	M70	s8 m4	+50% Melee
Greek Phalanx		M70	s8 m4	+50% Melee, +50% Mounted
[B]Swordsman[/B] 		M90	s9 m4	+10% City A
Aztec Jaguar		M90	s10 m4	+10% City A, Woodsman I
Gallic Warrior		M90	s10 m4	+10% City A, Guerilla I
Roman Praetorian	M90	s11 m4	+10% City A
[B]Pikeman [/B]		M100	s10 m4	+100% Mounted
Landsknecht		M100	s11 m4 	+100% Mounted, +50% Melee
[B]Maceman [/B]		M120 	s12 m4	+50% Melee
Viking Beserker		M120	s13 m4	+50% Melee, +10% City A, Amphibious
[B]Heavy Swordsman [/B]	M140	s14 m4	+15 City A
Japanese Samurai	M140	s15 m4	+15 City A, 2 First Strikes, Drill I

[B]Javelineer [/B]		A40	s4 m3 	+25% Melee
Mali Skirmisher		A40	s5 m4	+25% Melee
[B]Archer [/B]			A50 	s5 m4 	+50% City D, +25% Hill D
Babylonian Bowman	A50	s6 m4 	+50% City D, +25% Hill D, +50% Melee
[B]Crossbowman [/B]		A80 	s8 m4	+50% Melee
Chinese ChoKoNu		A80	s9 m4	+50% Melee, Collateral
[B]Longbowman[/B] 		A110	s11 m4	+25% City D, +25% Hill D

[B]Chariot [/B]		HM60	s6 m5	+25% Melee
War Chariot		HM60 	s7 m5	+25% Melee, Imm to 1st strikes
[B]Camel Rider [/B]		CM70	s7 m6	+25% Archer
[B]Horseman [/B]		HM80	s8 m6	+25% Archer
Persian Immortal	HM80 	s9 m6	+25% Archer, March
Numidian Cavalry	HM80	s9 m6 	+25% Archer, +25% Melee
Keshik			HM80	s9 m6 	+25% Archer, Mobility
[B]Horse Archer [/B]		HM100	s10 m6	+50% Siege
Camel Archer		CM100	s10 m6	+50% Siege
[B]War Elephant [/B]		EM120	s12 m5	+50% Mounted
Ballista Elephant	EM120	s13 m5	+50% Mounted, Target Mounted First
[B]War Camel[/B]		CM140	s14 m5	
[B]Knight [/B]			HM150	s15 m5
Cataphract 		HM150

[B]Ram [/B]			S	s3 m2	+100% City A 10%
[B]Trebuchet [/B]		S	s4 m2	+200% City A 15%
[B]Catapult [/B]		S	s5 m2	+50% City A 10%
Hwacha			S	s6 m2


Spoiler :
Improvement yields (surplus yields) (tech req.)
(requirements)(chance of finding/breeding/growing etc)
bonus (T=Tech C=Civic R=Route)

Camp : :food: (+2 w/forest) (Hunting)
(req. forest/jungle) (fur, deer, elephant (or mammoth ;))

Farm : :food: - :hammers: (+0) (Agriculture)
(req. flatlands and freshwater untill agricultural engineering) (rice, corn, wheat, potato)
+1 food from Fresh Water, Crop Rotation(T), Agricultural Engineering(T), Caste System(C), Serfdom(C)

Pasture : :food: (+1) (Animal Handling)
(req. grassland or plains) (cow, pig, sheep, horse, camel)
+1 food from Sanitation(T), Refrigeration, Caste System(C), Serfdom(C)

Windmill : :food: :hammers: (+2) (Agricultural Tools)
(req. hills)
+1 hammer from Replaceable Part(T), +1 coin from Electricity(T), +2 coin from Environmentalism(C), +1 food from Serfdom(C)

Watermill : :food: :hammers: (+2) (Machinery)
(req. rivers)
+1 hammer from Replaceable Part(T), +2 coin from Electricity(T), +1 food from Serfdom(C), State Property(C)

