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"Vive l'Empereur!": another D+3 Succession

Discussion in 'Civ2 - Stories & Tales' started by Andu Indorin, Feb 18, 2004.

  1. Kev

    Kev Hired Goon

    Feb 23, 2001
    Ringwood, NJ USA

    Have to apologize to you all. I've been very tied up with family stuff out here, and while it's nothing horrible it has kept me from taking the time to play.

    I will try to get back into things later in the summer and see if there is another game going on.

  2. Old n Slow

    Old n Slow Emperor

    Feb 4, 2002
    Vienna, VA, USA

    Andu :)
    Old n Slow :)
    Steg :)
    Viking :nuke:
    Golem :)
    TimtheEnchanter :scan:

    Yes Tim, I think that you're up.
  3. TimTheEnchanter

    TimTheEnchanter I...am...an Enchanter!

    Jan 19, 2001
    Maryland, USA
    :rotfl: !!!
  4. Stegyre

    Stegyre Expatriate

    Nov 15, 2002
    Utah, USA
    Go for it, Tim. It's really quieted down on this game. Of course, my excuse is that I'm off sailing our armada to the Zulus. :viking:
    (Nice write up, Golem! I chuckled.)
  5. TimTheEnchanter

    TimTheEnchanter I...am...an Enchanter!

    Jan 19, 2001
    Maryland, USA
    Sorry it's taking so long. You all know how fast :rolleyes: I am playing my turns to begin with, but along with other RL intrusions, I've spent a week and a half trying to fight off a series of spyware/trojan attacks on my computers at home. I've cleaned off one machine so far (actually i've had to clean it twice), so I've got a few turns in the bag. Now I'm using Firefox instead of IE, so hopefully I won't be as likely to get slammed again.

    Just letting you know that progress is being made.
  6. Stegyre

    Stegyre Expatriate

    Nov 15, 2002
    Utah, USA
    TIm: I can so relate to EVERYTHING in your post, having recently wiped my notebook (restored hdd to factory condition) to eliminate the same sort of problem. I have also gone to Firefox and removed IE.
    Now, I just need to download those drivers, so CivII will run on the thing again . . . .
    (Probably do that on this visit: next stop, Tech Support Forum.)
  7. DSN

    DSN Chieftain

    Jul 22, 2004
    Can I join?
    I'm not a good player, but I'd be intrested to see how this worked.
  8. Prof. Garfield

    Prof. Garfield Deity Supporter

    Mar 6, 2004
    You may want to set up another succession game, d+3 is VERY difficult. Just start a thread and go from there.
  9. TimTheEnchanter

    TimTheEnchanter I...am...an Enchanter!

    Jan 19, 2001
    Maryland, USA
    I figured that since I'd taken so long already, I might as well take a bit longer and have fun with the story. It just kept growing and took on a life of its own. I hope nobody's offended by it. Nothing meant by it. I was just having fun.

    The following story is fictional. Any resemblance to actual persons or events is purely coincidental. ;)

    Chapter 1

    Commerce Minister Andu Indorin walked into the room and surveyed the members of his newly formed partnership. There should have been one more, but it was not a surprise that he did not show. A very small group for such a large task. he thought. But not too small.

    "I was beginning to wonder if you were coming," said Chinese Provincial Governor OldnSlow. "I was afraid I’d walked into a setup."

    "Me too. Had you been a minute later I would have been gone," said Defense Minister Viking. "I'm risking a lot just being here."

    Do they not realize what risks I took organizing this? thought Andu as he joined the others at the table. "We all risk a great deal being here, but it must be done."

    "Is this it?" said British Provincial Governor Jayne. "I thought you said there would be six of us."

    "The Agriculture Minister could not make it today," said Andu.

    "Kevpolean? Given his history, perhaps it is best that he's not here," laughed Foreign Minister Golem "The last time I saw him he was in a Cunaxa night club ranting about someday sacking London with ironclads. I didn't have the heart to tell him we'd taken it 50 years ago..."

    "Enough small talk," said the Commerce minister. "Let's get to business. Our esteemed Premier has gone against every promise he made before the election. He ran on the coattails of his grandfather. All through the election he talked about how his grandfather conquered London and started the liberation of Britain and China, and that he wished to rule France in the same tradition. Then after the election, it all changed. Just as we began to get the upper hand, he went behind the Admiral's back and made peace with the Zulus. He wishes to maintain our alliances with the conniving Egyptians and the barbaric Mongols. He somehow thinks that establishing free and unfettered world trade will be enough to sustain peace indefinitely. He neglects our military entirely. He's putting France in grave danger. It is up to us to save France. We must stop this Premier. We must stop Tim L'Enchanter!"

    "We do not have the power to go against the Premier" said Foreign Minister Golem. "He has made it clear he will replace us if we do not support his new direction."

    "We do not have the power yet," said the Commerce Minister, "but soon we will. In the mean time, we must find a way to use his policies to our advantage."

    "How can we do that," asked the Defense Minister, "while my men grow complacent and my equipment gathers moss? We'll have the Egyptians at our doorstep within the week."

    Foreign Minister Golem responded "I doubt we can get you much in the way of offensive weapons but if I give Tim the right intelligence reports, I think he'll at least support some defensive investments."

    "Tim never comes to China," Chinese Governor OldnSlow added. "We have numerous barracks and bases. You could train your troops there, away from the prying eyes of the Premier"

    "Excellent!" said Andu. "This is why I brought you all here. By working together we can overcome Tim's foolish policies. I will support his trade initiatives, and then divert some of the funds to all of you. Jayne, I think Britain will be instrumental in supporting our trade. You can serve as a transportation hub as well as a key trading center. I'll be investing quite a bit in your province so we can maximize our payouts."

    "Whatever you need to do, as long as it gets rid of Tim" said the British Governor.

    "Friends," said the Commerce Minister, "I think this is the start of a beautiful revolution."

