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Nov 7, 2012
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Do not post in this thread unless you have actually a showcased mod of your compatibility pack with civilizations.

For discussion regarding any of these posts or this thread itself, post here!

Modders should follow the format similar to those below, but are not forced to follow the format... (a changelog would be nice.. and such) Such in progress... click on the spoiler to see an archive of this post.

What does it mean to install these compatible civilizations? They may follow these general formats:
1-2-3 ([1]-[2]-3): Install the original mod; install the Compatibility Add-on; Play the game!
Install and Play (I&P): Install the mod as itself and play!
Others: They have an interesting... method of installation.

Now you may notice one thing weird. Seals? What are Seals? They are seals of approvals. They are attained only if applicable! If a UI mod doesn't have anything to do with E&D, it doesn't technically mean it's incompatible. It's just a UI mod that has nothing to do with it.

- 1 has its set of Civilization Events for Community Events and has paperwork in this page.
- 2 Load up Events & Decisions and the Civ has the decisions? Done deal.
- 3 has its own 3uc/4uc elements for Vox Populi(doesn't imply balance).

Historical Civilizations
Name|Unique Abilities|1st Unique Component|2nd Unique Component|Primary / Compatibility Author|Installation|Seals
Abu Zakariya's Tunis |+1 Trade Route. Can always create Food and Production Trade Routes. +50% Food/Production from Internal Trade Routes. +2 Gold from International Trade Routes. Garrisons generate Religion Pressure.|Sabbak (Corvette)|Ribat (Unique Improvement)|Tpangolin / Enginseer| [1] - [2] -3|2
Alaric's The Goth |All land military units can use enemy roads and heal an additional 15 HP from pillaging. Capturing a foreign Capital earns a free Social Policy.|Gadrauht (Swordsman)|Hov (Barrack)|Tomatekh / Blue Ghost| (I&P) Ali ibn al-Hassan's Kilwa Sultanate |Every owned Trade Route connected to a city increases the base yield of every specialist in that city by 1. +3 Food from Merchant specialists. This counts as a base yield.|Coral Port (Harbor)|Dhow (Caravel)|Pouakai / ArchangelOfDoom| (I&P) |
Cao Cao's Wei Kingdom |+15% Great People Generation. Conquering a Capital grants a free Great Person. Conquering a city grants Great People Points of choice to the Capital.|Bureau of the Talented (Garden)|Tiger Rider (Knight)|??? / Enginseer| [1] - [2] -3
Ching Shih's Canton Pirates | ???|Red Fleet Junk (Caravel)|Gambling House (Circus)|Scissor_Finger / Enginseer|???
Comcoly's Chinookans |Coastal Resources are automatically improved ( upon discovering their reveal tech ). Salmon and Orca may periodically migrate to and from Cities within range of the Coast; being more likely to migrate to to Cities adjacent to Rivers and to Cities which have built a Plankhouse.|Esquai-ah (Work Boat)|Plankhouse (Lighthouse)|Sukritact / ArchAngelOfDoom| [1] - [2] -3|2
Comius Castronius's Samnites |Settlers can be purchased with Faith. Upon founding a City, all terrestrial animal in the workable radius are claimed and an animal is chosen as sacred totem, granting Faith and a unique bonus to the city.|Meddis Toutiks (Great General)|Legio Linteata (Spearman)| Jarcast | (I&P) |
David's Israel |+25% Combat Strength vs. Barbarian. Receive 30 Faith on clearing Barbarian Camps. +2 Faith and +2 Culture on all GP Improvements and Great Works. Cannot construct Temples.|Solomon's Temple (Grand Temple)|Maccabee (Swordsman)|Leugi / pineappledan| (I&P) |23
Djalla's Garamantes |Units ignore Terrain Costs and start with +1 Movement on Land Trade Routes connected to your Empire. Cities and Foggara create Aquifiers, giving +2 Food, +2 Gold, +2 Border Growth Points and Fresh Water. Capital receives +1 Food and +1 Gold for every Foggara constructed scaling with era.|Plumed Nomad (Scout)|Foggara (Unique Improvement)|Tomatekh / hokath| (I&P) |123
Donald Trump's America |Under a Golden Age, cities generate +15% of its current yields. Cities with WLTKD generate +25% Gold. These effects stack with each other.|Trump Tower (Monument)|Entrepreneuer (Great Diplomat)|Enginseer| (I&P) |2
Eaanatum's Sumeria |Newly founded Cities start with 45 Food and 45 Production, scaling with era. +1 Production on all specialist and specialists consume 1 less Food.|Ziggurat (Temple)|Vulture (Warrior)|Tomatekh / pineappledan| (I&P) |34
Franklin Roosevelt's America |Gain Great Merchant, Great Engineer, and Great Scientist points in the Capital when unlocking a Policy. +1 Culture and appropriate yields in all Cities for each Academy, Town, and Manufactory constructed.|Assembly Plant (Factory)|Mustang (Unique Unit)|JFD / HungryForFood| (I&P) |2
Frederick's Kingdom of Prussia |Receive Golden Age Points when defeating enemy units. Melee and Gunpowder receive the Prussian Discipline. New units receive +100% more free experience.|Kriegsschule (Military Academy)|Gardekorps (Fusilier)|JFD / HungryForFood| (I&P) |23
Henry VIII's English Empire |WLTKD begins in all cities whenever you captuer an enemy city or adopt a Social Policy. Cities under WLTKD always follow your religion and have increased Great People generation.|Longbowman (Composite Archer)|Jousting Grounds (Armory)|JFD / zwei833| (I&P) |
Jefferson Davis's Confederate States of America |Confederate Leadership grants all melee and gunpowder units a random, unique promotion upon entering combat for the first time.|Antebellum Manor (Unique Improvement)|Sharpshooters (Fusilier)|Kramer / Enginseer| [1] - [2] -3|2
Lester Pearson's Canada |Internal Land Trade Routes claim neutral territory they pass over. Units garrisoned in Forts and Citadels generate +2 Gold and +1 Great General Point. Declaration of Friendship give Canada and friend +1 Delegate.|Hudson's Bay Company (East India Company)|Coureur De Bois (Explorer)|Tpangolin / pineappledan| (I&P) Liu Bei's Shu Kingdom |All owned cities receive a free Wall and have reduced unhappiness sources. Conquered Cities do not go into resistance.|Stone Sentinel Maze (Walls)|Tiger General (Longswordsman)| ??? / Enginseer | [1] - [2] -3
LS Civ Set 17 | ??? | ??? (???) | ??? (???) |??? / zwei833| ???
Nyatsimba Mutota's Zimbabwe |Gain Gold, Tourism, and Border Growth Points when a new Citizen is born in a City based on the proportion of Cities that are linked to it via the network of Trade Routes. Meet all Civilizations to whom you are connected.|Rozwi Warrior (Pikeman)|Zimbabwe (Circus)|LastSword / hokath|123
Pius IX's Papal States |+50% Tourism with Civilizations that share your Religion. +3 Faith from Palace, Wonders, and Great Works. +50% Conversion Strength for Missionaries and Great Prophets.|Chapel (Temple)|Disciple (Unique Unit)|JFD / HungryForFood| (I&P) |2
Piye's Nubia |+10% Production in any cities with a garrison. Conquering a World Wonder expends a free Great Artist for Golden Ages and World Wonders extend Golden Ages by +5% up to a maximum of +25%.|Royal Pyramid (Unique Improvement)|Apedemak Archers (Archer)|Pouaki / Enginseer| [1] - [2] -3|2
Songtsän Gampo's Tibet |Generating Faith contributes to resisting foreign Tourism; during a Golden Age this improves to additional Culture. Religious, Reconnaissance, and Diplomatic Units gain the Sherpa Guides Promotion.|Rtakhrab Rider (Horseman)|Kumbum (Shrine)|LastSword / hokath| (I&P) Suryavarman II's Khmer |World Wonders gain +3 Faith, +3 Tourism, and +3 Golden Age Points. Capital gain a citizen for every World Wonder in the Empire. Farms with access to Fresh Water have a chance to reveal Rice.|Teahean (Pikeman)|Baray (Baths)|LastSword / hokath| (I&P) |123
Timur's Timurids |When you capture or destoy a city for the first time, gain +2 Culture, Science, Gold, Production, and Faith in the Capital permanently. Buildings from captured cities are immediately constructed in your Capital.|Registan (Oxford University)|Tumen (Lancer)|Tomatekth / pineappledan|Others(see page)|
Tojo's Empire of Japan |Receive Science or Production from Coastal Buildings, Sea Resources, Atolls, Coast tiles, and Ocean tiles. Kills by Naval Units yield Science. Naval Units have +20% Strength when attacking.|Yamato (Battleship)|Dojo (Armory)|JFD / HungryForFood| (I&P) |2
Trung Sisters' Vietnam |culture and food bonus for any ancient era social policies adopted while making conquest of Vietnam difficult by increasing crimes in foreign owners of Vietnamese cities.|Water Puppet Theater (Amphitheater)|Viet Cong (Rifleman)|Tpangolin / Enginseer| [1] - [2] -3|2
U Kix Chan's Olmecs |???|???|???|Tomatekh / hokath| (I&P) Victoria's Great Britain |+1 Movement for Naval and Embarked Units and -25% Naval Unit Gold Maintenance. +1 Trade Route for every 6 owned Cities or every 1 Vassal. Can send Gold Trade Routes to owned Cities.|Steam Mill (Factory)|First Rate (Frigate)|JFD / HungryForFood| (I&P) |2