Mine : :hammers::hammers: - :food: (+1) (Mining)
(req hills) (copper, iron, silver, gold, gems, coal, aluminium, sulphur, uranium)
+1 hammer from Construction(T), Explosives(T), Slavery(C), Railroad(R)

Quarry : :hammers::hammers: - :food::food: (0) (Masonry)
(req hills or plains) (stone, marble, salt)
+2 hammer from Explosives(T), +1 hammer from Slavery(C), Railroad(R)

Workshop : :hammers::hammers: - :food: (+1) (Metal Casting)
(req flatlands)
+ 1 hammer from Invention(T), Chemistry(T), Caste System(C), +1 food from State Property(C)

Lumbermill : :hammers::hammers: (+3 w/forest) (Machinery)
(req. forest)
+1 hammer from Replaceable Parts(T), Railroad(R)

Plantation : :commerce::commerce: (+2) (Calender)
(req. grassland, flatlands) (sugar, spice, banana, incense, dye, silk, apple, lemon, rubber, olives, hemp, coffee, tea, tobacco, cotton)
+1 coin from Mercantilism(T), Slavery(C)

Tradepost : :commerce: (+1) (Trade)
(req flatlands or a plantation resource)
+1 coin from Currency(T) Usury(T)

Cottage : :hammers: :commerce: (+2) (City Planning)
+1 food with freshwater. Upgrades to hamlet

The improvements are shown without resources. Some resources will actually subtract the bonus given. (example : Horse will give - 1 food, 2 hammers and 1 commerce removing the +1 food the pasture gives.)


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Will be added later :
Spoiler :

Rebase rangelimit for aircraft (x2 of range)

Recon mission has chance of being intercepted

XP to Air units for bombard, bomb improvements, attacking cities and killing units

Air units can completely destroy ground units

Defending units with Withdraw% has chance of retreating combat

Get gold from dispanding units in own culture

Multiple Productions in 1 turn

Specialists can give health and happiness

more 2 come


will be corrected later (movement points is wrong)
Spoiler :
Grassland : 3 :move: 3 :food: :hammers:

Plains : 3 :move: 2 :food: 2 :hammers:

Tundra : 4 :move: :food: :hammers: + :food: w/river

Desert : 5 :move: :hammers: + :food: w/river

Swamp : 6 :move: 2 :food:

Ice : 7 :move: :food:

Oasis 2 :move: + :food: + :commerce:
(grassland, plains, desert)

Flood Plains 4 :move: + :food: - :hammers:
(grassland, plains, desert)

Forest 5 :move: + :hammers:
(grassland, plains, tundra, swamp)

Jungle 6 :move: + :food:
(grassland, swamp)


Spoiler :
Hills : + 2 :move: + :hammers: - :food:

River : + :commerce:

Path (4 :move:)
Dirt Road (3 :move:)
Paved Road (2 :move:)
Highway (1 :move:)
Railroad (all units have 10 :move:)

All Routes give : + :commerce:

Coast : 2 :move: 2 :food:

Ocean : 3 :move: 2 :food:

Reef : 6 :move: -1 :food: (+20% damage)


Spoiler :
Normal Speed (1000t) (Quick x1/2 (500t), Epic x2 (2000t), Marathon x4 (4000t))
Compared to Vanilla BtS : Normal (500t), Quick (330t), Epic (750t), Marathon (1500t)

10000 BC 60t 100y
3000 BC 60t 50y
1000 BC 40t 20y
200 AD 80t 10y
1000 AD 200t 5y
1500 AD 150t 2y
1800 AD 110t 1y
2000 AD 300t ½y
2150 AD
1000 Turns

Due to the extensive techtree, quick speed is not advisable. In fact I changed it to 1/2 time instead of default 2/3 for testing purposes. Keep this in mind, and if you get gunpowder in BC or hasn't researched compass in 2012 AD, please inform me, and I'll adjust accordingly. But also keep in mind that each map, size, playstyle and game are different and a small gameoption such as NoTechTrading can make a difference in 100's of turns.