    1806 - Turn 0
    - Reposition transports to allow two-way every-turn transport between Home-Britain and Britain-China
    - City of Zulu Gateway founded within transport range of Stegyre Town for every-turn transport from China to Zulu land
    - Mongols have massive troop build-up. Alliance keeps our cities safe.
    - Pull back luxury rate to 30%. T6-S1-L3 to ensure completion of tech this turn.
    - Lots of rush buys. Several cities have production changed to meet new objectives. Start to beef up trade production. Beef up defenses for when the time comes.
    - Pollution cleared (4 cities). Positioned to clean Shanghai next turn.
    - Take action to stem imminent starvation in Chengdu, Viroconium (Harbors) and Kaifeng (heavy irrigation).
    - Did I mention lots of rush buying?
    - A few improvements sold
    - Talk to Mongols – hope to annoy them into canceling alliance. Demand gift? Get 50g.
    - ~8000g treasury spent down to below 900g

    - Egypt expels spy near Avaris
    - Egypt liberates Edfu from Zulus - get Fundamentalism from Zulus
    - Mongols wandering all over old roman lands.
    - Zulus antsy near StegTown, but no action

    Chapter 2

    The Defense minister was not happy with the direction of today's meeting. "What good are the military units you produce if we can’t get them where they need to be?"

    "I’m not even supposed to have them!" replied an exasperated Governor OldnSlow. "I can’t ship them around for all the world to see!"

    "Did you not read the memo?" asked the Commerce Minister, clearly annoyed at the bickering, "I’ve built a transport network through Britain that reaches around the globe."

    "Sure, I got the memo," replied Viking in a mocking tone. "But it only supports 8 units, and you've usually got it loaded with trade goods. If I have to respond to a 'situation' it could take years to properly mobilize."

    "Meanwhile I’m stuck garrisoning a growing army that I’m not even supposed to have" added the Chinese Governor.

    "I'll see what I can do," said Andu. "Anything else?"

    The defense minister stood up from the table and started heading toward the door. "Other than the fact that the Mongols are running wild through Old Rome? No. Nothing at all"

    "What?" asked Andu. "Sit down. Tell me about this."

    "We can barely move between our cities without running into Mongol Marines or Cannons," said OldnSlow. "They wander around the countryside, camping on our rail lines because they’re cleared of brush and other obstacles. It’s embarrassing, and it’s dangerous. We had a train almost plow into a Mongol Marine battalion last month. The Damn fools were just camped on the tracks. We think they’re trying to get to the Zulus, but they’re slow and they get lost all the time. They’re an unbelievable nuisance."

    "I think we can use this to our advantage," Said the Commerce Minister, "Leave this one to me."

    Chapter 3

    "…And we delivered Copper, Oil and Salt to Egypt for over 4000 gold," said the Commerce Minister as he concluded his presentation.

    " Excellent!" French Premier Tim L'Enchanter was clearly pleased. "I had the impression that you did not support my new initiatives. It’s good to see you pursue these trade opportunities so vigorously."

    "The free flow of trade is what made this nation great," Andu replied, "and it will continue to make this nation great." Especially if it can fund our military he thought.

    "Speaking of the free flow of trade," Andu continued, "there is one more item I wish to discuss with you. The Mongolian military has been clogging our railroads on the Chinese mainland, blocking our efforts at trade – May I have your permission to work with the ministry of Defense to deploy a few troops to keep our travel options open –to ensure our trade flows freely."

    "Why is this necessary?" asked the Premier.

    "While I respect our great allies," lied Andu, "the Mongols have not been helpful. They use our train tracks to march their army from place to place."

    "Did you say march?" Tim was incredulous. "They go on foot? On our railroad tracks?"

    "Yes sir," replied the commerce minister, "apparently they feel the tracks allow them to travel with fewer obstructions. Their presence is preventing our trains from bringing trade goods to the world markets."

    "And why must we use military units?" asked the premier.

    "If I could interrupt," Foreign minister Golem saw an opportunity to help, "what the Commerce Minister was too polite to say is that because they are so backward, the Mongols do not understand the hardship this puts on our trade efforts. They have not responded to my diplomatic efforts to resolve this crisis." Golem had never proposed a diplomatic resolution, but Tim would never know that. "They have flatly refused to comply with our very reasonable requests. The units in the field will not give way without orders, while the fools in Karakorum take no action."

    "But the men in the field are not stupid," added Andu with a thankful glance to Golem, "they are in awe of our superior military capabilities, and they will give way when faced with our forces."

    "Well," said Tim reluctantly, "deploying a few units should be acceptable…to ensure the trade flows freely."

    "Yes sir," Said the commerce minister. "To ensure the flow of trade, of course."

    1808 - Turn 1
    New stuff
    Marketplace: Zulu Gateway
    Harbor: Genoa, Viroconomium, Chengdu
    City Walls: Marseilles, Roquefort, Cumae
    Superhighways: Brest, Bayonne, Oxford, Warwick, Tsingtao, Hastings, York
    Aqueduct: Strasbourg
    Sewer: Cherbourg
    Supermarket: Dijon
    Factory: Bourgogne, Nanking
    Barracks: Rome

    Low on food: Kaifeng
    Famine: Macao, Chengdu
    Pollution: Oxford, Bourgogne, Coventry, Nanking

    Freight : Cremona Salt, Poitiers Beads, Amiens Oil, Kaifeng Oil, Carcasonne Oil, Avignon Hides, Peugeot Gold, Tientsin Oil, Pisae Copper, St. Emilion Hides, Coventry Wine, Xinjian Copper, Canterbury Silk, London Salt, Gaulish Village Hides
    4 spies, 3 engineers, 10 Mech Inf., 2 Howitzers, 2 transports

    Discover The Laser, Start Combined Arms

    Do stuff
    Pollution cleared at: Oxford, Coventry, Shanghai, Nanking, Bourgogne - all gone.