Spoiler :

Fictional Civilizations
Fictional Civilization earns a different column in what the Civilization is based on as well.
Name|Based On|Unique Abilities|1st Unique|2nd Unique|Primary Original - Compatibility Author (Or are they the same people?)|Last Updated|Installation|Seals

Fictional Civilization Repository
Madoka Kaname's Mitakihara (Blue Ghost)
Sayaka Miki's The Oktavians (Blue Ghost)
Mami Tomoe's Nazione di Tiro (Blue Ghost)
Kyouko Sakura - Kazamino (Blue Ghost)
Nagisa Momoe's The Bébé Tribes (Blue Ghost)
Homura Akemi's New Mitakihara (Blue Ghost)

Emmeryn's Halidom of Ylisse (Blue Ghost)
Validar's Theocracy of Plegia (Blue Ghost)
Lyn's Sacae (Blue Ghost)
Walhart's Valm (Blue Ghost)
Sophia's Nabata (Blue Ghost)
Alm's Valentia (Blue Ghost)
Nino's The Black Fang (Blue Ghost)
Elincia's Crimea (Blue Ghost)

Michalis's Macedon (Blue Ghost)

Hector's Ostia (Blue Ghost)
Lilina's Ostia (Blue Ghost)

Myrrh's Darkling Woods (Blue Ghost)

L'Arachel's Rausten (Blue Ghost)

https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfi...uid Girl's Squidian Inkpire (Blue Ghost)[/url
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The Trung Sister leads the Vietnamese in Vox Populi. The two sisters created a strong insurrection against the growing forceful policy of Chinese rule. Assembling a large army, they liberated Vietnam from the Chinese domination and had managed to resist the attacks of the Chinese for over three years. Their efforts won them titles as a national heroine to all Vietnamese people regardless of political affiliation today.

UA (Old): Defensive structures within a city increases the spawn rate of Great Writers, Aritsts, and Musicians. (Didn't work at all even without VP) Receive +5% Culture and +5% Food in each city for each Social Policy adopted in the Honor Tree.

UB (Old): Has one slot for a Great Work of Writing. More expensive than the Amphitheater that it replaces, as well as providing an additional point of culture, Great Works contained within a city Water Puppet Theater increases a city's Defensive Strength by 5. (The Lua was working, but the dummy building had no defense, so it was pretty much useless.)