MODS INCLUDED or will be

Spoiler :

Spoiler :

Remember : when it comes to weapons trading your enemy's enemy is your friend.

Ne supra crepidam sutor judicaret means : "Cobbler, no higher than the sandal"
When a cobbler found fault with the shoes in a painting Apelles (4th century BC), the artist corrected the mistake. The cobbler was flattered, and went on to criticize the shape of the legs of a figure in the painting, but that was too much for Apelles. "Cobbler, no higher than the sandal" he cried, contributing a phrase: "Cobbler, stick to your last!", that has endured for more than two millennia.

Lacking Commerce?
Tradeposts will supply commerce. Especially effective if built on something tradeable (most plantation resources).

Scouts can scout
Even without open borders. (But beware of Warlords)

Rome wasn't built in a day
However tempting it is to expand, make sure you have the finances to back it up.

VIP Xpress
You can make a shortcut directly to VIP by copying a BtS shortcut and entering mod=\VIP at the end of destination. Example :
"C:\Games\Civilization 4\Beyond the Sword\Civ4BeyondSword.exe" mod=\VIP
There is also an .ico iconfile in the VIP folder to give it the extra "Very Important Program" style.

Changelog 0.75

Spoiler :
Added Ethnic Palaces
Added Ethnic Modern Warlods
Changed "Can Build" to "Can" for Processes (Can Study, Can Trade, Can Influence, Can Conduct Espionage etc etc)
Changed Resource Icons for Gems and Coal
Added and modified Wide Citybar (left side click activate city, right side click deactivate it)
Removed the penalties for Tradepost, Trade Market and Trade Center
Changed Marathon Speed to x4 of Normal, and thereby fixing a CtD bug
Added Modern Lumbermill and Modern Workshop
Added Alligator Resource to Swamps
Added Polar Bear (Tundra, Snow) str 4
Added Siberian Tiger (Tundra, Forest) str 3
Added Bengal Tiger (Jungle) str 3
Added Lioness (For Lions. Looked silly with 3 Male lions in the pack)
Changed Lion (no forest and jungle)
Changed Bear (only forest)
Changed Panther (jungle only)
Changed Characteristics of Animals. They are now not hindered by terrain, and will not exit their habitat. They will however move faster and strike with a moment of surprise. No more : "hey, look! a lion, guess it will be attacking us in the next turn". Now it will be :"Holy cow! where did that lion come from. I hope I can get back to the city before another one attacks us" or "Hurry men! Get of out the Jungle! Tigers have been spotted!"
Added Desert Combat II and fixed icon for Desert Combt I
Added 5 Events for spawning wild animals close to border.


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    CIV VIP ICON.gif
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It is basically the requirements for building units that can be traded so you don't have to give away your single source of copper, iron, sulphur etc so your ally/friend* can build those units. Ofcourse it works both ways so if you're stuck without copper, maybe your ally/friend* will send you Bronze Weapons so you can get Axemen. They will also speed up production of units as unitproduction (the way I see it) is both training men and weapon production. The later is not fully implemented, but works for Archers so far.

edit : And most importantly it gives the AI an important tool for when under sieges still being able to construct armies even though the single iron ore was pillaged as the first thing when the player declared war. It is now a 2-part process to cripple an enemy's army production. Firstly the resource should be pillaged and secondly the forges/smiths/weapons manufacturer etc should be sabotaged by spies.

editedit : * And this taking into account that your enemy's enemy is your friend, sending him weapons that he might not have resources for, will in turn help keeping your enemy down. Beware though that your enemy might do this as well.
Dumb question but I'll ask any way, Does version 0.65 already contain the Graphics D/L or is that in addition to? Same question for the Music.

And version 0.66 has added content that 0.65 didn't, right?

Just trying to catch up.

My version 0.65 game has reached the late 1600's AD. I'm one of the larger Empires but I'm technology backwards. I have a strong/plentiful army but I just got Galleons while most of the leaders have frigates and privateers. So my navy is weak.