    Damn. Giza Oil demand goes away
    Xinjian copper to Giza (D-627) Oil demand returns
    Nanking oil to Giza (D-882) Oil demand blocked
    London Salt to Giza (nd-740) Oil demand returns!! :)
    Tientsin oil to Giza (D-1000) Oil demand stays
    Amiens oil to giza (D-980) Oil demand stays

    Cities of GV/StE/RS/FaSDI and StrAviBorBesSDI founded (for obvious purposes, given their names).
    Add 2 engineers to Zulu Gateway to start celebrations
    Beg from Mongols, get 75g gift.
    Start sabotaging Mongol units. Get 3 vet spies, I think
    Trade deliveries will pay for all techs. Set tax to 7/0/3; hire a couple Einsteins to ensure completion of techs.

    Egypt develops Advanced Flight
    Many Egypt units moving
    Mongol Tanks stream through old Roman lands
    Zulus develop mass production
    Asked to leave vicinity of Zulu city of cremona
  10. TimTheEnchanter

    TimTheEnchanter I...am...an Enchanter!

    Jan 19, 2001
    Maryland, USA
    Chapter 4

    "Thank you for seeing me on such short notice." The British Governor was quite nervous as she entered he Commerce Minister's office.

    "Not a problem at all," replied Andu. "I thought I might hear from you, given the recent discoveries in your province."

    Jayne was aghast. "You know...?"

    "I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t." Andu replied with a wry smile.

    "But…that was a secret project, reporting directly to me," stammered the Governor, now even more nervous. "Not even my cabinet has been informed..." Her voice tailed off as she pondered how her information could have gotten out.

    "Perhaps I should be more blunt," the Commerce Minister broke the silence, "Foreign Minister Golem wouldn’t be doing his job if I didn’t know."

    Jayne sat up with a jolt. "So the spooks are spying on the Governors now?"

    "That's not what I said" replied Andu.

    "They've told nobody but me," the Governor continued, "and I just found out this morning!! Do you know what I was eating for breakfast this morning too?"

    "Quite a few people know what you’ve found," Andu coolly responded, "from the geologists and their supervisors on up to you. Someone in that chain has loose lips. It’s Golem’s job to make sure he hears what those lips have to say. Especially if they say the word 'Uranium'."

    "So what do you intend to do?" Jayne asked nervously.

    The commerce minister was clearly amused by the conversation. I'll toy with her a bit more. "Tim will surely want to share our bounty with the Egyptians…"

    Jayne bolted out of her seat and screamed, "NO!!!" Not wanting to draw further attention to herself and this unscheduled meeting, she added softly, but sternly, "You – can – NOT - let them have it!"

    Sensing his game had gone too far, Andu responded, "I said Tim would want to. I didn’t say I’d let him."

    "How will you..."

    "Leave that to me," replied Andu. "Golem will be briefing Tim on this later today."

    "Don’t tell him!" The governor nearly lost her composure again. "The fool will give it away!"

    "We can manage Tim." said the Commerce Minister. "You just get that stuff out of the ground."

    "Fine!" barked Jayne. "I’m so-o-o glad I came all the way over here from London for this! I should have kept this news to myself."

    "You did the right thing coming here and telling me." Andu sensed he had pushed her too far. I can't lose such an important ally! He spoke calmly to her, trying to regain her trust. "We are on the same side. One way or another, Tim is going to find out about this, so you need to report your findings to him. If he hears it from someone else, but does not hear from you, he will suspect something. Schedule a meeting with him in 2 or 3 days and share the news. Golem and I will take care of the rest."

    "The fool doesn’t even know we’ve been looking for it," Jayne asked, "why should we tell him about it?

    The Minister smiled. "So he thinks we’re working for him, of course."

    "Very well," said Jayne as she got up to leave. She stopped at the door and turned to Andu, "You can’t let the Egyptians get their hands on it! I’ve worked too hard on this!"

    "Don’t worry, they won’t touch it."

    The British governor walked out, and the door closed behind her, leaving the Commerce Minister alone in the room.

    "You know," said Andu, seemingly to no one in particular, "she might not be so irritable if she had more than a muffin and tea."

    Just then a hidden panel opened in the wall to the left of the Commerce minister and Foreign minister Golem stepped out laughing. "Yes, a healthy breakfast is an important way to start every day!"

    Chapter 5
    The Next Day
    "I have one last item," said Commerce Minister Indorin. "We have begun the upgrade of our seafaring transportation network. Capacity will be doubled between Fayette and Reading as well as Canterbury and Tientsin."

    "I don’t recall this initiative." Tim L'Enchanter looked confused. "Why is this necessary?"

    "It allows us to quickly and efficiently move even more trade goods around the globe." ...and still have room for military transport Andu thought to himself.

    "Oh, right" responded the premier, trying to act as if he knew what was going on. "Thank you."

    "If that will be all sir..." Andu turned towards the door and started counting to himself Three...Two...One

    "Wait." Tim called to him. "There is one more thing."

    Bingo! "Yes, sir?"

    "I got exciting news last night," Tim said. "Geologists in Britain have discovered large deposits of Uranium."

    "Outstanding!" said the Commerce Minister, trying to act surprised. "I just met with Governor Jayne yesterday and she said nothing of it."

    "She hasn’t reported it to me either," Tim said smugly. "She has scheduled a priority meeting with me for tomorrow. My sources tell me she is just confirming the results."

    "You are such a resourceful man." Andu tried to suppress his gag reflex, “How do you find out such things?"

    "I have my sources." Tim laughed. "Power has its privileges, you know. Someday maybe you’ll get your chance."

    When I do, you’ll never know what hit you. "I can only hope, sir."

    "Our friends in Egypt," the Premier added, "have said many times that they would be interested in Uranium if we ever found it. We should send them a shipment immediately!"

    "I would love to do that sir," Andu replied, "but I think we must reconsider."

    "But why on earth?” Tim was quite disappointed.