UU (Old): Gains Invisibility and Double Movement in Forests and Jungles and a +25% Defensive Combat bonus when fighting against a civ with a different ideology, unlike the Infantry it replaces. However, it also has a combat penalty in open terrain.(AI did not know how to handle invisibility)

UA (New): The Ascending Dragon grants the Vietnamese people a culture and food bonus for any ancient era social policies adopted while making conquest of Vietnam difficult by increasing crimes in foreign owners of Vietnamese cities.

UB (New): The Water Puppet Theater, a replacement of the amphitheater, grants +3.75 combat strength to the city for every Great Work in the city while also providing +25% Great Artist and Great Musician Rate when built.

UU (New): The Viet Cong is a replacement of the Rifleman gaining a significant combat bonus and double movement when maneuvering around in forests, jungles, and marsh. Although, they are significantly cheaper to produce; they are much weaker and are also weaker in open terrain.

General Tooltip: Vietnam can be very cultural-oriented while pursuing defensive measures as well. Their unique ability allows them their city to prosper and promote a strong cultural pride in its people while also making the conquest of Vietnam a difficult process due to their history of fighting foreign domination for a major part of their history. The unique building also makes their cities stronger with any Great Works stationed in the city providing defensive bonuses. Their unique unit is also very unique on the battlefield acting as a recon battle unit while retaining their potential powerful promotions as a combat unit greatly giving them versatility and successes on any choked battlefield.
LS Civ Set 17 - CBO or JFDLC compatible version
Original Mod Author: LastSword

This mod is base on(not require) LastSword's Civ Set XVI, which includes Athens, Holy Roman Empire & Prussia. It add full support for JFDLC(RtP, CiD, YnaEMp), VP(CBO) and RER.

It is sad that both JFD and LastSword's HRE civs, which are my favourites, don't support popular gameplay mods such as JFDLC or VP, the purpose of this mod is to make LastSword's Civ Set XVI support various gameplay mods.

See the changelog for more information:
Basic Changes:
- delete the unnecessary unit texture dds (reduce file size but not affect the mod at all)
- update the latest Doppelsoldner unit model(which I updated at September), changed its formation in ArtDefine_UnitInfos into "DefaultMelee"
- Reiter is now a 1-tile range unit, which is necessary to fix the bug cause by CP.
- The Flavour religion of HRE is now Catholic.
- The Reiter now renamed to Schwarze Reiter, for RER compatiable purpose.
- Doppelsoldner now renamed to Forlorn Hope, for RtP compatiable purpose.
- Steal the pedia text of Prussia and its leader from JFD's Prussia
- Steal the pedia text of Athen and its leader from MC's Greece Split

JFDLC(RtP, CiD, YnaEMp) Changes:
- Add JFDLC Master support for Prussia
- Add JFDLC Master support for HRE
- Add JFDLC Master support for Athen

RER(Renaissance Era Revised) Changes:
- Forlorn Hope replaces Two-handed Swordsman instead of Longswordsman, and it is a Reniassance Era UU now.
- Schwarze Reiter now replaces Reiter instead of Lancer

CBO Changes:
- Schwarze Reiter now replaces Cuirassier instead of Lancer
- All units changes in CBO applied to UUs of HRE, Prussia and Athen
- All buildings changes in CBO applied to UBs of Prussia and Athen

CBO +  CBO-EE compatibility Changes:
- Forlorn Hope replaces Two-handed Swordsman instead of Longswordsman, and it is a Reniassance Era UU now.

Download: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B8Z1-Y5_5P61cUFaMmZUTGJKTTA


LS Civ Set 17 - Additions:
The above mod only include necessary changes to make LS Civ Set 17 compatible with the gameplay mods.
Here is also an "LS Civ Set 17 - Additions" made by myself, which add a new civ icon for HRE, and new unit model and icon for Lanzknecht, which make it more different to the original Landsknecht.

You could download Additions here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8Z1-Y5_5P61RlVLZzUwR0NSdFk/view

Notice: the additions is NOT a mod use to enable in the game, you need to copy all the files in the addition folder into the basic mod folder and overwrite the files in the basic mod folder.

Preview Pic:
Spoiler :

- LastSword: Original Author
- LeeS: LUA coding
- JFD: Prussia pedia text
- Pouakai: Athen pedia text

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Piye leads the Nubians in Vox Populi. Most of what we know from him comes from the history of his conquest of Egypt. Piye revitalized his empire and expanded greatly toward Egypt through his Holy War. With the blessings of Apedemak, the Nubian armies stand ready to do service and piety in Apedemek's name. Will Piye lead by example through conquest or will he lead through the writings inscribed in the Nubian royal pyramids.

UA (Old): Cities with a garrisoned Ranged Unit gain +10% Production. conquering a City with a World Wonder initiates a Golden Age, and all Golden Ages last 10% longer for each World Wonder in the Empire. (Having ranged units garrisoned in cities might be tricky as the AIs may also prefer to garrison melee units as well. Conquering any city with a World Wonder gave you a static 12 turns of Golden Age[couldn't be extended]. Golden Age definitely lasted longer, but it was National Wonders not World Wonders.)

UI (Old): Replaces the Archer. Begins with Siege, and has +1 movement when adjacent to a river. (Never had the extra movement from being adjacent to a river anyway.

UU (Old): Requires Masonry, and can only be built on flat plains and deserts. Provides +1 Culture and Faith, with an additional +1 Culture for every two eras which pass after the Royal Pyramid is constructed. Nearby Nubian units have a +10% combat boost. +1 Culture with Archaeology.(Extremely buggy. Almost all of them never worked in the first place.)

UA (New): The Ta-Seti grants the Nubian people +10% Production in any cities with a garrison. Conquering a World Wonder expends a free Great Artist for Golden Ages and World Wonders extend Golden Ages by +5% up to a maximum of +25%.

