Vista save error


Sep 8, 2007
Warsaw, Poland
I need your help, my friends. I've recently bought a notebook with 32-bit Vista and whenever I try to save any CIV4 Warlords game, a save error pops up. What can I do, to save a game? I would be extremely grateful for a solution to this problem.
First of all, welcome to the Forums!:cool: :goodjob: Secondly, Vistas is definatley the problem.
Hello GuitarHero and auldian,

Thanks for your replies. It feels nice to join the community;)
Yes, I have patched into 2.13 version. The problem remains, however. First, I thought it has sth to do with Vista ICF, so I swithched it off but it didn't help either. Don't you have any problem with saves on your computer with Vista?
I'm starting to consider switching the OSystem.

I would be grateful for your ideas.
What is the text of the error message?
Is the warlords executable set to "run as administrator"?
Have you cleared the \cache for Warlords?
Are the Civ4 and Warlords both from the same source, ie disc, direct2drive, other download?
The game plays fine on Vista, though it's a rough-edged game on any OS; I'd recommend against rolling back to XP for a game.
Thanks a lot for tips auldian. I've found the solution. The name of my computer in OS included a Polish character. CIV4 created therefore a folder, which it could not locate while saving. I changed the name and everything works fine now. By the way, I didn't notice that you can execute programmes either as administrator or not. Interesting...
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