I think I have now met all of the AI. The Chinese were the 1st to circumnavigate the world. I have only explored about 50% to date. If the French, Arabs, or Gilgamesh decide to invade it will be a rough go!


JosEPh :)
I think its wiser to download all of it now. 0.66 was the version where I split them up (though I havent changed anything in the Guild Graphics nor the Terrain Graphics, so the graphic part is not needed. Regarding to the game, I changed the calendar step as descriped in CALENDAR part after the latest game I had. I made it to around 1500 AD on Noble and the AI fed me with techs though I was on the top of the chart. I think the AI needs more buildings as it was quite happy putting its biggest cities on Research, which I guess is why the AI was outteching me. I then decided to declare war on my closest (and only direct) neighbourgh after he sneaked in a maceman (moving "under" my workers and outposted armies) and whacked my Warlord Captain. That was a really bad idea as I havent made any military intelligence and the army I had was fought down like wheat under a reaper.
I was really happy about seeing the AI working so well, both in building, researching, training and especially combat (it seemed to grasp the new movement concept extraordinarily well), though a little bit embarrassed that going from Deity in RoM, I got beaten on Noble in my own mod ;)

I'll upload a new version soon. Not so much added as I mostly played, but fixing a few things and balancing others.
I started an 0.66 game last night. I normally only play against 7 or 8 AI on an Archi map to test mods on. I forgot to reduce the # of AI so I now have 2 neighbors on my archipelago. We'll see how this goes as I now have to claim the choice land asap. My Capital city had 4 resources (corn, horse, cow, and incense) by the time I got to Monotheism, and that helped a bunch.

The reefs will make exploration more strategic and take longer.

I'm playing on Noble level as always.

Home sick today so between naps I'll get some more play time in. ( I can hear my boss now-- "if you're well enough to sit at a computer your well enough to work out that bucket truck!" Slacker!" :p )

JosEPh ;)
The AI has a tendency to wait massive expansion to early early middleage, but will keep to the capital plus 2-4 cities. Though not all the AI will do that. It seems to keep them in shape for further expansions as the capital and a couple of cities will then be stronger.
In the meantime I put in the camel. (damn I hate to mess around with alphachannels and gamefonts.) It takes alot of time to do properly, but I'm pretty happy about the result :

It just need it to be more consistent in its appearance. I also went over all the other resources as some would almost never show up on the map (almost all of the RoM resources had strange xml.)
It is not perfect yet, but its getting there.

I also changed the dds for the Cart Path, as it was almost impossible to see it before. It is still quite easy to tell the difference between Dirt Road and Cart Path.

Edit : And got my Industry mod implemented, though its, sadly, without pollution as this would require DLL changes. On top of that I put in Opium resource (poppies)
Learning that with early expansion you really need to make good use of Tradeposts and Plantations, as these 2 bldgs are your main gold producers besides certain resources.

Current 0.66 game is at January, 1420 AD. I'm the Largest Empire but at a cost. I'm using up my Gold as fast as I can produce it and by doing so my research rate is below the AI's. So I've had to resort to making some lopsided Tech trades to keep within reach of the AI Tech Leaders. Very busy trader I am. :p

Your Cog still has the "Text_Key_ X_X" display problem. As do several of your techs. See Screen shots.

I had almost forgotten how "Demanding" the AI can be in Vanilla BtS. ;)

Now that I have hit Medieval Era the Time flow seems to be better under Epic level. Before the research seemed to be taking too long. Of course with my Research rate below 50% that had a lot to do with the speed of getting the Techs done.

Got caught off guard by a Japanese War Lord unit. I have Open Borders with Japan and had sent a Chariot to check out his empire (as he has been doing to me). Got to the tile next to Tokyo and the War Lord came out and killed my Chariot. I expected a declaration of War, but it didn't come, and Japan was actually "Pleased" with me. The I looked closer at the 'specs" of the War Lord, Du-Oh! So I built 1 too for my Capital city. What's Good for the AI ought to be good for me too! :D

Salt, seems to be a rare resource, is it planned that way? Or do I need to build more Quarries? And will you be adding Butchery and Tannery to the Mod?