UI (New): Royal Pyramid able to be built in flat desert or plains is unlocked at Construction, granting food, culture, and faith. Although it cannot be built adjacent to one another, the earlier the era it was built in, the more culture and faith it will provide. Nubian Units fighting near these Royal Pyramids are given a +25% Combat Strength. Upon the discovery of Archaeology, Antiquity Sites may often appear in pre-Archaeology Royal Pyramids allowing you to sacrifice their improvements to plunder their hidden artifacts or transform them into a Landmark.

UU (New): The Apedemak Archer is a replacement of the Ancient Archer being given with a Siege promotion that provides a combat bonus when attacking cities. Along with additional ranged combat strength, these archers are given the blessing of Apedemak which grants them an additional movement along with an extra movement when these archers end their tile near a river.

General Tooltip: Nubia is a very ranged combat oriented civilization. Their unique ability allows them to boost their productivity by just solving their crime problems while conquering wonder-hungry civilizations will grant them a golden age and extend their golden age as well. Their unique improvement is very powerful considering the earlier it is built, the more powerful it can be to the extent of out-yielding Great People Improvements! But beware foreign archaeologists may attempt to plunder your Royal Pyramids should they have the technology or policies. Their unique unit is also very powerful on the ancient battlefield acting as a mini-catapult while being blessed with mobility that are not lost upon upgrades.

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Jefferson Davis leads the Confederate States of America in Vox Populi. On the brink of the American Civil War, tensions between the North and South grew. A leader was needed as the states seceded from the Union. A man of both military and political credentials would be needed to fulfill this role.

UA (Old): Infantry units receive a random, unique promotion upon entering combat for the first time. For the 3 turns after the outbreak of war, all infantry units may force enemies to retreat. (Only thing removed really was the 3 turns of the outbreak of war, it was too situational while making it difficult for the AI to fully exploit it, not to mention with the VP promotion rework, their combat promotions were already powerful to the UA already)

UI (Old): Requires Chivalry, and may only be built on flat land. +1 Gold and +1 Culture if built on a source of Cotton, Sugar, or Tobacco. +1 Production and +1 Culture if built next to a city. While at war, all Antebellum Manors yield an additional +1 Production and Culture.(It's an amazing UI without Vox Populi provided you had the right resources, but the UI was reworked to make it at least unique compared to the other Vox Populi UIs.)

UU (Old): Replaces the rifleman for the confederate states. Slightly weaker than the unit it replaces, but will bombard enemies with a weak ranged attack before entering melee combat.(Only had a few balance tweaks, very well-made unit. They no longer replaces Rifleman, but rather the Fusilier in CBO)

UA (New): Confederate Leadership grants all melee and gunpowder units a random, unique promotion upon entering combat for the first time.

UI (New): Antebellum Manor being able to be built at all flat lands or terrain with a nearby fresh water source will provide +2 Food and +1 Production while increasing the defensive strength of the tile by +20%. If built next to a city, the Manor will also generate +1 Culture and +1 Production. Nearby Cotton, Sugar, and Tobacco resources increase the Manor's Gold and Culture production. Nearby plantations yield +1 Faith, +1 Production and +1 Culture. Cannot be built adjacent to each other.

UU (New): Sharpshooters form the backbone of the Confederate States. Replacing the fusilier, they will bombard enemies with a weak ranged attack before entering melee combat while also having an increased combat strength from adjacent military units.

General Tooltip: The Confederate States of America are very versatile in combat. Many of their melee and gun units may possess a variety of combat promotions that can make it difficult for enemies to fight against. Their unique improvement allows for a variety of yield output depending on its location. Their unique unit is also very effective as they are similar to the Zulu's Impi and can easily overwhelm any army through their sheer variety of promotions gained from their UA.

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Liu Bei leads the Shu Kingdom in Vox Populi. From the period of the Three Kingdoms. Liu Bei is known as a ruler who was humane and benevolent toward his people. His government was well-selected to ensure this success. His brilliant skills at politics and leadership has won him alliances and popularity among his people. Will Liu Bei return to attempt in unifying China again?
UA (Old): Conquered cities do not enter resistance, and produce less extra unhappiness. (There's a lot more to the UA than simply stated. Granting a free courthouse if you annexed it immediately and doubling its population for conquering cities made you lose population since Vox Populi reduced the population loss from conquering cities due to tourism and incentives for annexing. I'd reworked it to make sure it fits into a strong role in Vox Populi)

UI (Old): Replaces the Walls. +1 Culture and provides 20 more hitpoints than usual. (Self-explanatory)

UU (Old): Replaces the Longswordsman. Heals 50 damage after defeating a non-barbarian unit. (Self-explanatory)

UA (New): All owned cities receive a free Wall and have reduced unhappiness sources. Conquered Cities do not go into resistance.

UB (New): The Stone Sentinel Maze is a weaker replacement of the wall providing lower defensive strength in exchange for a more larger HP increase to the city itself. It provides +1 Culture to the City and to the Capital's Palace.

UU (New): The Tiger General is a replacement of the Longswordsman being versatile in its promotion. It naturally earns the Shock I promotion along with the additional Drill I promotion. Upon killing an enemy unit, the Tiger General will recover 25 damage.

General Tooltip: Shu is a very expansive defensive oriented civilization. Their unique ability allows them to expand quickly near foreign civilizations without worrying about losing their cities due to free walls. Conquering cities are made easier because of this since the walls are installed automatically making the newly owned city difficult to recapture. Their unique building synergize with their UA. Although it is significantly weaker than the standard walls, cities are able to hold their ground longer. Their unique unit is very versatile allowing for specialization into city attackers with full Drill promotions or regular battlefield soldiers with full Shock promotions while killing enemy units help these soldiers recovery as well.

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Donald J. Trump leads the United States of America in Vox Populi. From real estate to the White House, Donald J. Trump has brilliantly maneuvered his way toward the presidency and now time awaits for his decisions. Will America be paved toward prosperity and greatness once more?