    "Uranium is very unstable." The commerce minister tried to look as serious as he could. "It's quite dangerous to transport. If anything were to happen to this material while being transported through Egypt we would be held responsible. We would become international pariahs."

    "I see," Tim responded, "if it is truly that dangerous, perhaps we shouldn't extract it at all."

    "I’m afraid that may not be prudent either," Andu replied, "the material represents a hazard to any who come across it. Leaving it in the ground when we know it's there would be equally irresponsible. We should extract it immediately, and then we can deal with it safely by ourselves. My ministry was forced to develop the capabilities needed to handle Uranium during the Manhattan Project. We should do this for the safety of all concerned.

    "Well," The mere mention of the Manhattan Project sent a chill down Tim's spine, "if that’s the safest choice."

    "I believe it is, sir." The Commerce Minister fought to suppress a smile as he thought how easy this had been.

    "Very well." The Premier continued. "I’ll instruct the Governor to immediately extract the Uranium and deliver it to your ministry for safekeeping when I meet with her tomorrow. She’ll be disappointed, but we must always consider safety."

    "Safety. Of course, sir."

    1810 - Turn 2
    New Stuff
    Harbor: Zulu Gateway
    Market: Roquefort
    Superhighways: Cherbourg, Carcasonne, Coventry, Chengdu, Canterbury
    Walls: Stegyre Town
    Airport: Avignon, Warwick, Tsingtao
    Barracks: Bourgogne

    Freight: Bayonne Oil, amiens Dye, Dijon Dye, Dover Oil, Oxford Hides, Cheese valley salt, St. Emilion Hides, Hastings Oil, Nottingham Copper, York Copper, London Hides, Gaulish Village Hides
    1 Spy, 3 mechs, 2 howies.

    Low on food: Kaifeng
    Pollution: Avignon, Bourgogne, Coventry, Nanking

    Discover Combined Arms, Start Space Flight (Recycling)

    Do Stuff
    Pollution cleared in Avignon, Bourgogne, Coventry, Nanking.

    GV Hides to Warwick (D-736g)
    &*$%#! Warwick's Hides demand goes away and new demand list takes it's place! :rant:
    But wait - a silver lining! The glorious city of Warwick (51 base trade w/ SH + Airport) now has URANIUM SUPPLY!!!!!!!
    Peugeot Gold to Tsingtao(D-1056g) Gold demand remains.
    Start sabotaging Zulus
    Cheese Valley Salt to Coventry (D-466)
    Nottingham Copper to Giza (D-596) demand remains
    Hastings Oil to Giza (d-1620)
    Wow -Uranium supply in Hastings now, too!
    London Hides to Giza (nd-740g)
    Dover Oil to Giza (D-804g)
    Mongols gift 75g
    Spend treasury down to 675g

    Mongol Silver delivered to Chengdu
    Withdraw from cremona? Sure.
    Zulus want to talk: Crush the Mongols? No.

    Chapter 6

    "Will the Agriculture Minister be joining us today?" asked the Commerce Minister as he locked the door behind him.

    "I think he’s on another of his 'business trips' this week." The Defense minister rolled his eyes. They all knew of Kevpolean's legendary 'business trips'. "He said something about checking the quality of the barley and hop harvests."

    "Of course." Andu turned to Golem, "So how are things on the diplomatic front?"

    "The Mongols are showing signs of cracking," replied the Foreign minister.

    "Go on."

    "They live in constant fear of us" Golem continued. "They had a front-row seat when Rome got roasted. Half their population could see the mushroom cloud. Some of their people are still showing up in hospitals with symptoms from the fallout. Believe me, they don’t want to mess with us."

    "I’d gladly arrange it so the other half could see a mushroom cloud up close!" laughed Viking.

    "Enough!" blurted Andu. "You know we can’t do that right now, so it’s not worth wasting our time thinking about it."

    "I can dream, can’t I?"

    "You’ll get your chance," added Golem. "I said they fear us. I’ve been sending emissaries at least once a month demanding payment. They’ve probably paid enough to buy a full howitzer unit already."

    "Nothing like paying for the gun that kills you!" beamed the Defense Minister.

    "Like I said," continued the Foreign Minister, now clearly annoyed with the interruptions, "they're getting antsy. They still pay us, but they're giving us a lot more grief.

    "How so?" asked the Commerce Minister.

    "My emissaries are no longer getting the royal treatment when they show up. No state dinners, no lavish parties. They don’t even make respectable French cuisine for us any more. Just nasty Mongol food and a hotel room. Hell, sometimes they don’t even supply concubines. It used to be my guys begged to go on these trips. Now I have to pay extra just to get volunteers."

    "So you’re boys aren’t getting boondoggles any more," quipped Viking, "how does that help us?"

    "Good lord, subtlety is wasted on you!" responded Golem. "How shall I put this? They hate us. They loathe us because we’ve been extorting them for years. They also sense our premier’s weakness towards the military. After a while they will try to push back - the only way they know how."

    "Militarily..." added Andu.

    "Exactly." Golem turned his steely gaze to the Defense Minister, "So as long as you have your men ready – you will have them ready, won’t you? – we will be “forced to respond” to the aggression of our neighbor."

    "Don’t worry," answered Viking "I've got both hands tied behind my back, but we’ll find a way to be ready."

    "How’s Tim taking to these tactics?" asked Andu. "He can’t approve of the way you’re treating them."

    "The idiot has no idea," replied Golem. "He thinks they are giving the money as appreciation for our kindness."

    "What about Egypt?" asked the Defense Minister. "They're a much larger threat."

    "That’s a bit trickier." Golem looked at Andu. "Since our friends in the Commerce Ministry have such a cozy relationship with the Egyptians for their trade deals, the Premier is much more aware of what is going on there. He’d know what we were doing if we tried the same thing with them."

    "Hey, give me a break!" Andu suddenly realized he was on the hot seat. "The Egyptians are modernized and will pay twice what I could get from the backward Mongols and Zulus. The more money I bring in, the more I can siphon off for our little projects here."

