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Vista - civ uses wrong monitor refresh rate


Nov 3, 2007
Hi guys,

I use
Windows Vista Ultimate 32
nvidia GeForce 7600 GT (newest drivers)
LG Flatron ez T910B (standard 19'' monitor with 1280x960@85Hz)

Civilization 4 runs nice with just one flaw:

Everytime i start Civ4 it uses 1280x960@60Hz but I can fix this by switching to another resolution and switching back. after this it is 1280x960@85Hz (my desktop resolution)
The strange thing now is - everytime I alt+tab out of the game and switch back in - ist 1280x960@60Hz again - so i have to switch to another resolution and back ingame - thats really really annoying!!

is there a way to force civ4 to use a specific refresh rate?
haven't found something in the ini file

in Windows XP there was an option in the advanced nvidia setup where one could allow and forbid specific resolutions with different refresh rates - is there something similar in vista?

thanks for help

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