UA (Make America Great Again): Under a Golden Age, cities generate +15% of its current yields. Cities with WLTKD generate +25% Gold. These effects stack with each other.

UB (Trump Tower): The Trump Tower is a replacement of the Monument. Generating an additional +1 Culture and +1 Gold. The Trump Tower also provides +1 Great Diplomat Point. Later on as Great Works are created, the Trump Tower will provide +50% more Tourism from these majestic works.

UU (Entrepreneur): The Entrepreneur is probably one of its kind a replacement of the Great Diplomat. Unlike regular Great Diplomats, Entrepreneurs are able to acquire gold and give WLTKD if expended for a Diplomatic Mission. They can however still build an embassy.

General Tooltip: The American civilization under Donald J. Trump is an interesting take on a capitalistic society. Their unique abilities forces players to take an interesting take on Civilization V in order to take advantage of the yield bonuses by obtaining many resources as possible at the best possible price. Their unique building allows them to build a strong infrastructure with a strong reliant on gold as more of their unique units are able to be produced much earlier while their unique unit allows them to synergize perfectly with the unique ability provided that the Entrepreneur can eliminate poverty nationwide.
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Cao Cao leads the Wei Kingdom in Vox Populi. From the period of the Three Kingdoms, Cao Cao is known for his conquering ambition which under his rule brought greater prosperity and talented people under his control.His brilliant skill as a tactician has won him great stories and tales(along with a Great General name selected by Firaxis)! Will Cao Cao return to attempt in unifying China again?
UA (Old): Great Person spawn rate increased by 20%. Has a chance of acquiring a random Great Person after conquering a city, depending on its population. (UA was strong, but too strong if released to Vox Populi.)

UI (Old): Replaces the Garden. +30% Great Person generation and +15 Exp to all units. Can be built after discovering Iron Workings. (Barely made any changes, it's a well-balanced building.)

UU (Old): Replaces the Knight. Has an attack bonus against wounded enemy units. (Self-explanatory, considering that another UU has this trait already...)

UA (New): Great People are generated +15% faster. Conquering a city grants GPP of choice. Conquering a capital or city-state grants a free great person.

UB (New): Replacement of the Garden which serves as both its replacement and a barrack by granting additional experience and Great Person generation.

UU (New): The Tiger Rider is a replacement of the Knight that has no penalty when attacking cities while also earning a free Drill I promotion making them the backbone of a Wei Invasion force.

General Tooltip: Wei is a strange civilization. Rather than promoting a wide playstyle, the civilization promotes both tall and wide style into more of a thick playstyle where the Wei are encouraged to expand, but also encouraged to build up their infrastructure. Their UA allows them to expand to bring both cultural and domination victory closer while allowing for early access to Great People if Wei prefers the warmongering type. If City-State Diplomacy is enabled, the Wei can fully take advantage of this UA allowing them to produce Great Diplomats significantly faster that allows them to earn quicker alliances and votes. Their unique building doubles down as a mini-barrack and a garden while also being much early available allowing for their armies to be given much more promotions and experience. Their unique unit synergies with their UA allowing the Wei to go on a medieval crusade for Great People as their Tiger Riders are able to burst down cities with great speed and efficiency. Don't let them obtain horses!

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Ching Shih leads the Canton Pirates in Vox Populi. Serving early in her life as a prostitute, she maneuvered her way into the highest pirate leadership after her husband's death and formed a powerful pirate coalition that in which the Qing, British, and Portuguese empires could not hope to defeat. Under her leadership, she imposed a code of law for her pirates that proved to be successful in unifying her coalition and solidifying her hold of authority. Will Ching Shih come and rise again to once again terrorize the sea?
UA (Old): Pillaging a trade route gives Golden Age Points equal to the Gold pillaged and Coastal cities generate Golden Age points equal to their population. Units built during a Golden Age receive the ability to capture defeated units. (Little bit self-explanatory if you looked at the comments in the original mod's showcase on why it was reworked).

UU (Old): Replaces privateer. Only the Canton Pirates may build it. Ignores Zone of Control, may move after attacking and may attack twice if adjacent to another unit with the War Junk Promotion. (Little bit too strong in Vox Populi's taste considering the huge AI naval improvement)

UB (Old): Replaces the Zoo. In addition to +3 happiness, the city it is built it in receives +10% gold and +5% culture for each Unemployed Citizens in the city. (Was adjusted appropriately into the right era in Vox Populi and flavored so that the AIs may pursue early laborers if necessary.)

UA (New): Coastal Cities generate Great Admiral Points. Great People grants Great Admiral Points when born. When you acquire Coastal tiles naturally, adjacent unowned tiles of the same type are also claimed.

UU (New): The Red Fleet Junk starts with promotions that excels at both naval combat and raiding cities while boasting a higher Movement Speed and Combat Strength than its replacement of the Caravel. It also gains gold equivalent to 25% of the Combat Strength unit the Junk kills or capture.

UB (New): The Gambling House is a replacement of the Circus that provides an additional +1 Happiness and benefits Laborers with a +2 Production, Culture, and Gold bonus while also providing a Merchant Slot.

General Tooltip: The Canton Pirates are really unique in their playstyle in which they have to favor coastal starts and pure coastal starts as possible. They prefer island cities or even one-tile cities itself as their UA helps them acquire the sea territories at a very fast pace along with a passive bonus of acquiring Great Admirals allowing them to terrorize the sea with their UU which has the ability to capture enemy ships and use them against the enemies. When the technology becomes available, their UB becomes beneficial to the island cities due to their large growth allowing the city governor to put in laborers to provide both production and gold along with culture allowing the Canton Pirates to become a danger to the waters with their forward island cities. This is important when capturing cities when most improvements are likely to be pillaged and laborers then become a source of sufficient yields provided that the Gambling House is constructed in the newly-captured cities.
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Abu Zakariya leads the Tunis in Vox Populi. Like all Muslim conquerors, he expanded the region of present-day Algeria into a glorious empire and carved his kingdom under the faithful belief of Islam and prosperous commerce of trade.
UA (Old): Cities receive bonus Production toward trade units equal to half their Gold output. Receive Gold nad Faith for each Trade Route destroyed when you enter a state of war. Garrisoned naval units generate Gold. (AI is unteachable).