    "OK!" the Defense Minister jumped in "We appreciate what you do for us, but how can we get Golem's goon squad into Egypt?"

    The Commerce Minister paused. "I’ll tell Tim that Egypt thinks we're trying to bully them with his personal involvement in the trade negotiations. He’s such a pushover, he’ll surely back off. Then you can send in your goons."

    "Please do," added Viking. "They’re catching up to our military technology. We will soon loose our advantage. We have to strike against them soon or they will pose an even greater threat.

    "I know," Golem said, "my spies report they have started research on missile technology, and they’ve already learned how to use our nuclear technology for bombs – they only need a reliable delivery system."

    "Good god, no!" the Defense Minister gasped. "They could destroy a third of our forces in one attack! They could invade our homeland!"

    "That is an unsettling development." Andu turned to the defense minister, "Viking, I know you’d rather take the offensive, but in the mean time can you do anything to defend against this kind of threat? Something to at least hold them off if they turn on us?"

    "Well yes, there is something," replied Viking. "We have plans for a strategic defense shield, but it’s going to cost... big time. I’d rather spend that money on the units we need to take them out..."

    "You know we can’t do that in our current situation," interrupted Andu. "Just start building your defense shield. Don’t worry about the cost – I’ll get you the funds."

    1812 - (Turn 3)
    New Stuff
    SDI: GV/StE/RS/FaSDI, StrAviBorBesSDI, Marseilles, Roquefort, Poitiers, Besancon, Peugeot
    Marketplace: Genoa, brest, Bayonne, Dijon, Chinan, Ravenna
    Offshore: Chablis
    Harbor: Stegyre Town
    Bank: Rouen

    Pollution: Oxford, Bourgogne, Coventry

    Discover Space Flight, Start Plastics

    Freight: Cremona Gold, Amiens Hides, Viroconium Oil, Oxford Gold, Avignon Hides, Tatung Oil, Warwick Uranium, St. Emilion Hides, Coventry Dye, Tsingtao Oil, Hastings Uranium, Nottingham Oil, Cumae Oil, York Hides, London Hides
    1 Spy, 4 mechs, 4 howies, 5 transports.

    Do Stuff
    FYI: Egypt is studying Rocketry :(

    Pollution cleared at Bourgogne, Coventry, Oxford (all)

    Keep uranium deliveries internal so we can work trade values to restore supply for next turn:
    Hastings Uranium to Peugeot (D-918) Peugeot U demand remains, Hastings U Supply blocked
    Warwick Uranium to GV (D-1552g) GV Demand remains, Warwick supply blocked
    Minimize trade in Peugeot
    Avignon hides to Hastings (nd - 215g) Uranium supply restored :D
    GV trade minimized
    Avignon Hides to Warwick (nd-304g) Uranium supply Restored :D

    Tsingtao Oil to Giza (D-2156g) Oil demand blocked
    Tsingtao trade minimized
    London hides to Giza (nd-740?) Oil demand restored.
    Coventry dye to Hieraconpolis (D-712)
    Egypt RR extended to Avaris, Abydos, Lisht
    More sabotage
    Gift from mongols 75g

    Spend Treasury down to 641

    Egypt develops Rocketry
    Mongols develop Explosives
    Mongol units continue to pour out
  11. TimTheEnchanter

    TimTheEnchanter I...am...an Enchanter!

    Jan 19, 2001
    Maryland, USA
    Chapter 7

    "Good evening." The Commerce Minister Indorin arrived fashionably late, as usual. "A special guest will be joining us tonight. He’s running a bit behind, but I’ve been assured he will be here momentarily. He just needed to freshen up a bit after his long trip."

    "A guest?" asked the Foreign Minister. "Nobody is even supposed to know we’re together. Why are you bringing in an outsider?!"

    "Don’t worry," replied Andu, "he’s someone we all know. And believe me, he shares our feelings about the Premier. In fact he’s going to help us get rid of Tim. While we’re waiting, let’s deal with our first order of business: I got Tim to approve the rail extensions through Egypt and to the Zulu city of Zunguin. I told him we needed them for improved trade."

    "Excellent!" The Defense Minister was clearly pleased. "We've lost a lot of time so we will need to move quickly on these bastards once the action starts. We’re short on engineering corps, so the more we do now, the better off we’ll be."

    The Chinese Governor concurred. "I’ll be happy to get those Zulus out of my lands. I’d rather it be the Mongols, but anything would be an improvement."

    "Don’t get too happy," said the Foreign Minister, "I’ve got bad news. The Egyptians have completed designs for their missile systems. They've already started production."

    "Dammit!" Viking pounded the table in disgust.

    "They think they’re our equals now." Golem turned toward the Commerce Minister "I can’t stand talking to them. How do you deal with them every day?"

    "They give me the money we need to do our work," replied Andu. "You think I like it? They’re insufferable and it has gotten worse the last few weeks. At least now I know why. Is that strategic shield thing ready?"

    "I know it’s not done in China," said the Chinese Governor, "some of my biggest cities are still exposed."

    "It's not bad," Viking said, "we have coverage of every city in France south of Bourgogne. Beijing is covered, and the rest of Eastern china will be covered within the year. That should cover every major city within the reach of the Egyptians missile systems."

    "Hopefully that won’t be too late," OldnSlow added. "What about the colonies on Ningpo Island?"

    "I'm sorry but they have to go it alone for a while," the defense minister replied. "Those cities are not connected to your mainland, so they can’t be used as a beachhead for a major invasion. They are small and poorly developed. These systems cost a ton of money and some sacrifices needed to be made. Those cities are expendable."

    "Tell that to the citizens on that island!" Governor OldnSlow was clearly upset. "I’ve got an election coming up!"

    "Don’t worry," Andu told him, putting a comforting hand on the shoulder of the governor, "you’ll be a war hero before the next election."

