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Jul 7, 2004
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Now that I've managed to use poser without getting convinced the machines are against me, I've got a couple of unit previews! (see later in the thread for previews ;))

My to do list:
01. Generic Balkan Horseman (for Partizanac)
02. Serbian Knight+Cavalry (for Partizanac)
03. Bosnian " "
04. Croatian" "
05. Dacian Units
XX. Agamemnon
YY. Anything else that I've promised people that I'd do (although I may need help remembering ;))
I agree with Stormy about the armour. Though I'm unsure if they used the typical hoplites helmet that early (i e covering the face)...:hmm: If yes, they should have crests instead of those top knots.

Otherwise it looks like a solid start on your units. :)
1. Nope, it's just a normal leg. It was the only round sheild I had when I started making the unit, and I quite like it. :D

2.Diomedes was such a great war hero, that he didn't NEED armor :p

Besides, I didn't want him overshadowing Agamemnon. Agamemnon wouldn't like that :p

3. I went with those helmets because IMO they look remarcably Mycenian, or any pre-classical European, non-Germanic civilization, TBO.

Thanks for the input.
The thing is, Virote, my friend, that if these are trully to represent Agamemnon and Diomedes, as king units or such, old Diomedes is gonna need a heckuva lot more armor, he doesn`t even have standard grunt armor! The man needs grieves, a cuirass, brace(r?)s (so does Agamemon), and a better shield.

Like this he can be used as arrow fodder.

A leg? WTF? :confused:
Useful shield tip: despite the good shields that our talented prop makers have created, you can actually get away with using a Cylinder primitive squashed to the right proportions. The advantage of this is that you can simply apply any bitmap of your choosing to create a new shield design (this is much simpler than trying the same thing with a proper shaped shield, since they have various faces and things). I did this with the shields on my African spearmen and, at civ level, I think it looks pretty good. So if you want a quick method of creating new shield designs, this is a possibility.

Very nice looking units, by the way!
Very nice! I don't know historically how they should be dressed, but they look nice. I'm looking forward to seeing them animated.:)
They look perhaps too much like peas in a pod.
I would suggest differentiating them.
Also, are they to be king units or ?? You named them not as greek or Trojan warriors but after specific individuals.
It would be nice if they both had a little armor... the fella with the beard... maybe grow the beard some. The other one, perhaps a different helmet, one with a nose guard... a different style of plumb? etc...
I'm sure it is accurate but I never liked that sheild with a leg on it.
Agamemnon should have a much longer beard...he was "Aged" during the Trojan War...Also, he should throw the spear for attack A(If he has to have a spear) and pull out a sword...The King would only have fought with a sword tho I think...also, the greaves(are missing) and leggings should be hard leather colored

Diomedes doesnt need more "armor" but a leather tunic would be proper...and his helm should have the nose guard if you can swing it...also greaves and leggings as well (Almost all solidiers of the time wore leather arm and leg guards I think)

They both look GREAT as units...cant wait...
Well, if you want to keep' em as is, I'd change their names to something like.. "Juan and Jorge, the Hoplite Brothers".
@ Bjornlo: These are going to be capturable "Barbarians" that you find on your travels in my Greek Scenario. they can be upgraded to better units. However, I may give Agamemnon strait to Mycenae.

Thanks for the advise, guys. Here's the changes I'm considering:
1. Copy Diomedes. He can be some kind of basic infantry unit, especially if I take away the cape

1. Find some way of growing the beard (Any suggestions on how?)
2. Change the colours of his shin guards
3. Look for greaves for him

1. Give him a nose guard. (I'll just make a small simple bronze-cooured object)
2. Give him Shinguards
3. Give him some kind of shirt, coloured the same as his kilt.

Also, the reason I'm not giving them swords is that I have a Greek Sword made by CivArmy, but I can't seem to make it look like the units are realistically holding them (Meaning that I get them right, change the position of the camera, and see a huge gap between the hand and the sword).
Greaves are Shin Guards...I am in error on the names...Im not sure what the arm guards are apologies for the confusion Stormy

Greek Hoplite in Greaves: Hoplite 5th Cent BC.jpg

This is how I picture Diomedes:

also, as I look through pics...I notice that often the Greaves(legs) and Arm guard thing, is often worn on only 1 arm and/or leg...and it is the non-sword arm(if no shield)...and the shield side leg...
Beard growing: that prop should have some inbuilt morphs. Fiddle with those and see what happens. If that's not enough, try increasing its scale on the Y axis. You'll have to move it on his face if you do that, too, of course.

Sword moving: best thing to do here is to move the camera so that it's face-on. Now move the sword, but only along the X and Y axes. Do it using the dials, not by dragging the sword itself. Now move the camera so that it's side-on. Move the sword along the Z axis in a similar way. Swap between them to fine-tune it. The point about using the dials rather than dragging the object itself is that you know it's only moving along that axis. When you drag the object, you are in effect moving your mouse in a 2D plane but trying to represent movement in a 3D world, and the program doesn't know precisely what movement you're trying to do. Which is why it all looks wrong as soon as you move the camera.
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