UU (Old): Replaces the Privateer. Slightly weaker, but gains Combat Strength based on distance from the capital (max +15), and upon killing a unit receives 20% of its XP. (Relatively unchanged except it was made much stronger for Vox Populi standard)

UI (Old): Requires Engineering. Boosts the Gold and Faith output of the tile, as well as the defensive capabiilities of unit stationed on it. Provides a boost of Faith when a trade route is completed in the city working it. (Relatively unchanged and Lua for the code was removed for stability in exchange for a DLL-based code.)

UA (New): +1 Trade Route. Can always create Food and Production Trade Routes. +50% Food/Production from Internal Trade Routes. +2 Gold from International Trade Routes. Garrisons generate Religion Pressure.

UU (New): The Sabbak is the new contender to the Dutch's Sea Beggar to the Renaissance's naval supremacy. While being able to capture ships, the Sabbak gets stronger the further it is from home and is quite a sharp learner for combat experience.

UI (New): The Ribat is a hybrid of the village/fort being able to produce various yields, while being able to serve as both a fort and a village where caravans can increase their yields. The Ribat also provides adjacent yields to its parent counterpart of the village and fort.

General Tooltip: The Tunis play a powerful defensive trade strategy. They prefer a peaceful life in trade as their UA and UI greatly benefits from trade although war does not hurt them because they can survive on trading by themselves. If they manage to found a religion, they will find their cities and trades to be influential to nearby cities in needing of a faith. The Tunis also has a strong unit to protect their naval trade and maintain their naval presence. When playing this civilization, you should find your empire relatively easy to defend while watching everyone's navy be "impressed" by your ships.
Tomatekh's The Goths, led by Alaric

Download here

Requires subscription to the original mod, located here

Play as Alaric, leader of the Goths. Recreate your famed conquest of Rome, and build an empire to last the ages!

UA: Sacker of Rome
All land military units can use enemy roads and heal an additional 15 HP from pillaging. Capturing a foreign Capital earns a free :c5culture: Social Policy.

UU: Gadrauht (Replaces Swordsman)
17 CS (up from 15)
Drill I
+50% CS against fortified units
-25% damage taken from cities

UB: Hov (Replaces Barracks)
+2 :c5production: Production
+2 :c5faith: Faith
+1 :c5production: Production and :c5faith: Faith from Horses, Cattle, Sheep and Deer
+15% production of land military units

(In addition to the default unit and building features)

The Goths are a straightforward conquest-focused civ, with their power spike in the Classical era. They specialize in invasion and prolonged sieges against enemy cities, and gain great rewards from conquest. The Faith bonus from their UB also allows them to excel in religion.
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Sukritact's Chinookan Civ led by Comcoly

Original mod here!

UA: The Salmon Migrations
Coastal Resources are automatically improved ( upon discovering their reveal tech ). Salmon and Orca may periodically migrate to and from Cities within range of the Coast; being more likely to migrate to to Cities adjacent to Rivers and to Cities which have built a Plankhouse.

UU: Esquai-ah
The Chinookan Unique Workboat. The Esquai-ah is a ranged naval unit that retreats before combat. It can prevent sources of Salmon and Orca from migrating away when stationed on them and can repair pillaged coastal improvements. It is also much cheaper to construct than the workboat.

UB: Plankhouse
The Chinookan unique replacement for the Lighthouse. Unlike the Lighthouse, the Plankhouse may be built in cities with access to any source of water (Coast, Ocean, River or Lake) and is unlocked earlier. When built next to a River it also increases the Gold yield of trade routes.



- fixed to build workboats on fish revealed in your territory when Trapping is discovered
- made it possible for multiple sources of Orca/Salmon to move to a single city
- maximum scales with era 2->2->3->3->3->4->4
- minium starts at 0, but is incremented by 1 for any of the following: settling the city on a river, building a Plankhouse or the city being a capital
- added monopolies to Salmon and Orca, +3 food and +2 culture respectively
- added Salmon and Orca to the LandSea Extractors corporation

- added Naval Inaccuracy and May Move After Attacking promotions as those are standard for ranged naval units in VP
- made it so you only need one Esquai-ah stationed on one of the sources of Orca/Salmon in order to prevent all sources belonging to that city from migrating away; this was done because the Esquai-ah counts as a military unit and would eat up a large portion of your military capacity if you needed one per resource

- removed fish food boost to match VP lighthouse
- added coast gold boost to match VP lighthouse
- added ability to connect to capital via water to match VP lighthouse

I think that's it. Any feedback is welcome. I have done some testing, but bugs happen. If it's something major I'd appreciate a description and lua log be sent to me via a PM.

Special thanks to Chrisy15 for helping me figure out some lua/modbuddy stuff and to pineappledan for ideas regarding the UA changes
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JFD's The Empire of Japan (Tojo) for VP
Does not need the original mod

(link to thread for extended details)
(link to original mod)

Empire of the Pacific (UA)

Receive additional :c5science: Science or :c5production: Production from Coastal Buildings, improved Sea Resources, Atolls, Coast tiles, and Ocean tiles. Kills by Naval Units yield :c5science: Science. Naval Units have +20% :c5strength: Strength when attacking.

Yamato (UU)

  • +6 :c5strength: Combat Strength and :c5rangedstrength: Ranged Combat Strength.
  • Type 94 Naval Guns (+100% Combat Strength vs Cities).
  • Armor Plating I (+25% Combat Bonus when defending).
Dojo (UB) (replaces Armory)

Same as Oda Nobunaga's Japan.