    "Speaking of war heroes," the Foreign Minister chuckled, "I thought Kevpolean was coming this time. Has he been relegated to being our Guest now? "

    "Oh bloody hell, I hope he's not your esteemed guest!" exclaimed the British Governor. "Last time he came through London he nearly destroyed the Governor’s mansion. He was already pissed when he got there, then said something about checking the Juniper Berry, Chinona and Lime crops. Next thing I know, he’s in my lounge knocking back gin and tonics all night. Later that night he started raving about outstanding tobacco crops and almost lit the place on fire with a cigar. He’s a menace!

    "Speaking of menaces," the Commerce Minister said, "I believe I hear our guest arriving now."

    "You say this man can help us get rid of Tim?" Jayne asked.

    "Don't ask me," Andu replied, "ask him yourself." The door swung open as a swarthy old man walked in.

    "Ahoy, mateys!" he exclaimed.

    “Admiral Stegyre!!”

    1814 - Turn 4
    New Stuff
    Aqueduct: Marseilles, Brest, Bayonne
    Market: Bordeaux, Strasbourg, Norwich
    SDI: Paoting, Rouen, Beijing
    Harbor: Leeds
    Superhighways: Amiens
    Barracks: Stegyre Town, Coventry
    Factory: Peugeot, Canton
    Bank: Cheese Valley
    Sewer: Fayette

    Pollution: Warwick, Bourgogne, Coventry, Canterbury, Tsingtao, Nanking, Rome, London

    Freight: Zulu Gateway Coal, Toulouse Gems, Cherbourg Beads, Dijon Oil, Kaifeng Gold, Oxford Hides, Avignon Dye, Warwick Uranium, Pisae Beads, St. Emilion Hides, Chengdu Hides, Tsingtao Spice, Hastings Uranium, York Hides, London Hides
    2 Spy, 3 Mechs, 7 Howies, 2 Transports

    Discover Plastics, Start Recycling

    Do Stuff
    Pollution cleaned up in Warwick, Coventry, Canterbury, London, Nanking, bourgogne
    Can't get to Tsingtao (unroaded hill), or Rome (Mongol Units) pollution this turn

    ShanCanXinSDI Founded

    Warwick Uranium to Gaulish Village (D-1552g)
    Hastings Uranium to Peugeot (D-943)
    Peugeot trade minimized
    St. Emilion Hides to Hastings (nd-234) Hastings Uranium Supply restored
    GV Trade minimized
    St Emilion Hides to Warwick (nd-360g) Warwick Uranium Supply Restored

    Pisae Beads to Carcasonne (D-448g) Hides available in Carcasonne
    Tsingtao Spice to Cheese valley (D-1192)
    Kaifeng Oil to Giza (D-903)

    Mongols 75g gift
    Egypt - words backed with Nuclear weapons, war with zulus? No. Demand Space flight? No. Gift? Don't press luck
    Oxford Hides to Giza (nd-780)
    Nottingham Oil to Giza (d-1043)
    Cumae oil to Giza (d-1134g)

    Egypt has shifted to war preparations - many cruise missles, nukes, spies and military units being produced now.
    Many spies captured sabotaging units. :(

    Egypt develops space flight
    Egypt starts Apollo
    Mongols have a bazillion tanks and other units in Roman lands. May want/need to nuke their nearest city once alliance broken to deal with that many units in one place.
    Egypt signs peace treaty with Zulus

    Chapter 8

    "I'm telling you," said the Foreign Minister, "for as uncivilized as they are, these Mongols know they've got a good thing with our alliance. They refuse to give in. I nearly doubled the payment demands from them and they still paid. I think they're close to breaking it off, but they're not going to budge before the end of this year at least."

    "Damn." The commerce minister did not like what he was hearing. "What about Egypt?"

    "Egypt is even farther off," Golem replied, "and it's looking ugly there. Spy reports say they've started a space program. We need to pressure them fast."

    The defense minister had heard enough. "I think the best thing to do is to take what's available now, so we can devote all of our energies to our alleged allies later. Maybe if they see we mean business, especially with Tim out of the picture, they'll break off the alliance sooner. What can we do with the Zulus?"

    "Trust me. The Zulus are ready to burst," Admiral Stegyre spoke with the authority of someone who had lived on the border with the Zulus for the past 10 years. "They've had several divisions on the outskirts of Stegyre Town for a while now. They're just begging for a reason to declare war. If we hit them hard and fast, we can probably make a serious dent in their military capabilities."

    "Ok then," Andu knew it was time for action. "We'll take out the Zulus first."

    "Will I have some guns ready in time," asked Viking, "or do I have to ship them all the way from Egypt?"

    "I've got all my barracks training men as fast as possible," Governor OldnSlow replied. "They'll be ready."

    The British Governor added, "I'll even have a few units trained by then, if that helps at all."

    "Even if we don't use them all right away," the Commerce Minister said, "we'll need all of them and more before too long. Viking, is that going to be enough for you?"

    "Sure, if you guys can pull this off," said the Defense Minister, "I'll have enough to get started. I won't be able to take the whole country in one shot, but it should be enough to make a serious dent. Now how do you plan to deal with our old buddy Tim?"

    Andu Indorin looked to the end of the table where the old man sat quietly. "That's where our friend the Admiral comes in."

    Chapter 9

    "Timmy boy!!!" The Admiral didn't recognize the Premier at first, but knew by the cadre of thugs in black suits and sunglasses around him, that this was the man. "Stegyre Town is quite a long trip from the hallowed halls of Gaulish Village! I'm so glad you could make it!"

    "Admiral, I wouldn't miss this for the world!" said Tim L'Enchanter. "I heard so many stories about you from my father and grandfather. How could I pass up an opportunity to go out to sea with a living legend?"

    Hook, line, and sinker. This one sure swallowed the bait, thought the admiral. "Come on aboard."

    As the president boarded the small vessel, one of his bodyguards said "Sir, I still don't think..."