Havin' Fun I am.

JosEPh :)
Uploading 0.67

Added : Bakery, Butchery, Bazaar, Brewery (B is the keyletter ;)) and Glassworks.

Changed the granary system to 10% for each : fishing village, granery, bakery, butchery & grocer.

Spread out the new resources on market, grocer and bazaar.

Added a ton of new resources : Camel, Opium, Natural Gas, Alcohol, Glassware, Fuel, Steel, Alloys, Electronics and synthetic rubber

Tweaked improvements

Fixed a bunch of other small stuff.

Fixed a couple of key_text

Added African unitstyle, but no units yet.

Next update will contain a couple of units* and then I'll focus on post gunpowder as ancient, classical and medieval are "finished".

*Light Spearman, Heavy Swordsman, Horseman, Cataphract, Ram, Arbalest
I like all the "B" words! But I hope the "T" word is with one of them. ;)

Almost hate to give up the current 0.66 game. I'm the biggest empire city wise, 2nd in Military strength, but about 6th in Techs researched. Uncomfortable to be several levels below the leaders in tech. I'm fighting Privateers with Cogs and Caravels and have to travel in fairly large packs to make my destinations.

Most of the Tech AI leaders only have 5 - 8 cities in their Empire and most Capitals range from 18-22 in pop size. Current year is 1652AD.

Well, time to install 0.67. :)

just downloaded it. Starts fine, custom game hemisphere had the settler etc build my capital first turn ok, but it crashes very quickly
just downloaded it. Starts fine, custom game hemisphere had the settler etc build my capital first turn ok, but it crashes very quickly

Did you download the textures too? Did you put it in the documents folder or the programs folder?

I've had a couple of games to 1500 AD and is currently in 780 BC on 0.67.

I'll try the Hemisphere and see if there are problems with some of the mapscripts. I know the Balanced Map script cannot be run.

EDIT: Nope, seems to run ok, even on Giant size, and I have a pretty low end computer (3200 MHz DualCore (which I guess is 1600 MHz for Civ 4 as it doesnt run on dual core) 1.5 GB Ram and 128 MB graphics).

At what point does it crash and can you supply with a savegame? It's very strange that it crashes as memorywise it is almost the same as Civ BtS vanilla and there hasnt been any DLL changes.
Downloaded the mod.

Welcome :)

1)I'm the biggest empire city wise, but about 6th in Techs researched.

2)Most of the Tech AI leaders only have 5 - 8 cities

3)Capitals range from 18-22 in pop size.


1)I always wanted the AI to expand like it does in VIP, though I havent done a single thing AFAIK,except the citystates (delayed settlerbuilds) to encourage it. I was tired of the AI always rushing out and settling the hole world almost before 1AD. This way there will be citystates (due to settlerbuilds with Pottery & Animal Husbandry) and later small kingdoms scattered around the globe. Some of them will grow into empires, while others will (deliberately or not) remain small BUT still very competitive (and then there will be those who didnt stood the Test of Times). I didnt change values regarding maintenance or number of cities (besides whats in the civics) but it can be very costly to overexpand too early, and will stagnate research considerably. Now I just try to follow the AI, as it seems to play the game better than me. :crazyeye: (I guess thats a good sign).

I miss Minor Civs and Revolutions though, but the cost of memory/processor power of the cool mods (revdcm, bug, bull, betterAI etc etc) was too heavy on my system, and the combination of "small but effective" civs and therefore hypothetically less units (though I got beaten a couple of times) makes my computer run 1500 AD turns in less than 10 seconds on a Giant map with 18 civs. (around this time it would take 3-5 min/turn in RoM AnD on a Large map).

I would however like to put the mod on a "warmonger player test", as I'm mostly a civilized builder and only starts to conquerer in the later eras (from medieval and forth).

3) I never understood why whipping was taken out of RoM. It's a pretty good defensive tool for the AI, and even though I enabled it both with slavery but also Divine Cult and Fascism, the AI doesnt seem to have problems with citysize.
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