Spoiler Original creators :

  • JFD: Code, Design, Writing
  • Leugi: Art (Leaderscene)
  • Regalman: Art (Map)
  • Janboruta: Art (Leader Icon
  • Danrell: Graphics (Yamato)
  • Whoward69: Coding (PlotIterators.lua)
  • Andreas Waldeloft: Music
JFD's The United States of America (Roosevelt) for VP
Does not need the original mod

(steam workshop)
(direct download)
(link to thread)
(link to original mod)

The New Deal (UA)

Gain Great Merchant, Great Engineer, and Great Scientist points in the when unlocking a Policy. +1 :c5culture: Culture and the appropriate yield in all Cities for each Academy, Town, or Manufactory constructed.

Assembly Plant (UB) (replaces Factory)

  • +25% Military Unit :c5production: Production.
  • All units from the city gain +50% embarked :c5strength: Defense and +3 :c5moves: Movement when embarked.
  • Additional +1 :c5production: Production to Engineer specialists,+1 :c5gold: Gold to Merchant specialists, and +1 :c5science: Science to Scientist specialists,
  • When you construct a Unit in the city, gain :c5gold: Gold equal to 25% of the Unit's :c5production: Production cost.
  • Does not require Coal.
Mustang (UU)

  • +10 :c5rangedstrength: Ranged Combat Strength.
  • Long Range Fighter (+2 operational range and air intercept range, +25% :c5strength: Combat Strength to Bomber Units stationed within 1 tile of the unit).
  • Quick Learner (Earn experience toward promotions 50% faster).
  • Dogfighting I.
  • JFD: Coding, Design, Writing
  • Janboruta: Artwork
  • Leugi: Artwork (Leaderscreen)
  • Firaxis: Artwork (Assembly Plant)
  • Gyra Solune: Research (City Lists)
  • Andreas Waldeloft: Music
  • Danrell: Mustang model, Sherman model
  • HungryForFood: Mustang, Slater Mill, Sherman icons (original images from Google)
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Vicevirtuoso's Madoka Magica Civilization Pack - Complete

Download here

Requires subscription to the original mod, located here

Vox Populi conversions for ViceVirtuoso's Madoka Magica civs, now in one package!

Mitakihara - Madoka Kaname
Spoiler :

UA: Arrow of Hope
Start with Trapping technology. Archery units get +25% strength in friendly territory and +25% strength against barbarians. When declaring Friendship, Madoka and her friend receive +10% Great Person generation.

UU: Rosebow Infantry (Composite Bowman)
Available at Mathematics
11 :c5strength: Ranged Combat Strength (up from 10)
76 :c5production: Production cost (down from 90)
When starting its turn in a city or Citadel, gain an extra attack this turn

UB: Middle School (Public School)
+25% :c5greatperson: Great Person generation in city
When a Great Person is expended, gain 10 :c5science: Science, scaling with era

The Oktavians - Sayaka Miki
Spoiler :
UA: Orchestra for Justice
Earn Great Musician points in the capital for every unit killed. Units gain 7% Combat Strength in enemy lands for every level of Influence over the landowner.

UU: Cutlass Conductor (Longswordsman)
22 :c5strength: CS (up from 20)
March (heal 10 HP each turn)
Gain :c5culture: Culture equal to enemy's CS on kill

UB: Stage of Oktavia (Amphitheater)
Has a Musician specialist slot and a slot for a Great Work of Music
If the Great Work of Music slot is filled, +10 XP to all newly trained units in the city, and all units heal an additional 1 HP per turn

Nazione di Tiro - Mami Tomoe
Spoiler :
UA: Not Afraid of Anything Anymore
Newly trained units get +2 XP for each City-State Friend, and +5 XP for each Ally (max 30). Unit gifts to city-states grant an additional 20 Influence.

UU: Tiro Musketeer (Fusilier)
38 :c5strength: CS (up from 35)
+25% CS in allied city-state territory
Conduct a weak ranged attack before its melee attack

UB: Teahouse (Caravansary)
+1 :c5food: Food per city-state friend, and +2 :c5culture: Culture per ally

Kazamino - Kyouko Sakura
Spoiler :
UA: Feeding the Multitude
When you found or capture a city, gain 30 :c5food: Food in all cities, scaling with Era. Whenever a city grows, gain 3 :c5faith: Faith and :c5gold: Gold for each Citizen in the city.

UU: Chain Lancer (Lancer)
40 :c5strength: CS (up from 35)
Overrun (+100% bonus from flanking)
Binding Chain (A unit hit by this unit has its movement reduced to 1 for one turn)

UB: Sakura Church (Temple)
5 :c5faith: Faith (up from 3)
+50% religious pressure (up from +25%)
Missionaries trained in the city can spread religion an additional time
1 :c5food: Food for every 2 followers of your founded religion in the city

The Bébé Tribes - Nagisa Momoe
Spoiler :
UA: Cheese!
+1 :c5food: Food, :c5science: Science, and :c5culture: Culture from Pastures, scaling with Era. Spawn a Cattle or Sheep resource in each newly founded city, and in every city when you start a :c5goldenage:Golden Age.

UU: Bubble Blaster (Replaces Cannon)
34 RCS/16 CS (up from 30/14)
Does not require Iron
Volley and Splash Damage promotions

UB: Magical Dairy (Replaces Caravansary)
3 :c5gold: Gold (up from 1)
+2 :c5goldenage: Golden Age Points from Pastures
For each worked Cattle or Sheep resource in the city, :trade: international land trade routes originating from the city give +1 :c5gold: Gold, and foreign trade routes to the city give the owner +2 :c5gold: Gold and you +1 :c5gold: Gold.

New Mitakihara - Homura Akemi
Spoiler :
UA: Thief of Time
Start with a Spy. Gain bonuses when a spy completes an action.

The list of bonuses are as follows:
Advanced Action|40 :c5faith: Faith, 40 :c5culture: Culture, or 100 :c5gold: Gold chosen at random, scaling with era
Great Work theft|5 turns of :c5goldenage: Golden Age
City State election rigged|40 points toward a random :c5greatperson:Great Person
Tech stolen|Gain a copy of the target civ's unique unit if they can currently build it, or a random unit otherwise*
There is a known bug where the bonus for a stolen tech won't trigger if an advanced action completes at the same time.