    "It's OK!," interrupted the Premier, "I'll be with the most decorated sailor in the history of France. I think I'll be in good hands. I need some peace and quiet."

    The boat pulled away from the dock and headed out through the harbor. Within a few minutes they reached the ocean and the Admiral opened the throttle. "Quite a boat you've got here!" Tim shouted over the roar of the engine and rush of the ocean breeze.

    As if you'd know... you little punk, the Admiral thought. "She's my baby!"

    "Where are we going today?" asked the Premier.

    "I thought we'd head way up along the Zulu coast." The admiral waved his arm toward the North. "I hear the fish are really biting up there."

    Later, Admiral Stegyre brought the boat to a halt and dropped anchor. "We're here."

    "When I was a kid," said Tim excitedly, "I went out fishing with all my brothers, and my father, and everybody. And I was... I was the only one who caught a fish. Nobody else could catch one except me. You know how I did it? Every time I put the line in the water I said a Hail Mary...and every time I said a Hail Mary I caught a fish. You believe that? It's true -- that's the secret."*

    The Admiral hardly even heard him while he prepared the equipment. "That's swell kid."

    Suddenly Tim turned his head and looked off in the distance. "Did you hear that?"

    "Hear what?" replied the Admiral, knowing damn well what he had heard. He looked at his watch to see that it was time for the offensive against the Zulus to start. Damn, I'm late. Gotta hurry.

    "It was a loud booming noise," replied Tim. "Hey, there's another."

    "Uh...There was supposed to be a line of storms passing through to the East of here." Stegyre knew it was a horrible lie, but he went with it anyway. "Must be thunder."

    "Thunder?" Tim laughed. "The sky's clear for as far as the eye can see. It almost sounds like..."

    "Here's your rod, kid." Stegyre was eager to change the subject. "I've already let the line out to the right length. As soon as you feel a bite, start reeling, and call me."

    The admiral reached into his tackle box as Tim watched his line disappear into the water behind the boat. The premier started mumbling, "Hail Mary, full of grace, the lord is with thee. Blessed art thou among women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb..."

    Tim stopped as a bright flash filled the eastern sky. Just then a gunshot rang out.

    "...Jesus!" gasped Stegyre. Just as he pulled the trigger he saw the flash. He'd seen it once before at Rome, but it wasn't something he could ever get used to. For several minutes he just stared at the horizon as a mushroom shaped cloud rose to the sky in the direction of Umtata.


    Quietly, methodically, Admiral Stegyre tied weights to the limp body of Premier Tim L'Enchanter and pushed him over the boat railing. He watched the body quickly disappear into the murky darkness below.

    He raised anchor, started the motor to his boat and headed out into the open sea.

    *Apologies to Mario Puzo and Francis Ford Coppola for stealing their material.

    1816 – Turn 5
    New Stuff
    SDI: ShanCanXinSDI
    Market: Marseilles, Fayette, Random Settled
    Superhighways: Cremona, Dijon, Rouen
    Airport: Amiens
    Offshore Platform: Peugeot
    Sewer: Tientsin
    Stock Exchange: Cheese valley

    Pollution: Avignon, Peugeot, Bourgogne, Coventry, Canterbury, Tsingtao, Hastings, Nanking

    Freight: Zulu Gateway Copper, Ningpo Copper, Carcasonne Hides, Oxford Hides, Avignon Hides, Warwick Uranium, Pisae Silk, St. Emilion Hides, Hastings Uranium, York Hides, London Hides
    Spies 8, Mechs 2, Howies 20, Aegis 1

    Discover Recycling, Start Superconductor

    Do Stuff
    Pollution cleaned up in Nanking, Tsingtao (x2), coventry, Hastings, Canterbury, bourgogne, peugeot
    Pollution could not be cleared in Avignon (engineers in position for next turn) and Rome (still covered by mongol horde)
    RR completed to Buto (egypt) and Zunguin (Zulu) - road complete to Asyut (last mainland egypt city)

    Standard Uranium Dance:
    Maximize trade in Warwick
    Warwick Uranium to Gaulish Village (d-1552g)
    Hastings Uranium to Peugeot (D-971g)
    Peugeot trade minimized by pulling all workers off land
    Avignon dye to Hastings (nd-228g) Uranium supply restored
    Put Peugeot workers back to normal
    Gaulish Village trade minimized by pulling all workers off land
    St. Emilion hides to Warwick (nd-360g) Uranium supply restored
    Put GV workers back to normal

    Talk to Egypt – ask for gift - denied as expeted.
    Mongols: Nuclear tests alarming, war with Zulus? No. (not yet), advanced flight? No. Gift? 125g Down to receptive.
    Talk to Zulus. Nuclear tests alarming...etc. Insist they withdraw troops: WAR!

    Capture 6 Zulu cities (Zunquin, Cremona, Umtata, Mpondo, Ngome, Amatikulu) Umtata was hit with a suitcase nuke because it had something like 15 defenders. It seemed the most expedient way to get rid of them all at once. (At least I started to clean up the pollution). Total plunder 2086g. Majority of partisan uprisings eliminated.

    All cities were captured by a Partisan to prevent immediate diplomatic contact with Zulu forces (Thank you, DoM!!!). This allowed use of Emissary's ploy to avoid peace treaty after each city capture.

    Zimbabwe, Ulundi, and Bapedi are all relatively lightly defended (3-4 defenders), should be ripe for picking next turn.
    Redundant police stations sold in Ngome, Mpondo

    More trade to pay for rushbuys...
    Dijon Dye to Memphis (D-344g) Trade route allows Dijon elvis to be fired.
    York hides to Giza (nd-440)
    Oxford Hides to Giza (nd-780)
    Coventry Wine to Hieraconpolis (D-890g)
    London Hides to Giza (nd-740)
    York Copper to Giza (D-907g)

    Rushbuy stuff in almost every city. Because so many things were rushed last turn, most had to be done from an empty production box, but we have enough trade and plunder money to afford this. Another round of vet howitzers coming on line next turn.
    Turn is almost completely played out, although several units (mostly engineers and spies) have not completed their turns yet.
  12. TimTheEnchanter

    TimTheEnchanter I...am...an Enchanter!

    Jan 19, 2001
    Maryland, USA
    General Notes
    - I tried to play the entire set of turns without going to war. I could have made it, but with all those Howitzers, the temptation was too great. That last turn was a fun little bloodfest. What can I say? I'm weak! -- Plus it made for a (hopefully) better story!

    - You should be able to repeat the steps I used each turn to restore the Uranium Supply in Warwick and Hastings each turn. (See "Standard Uranium Dance" on the last turn for the most detailed description) This implies rushbuying the freights in Warwick/Hastings and in St.Emilion/Avignon from scratch every turn, but since it pays over 3000g/beakers per turn it's quite worth the cost. Supply may run out soon as we accumulate techs, so cash it in every turn for as long as possible.

    - In other Hides suppliers with Superhighways and Airports (e.g., London, Oxford, Amiens, Carcasonne, Chengdu, possibly others I forgot as well), it's worth rushbuying those freights from scratch every turn as they pay much more gold than they cost. Because of the high base trade, SH and airport, deliveries to Giza pay handsomely. I usually rushed several additional freights each turn as well - particularly if there are high demand items such as oil, coal and copper, or a city that needs the trade route to be happy. (I slowed down freight rushbuys considerably to get more Howies and Spies the last few turns) Just remember, freight deliveries are our friends.

    - If we keep Rushbuying those freights, we can afford to rushbuy items every turn or at least every other turn once the production box is started. Only a couple things produced in my turns came without being rushbought either wholly or in part.

    - We have about 30 freights sitting around. Most of them are in Roquefort (buried under all those howitzers) or the adjacent Fort. A few are scattered around elsewhere, near their ultimate destinations. (including the Avignon/St. Emilion hides which you can use to reset Uranium supply next turn)

    - By managing the transports, we can send up to 16 units each way around the world from Egypt to France to Britain to China to ZuluLand every turn. Just reset the transports each turn to ensure continuous transportation next turn.

    - I didn't expand our engineering force as I had hoped. Because of some added production, population and Factories, pollution cleanup takes a fair portion of our engineering effort each turn as well. With all the other priorities I had going, something had to lose out - this was it.

    - I've been improving cities on the island W. of London. Dijon, Cherbourg and Brest have all been growing rapidly and should continue to get necessary improvements rushed ASAP. Once grown and given appropriate improvements, they should be able to serve as major Trade cities. As irrigation and farmland are added, Dijon could also support numerous engineers with its food situation.

    - Because the Mongols are such a nuisance with their Alliance/right of passage, I have dozens of units squatting on the rail line through all of Old Rome to ensure our ability to get units to and from Zulu Land as necessary.

    - Based on my rushbuys, we should have about 15 more vet howitzers coming on line next turn. Happy hunting!

    - Stack the Battleships with Aegis Cruisers (one at sea, 2nd one coming on line next turn) because the Egyptians are building cruise missiles.
  13. Prof. Garfield

    Prof. Garfield Deity Supporter

    Mar 6, 2004
    Had a look at the game (it is so much easyer to understand now), and when you cancell the mongol alliance you will probably have to nuke Veii to get rid of all the units that will be removed to that city.

    P.S. Tim, you wrote an excellant story.
  14. TimTheEnchanter

    TimTheEnchanter I...am...an Enchanter!

    Jan 19, 2001
    Maryland, USA
    Agreed. Either a Nuke or a Spy barrage to knock down the walls, poison the city a bit smaller, then raze the city and kill the remaining stack. The problem is that there will probably be a delay between the alliance cancellation and the war declaration. Inbetween, they'll start crawling out of the woodwork again. I figure some of the units guarding the RR will need to be repositioned to hold back the tide until war is actually declared. (at least then, ZOC should help)

    Without them cancelling the alliance, there wasn't much I could do and still keep our rep clean. It's like rats fleeing the proverbial sinking ship down there.

    Thanks :blush:
  15. Stegyre

    Stegyre Expatriate

    Nov 15, 2002
    Utah, USA
    On my original voyage, that would have been a waste of good food. ("Ah, we have the fava beans, the liver . . . .")

    'Really enjoyed the write up, Tim. :goodjob:
    Now stop raising the bar, or the rest of us will have to start writing novels. ;)
  16. Old n Slow

    Old n Slow Emperor

    Feb 4, 2002
    Vienna, VA, USA
    Awesome! :clap:
    Awesome! :clap:
    Awesome! :clap: :clap: :clap:
  17. Duke of Marlbrough

    Duke of Marlbrough The Quiet Moderator Retired Moderator

    Jun 23, 2001
    Southern CA, USA
    It doesn't look like Kev has been able to visit since his last post on July 13th, so that would make Jayne, next, yes?

    If she's still not well it would probably skip to OldnSlow since Andu has not been on for quite some time either. :(
  18. DiscoMatt

    DiscoMatt Chieftain

    Aug 15, 2004
    On a island playing Civ2
    Can i join your succesion game or is it too late?
  19. TimTheEnchanter

    TimTheEnchanter I...am...an Enchanter!

    Jan 19, 2001
    Maryland, USA
    This game is in the very late stages. It's probably more appropriate if some of the established players finish it out - assuming they're still around :( . Hopefully as summer winds down, some of the players will come back more often. If another succession game starts up, feel free to join in (or you could try to start your own).

    Have you played at the Deity+n levels before? If you're interested in playing and haven't tried it yet, I'd suggest you try some practice play. You don't need to play a full game, but enough to get a feel for what works and what doesn't, especially in the early years.
  20. Andu Indorin

    Andu Indorin Retired Druid

    Jan 15, 2001
    Colorado Spgs, CO
    Anyone know of any way to contact Jayne?

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