UU: Time Sniper (Gatling Gun)
26 :c5strength: CS/50 :c5strength: RCS (up from 25/45)
Quick Study
Firing Doctrine
Withdraw Before Melee

UB: Dimensional Armory (Military Academy)
1000 :c5production: Production cost (down from 1250)
35 XP to units trained in the city (up from 25)
Allows airlifting units
Fire Emblem Civpack for Vox Populi

Remakes of the Fire Emblem civilizations for Vox Populi. With permission from and in collaboration with the Fire Emblem Civilization Modders group (Discord link)

Download link

Halidom of Ylisse (Emmeryn) -- original by codefreak5
Spoiler :

UA: Renewal
+3 :c5happy: Happiness from City-State alliances. During a :c5goldenage: Golden Age, Diplomatic Units give an additional 30 :c5influence: Influence.
Non-VP version: +3 :c5happy: Happiness from City-State alliances. During a :c5goldenage: Golden Age, gain 3 :c5influence: Influence per turn toward city-states with whom you have a pledge of protection..

UU: Pegasus Knight (Knight)
Hovering Unit (Ignores terrain penalties, and can pass through impassable terrain)
-40% defense against ranged units
Galeforce (When this unit kills a unit for the first time each turn, it regains all movement points and can attack once again at -30% CS)

UB: Naga Shrine (Shrine)

+3 :c5faith: Faith, +1 :c5culture: Culture (up from +2 :c5faith: Faith)
+1 :c5happy: Happiness
+20% :c5culture: Culture in city during Golden Ages
Non-VP version: +1 :c5faith: Faith

Theocracy of Plegia (Validar) -- original by codefreak5
Spoiler :

UA: Grima's Truth
Gain :c5faith: Faith from kills. Captured cities instantly convert to Plegia's major religion, and gain 20 :c5culture: Culture and :c5gold: Gold for each citizen converted this way, scaling with Era.
Non-VP version: Faith from kills and yields from conquest reduced

UU: Dark Mage (Crossbowman)
Available at Guilds
+5:c5strength: CS, +1 :c5rangedstrength: RCS
Nosferatu (heal 50 HP when killing an enemy unit)
Can always be purchased with :c5faith: Faith

UB: Dragon's Table (Grand Temple)

Does not require Temple
Grants free Temple and Great General in city
All temples get +3 :c5faith: Faith, +3 :c5culture: Culture, +3 :c5gold: Gold, -2 :c5food: Food (up from +2 :c5faith: Faith, +2 :c5culture: Culture)
+2 :c5food: Food for each owned Temple
Gain +10 :c5food: Food and +10 :c5production: Production in city when killing an enemy unit, scaling with era
Non-VP version: Temples get +1 :c5faith: Faith, +1 :c5culture:Culture, +1 :c5gold: Gold

Sacae (Lyn) -- original by Kobazco
Spoiler :

UA: Lady of the Plains
+1 :c5food: Food from Plains tiles. Cities get +15 :c5production: Production for gaining tiles, scaling with era (doubled for Plains tiles without features).
Non-VP version: Production bonus reduced to +10

UU: Nomadic Trooper (Skirmisher)
+4:c5strength: CS, +2 :c5rangedstrength: RCS
+1 Movement
Steppe Hunter (+20% ranged attack strength on open terrain)
Non-VP version: Replaces Chariot Archer, +4 CS, Steppe Hunter

UI: Nomad Camp
Available at Trade (Horseback Riding for non-VP verison)
Can only be built on flat Grassland and Plains, and not adjace
+1 :c5food: Food, :c5production: Production, :c5culture: Culture
+5% border growth rate in city while worked
Adjacent pastures get +1 :c5food: Food
+1 :c5gold: Gold and :c5production: Production at Civil Service
+1 :c5food: Food and :c5culture: Culture at Fertilizer

Valm (Walhart) -- original by Kobazco
Spoiler :
UA: The Sword or the Knee
No :c5unhappy: Unhappiness from War Weariness. :c5puppet: Puppet yield penalties reduced by 25%. +25% yields from vassals and city-states.

UU: Dark Knight (Cuirassier)
Available at Chemistry
+6 :c5strength: CS, +2 :c5rangedstrength: RCS
Slow Burn (Gain a cumulative +5% CS each turn it starts in enemy territory, up to a maximum of +30%. Resets when starting turn outside of enemy territory.)

UB: Valm Harbor (Harbor)
+5 :c5production: Production
+1 :c5production: Production from sea tiles
+25% production of all military units
Naval units trained in the city gain an additional 25 XP

Nabata (Sophia) -- original by Mathetes tou Megalou Alexandrou
Spoiler :

UA: Arcadian Harmony
Reveal nearby Ancient Ruins and cities when settling a city. -25% :c5faith: Faith purchase costs, and may purchase any :c5greatperson: Great People with :c5faith: Faith once a religion is founded.

UU: Shaman (Composite Bowman)
Available at Philosophy
+3 :c5strength: CS, +2 :c5strength: RCS
When garrisoned in a city, reveal all tiles in a 6-tile radius at start of turn

UI: Dragonstone Monument
Available at Construction
Cannot be built adjacent to each other
Can be built on Desert tiles or any resources
Improves resources when built
++1 :c5science: Science, +2 :c5faith: Faith
+1 :c5science:/:c5faith: at Education and at Archaeology

Valentia (Alm) -- original by Lord of Admirals
Spoiler :

UA: Spirit of the Deliverance
+10% Combat Strength in enemy territory, increasing with each conquered city the enemy owns (max 50%). Gain :c5culture: Culture when non-recon units level up.

UU: Villager (Warrior)
+2 :c5strength: CS
Earn a random promotion on first combat
Cleric: Heal 15 HP on killing an enemy. Adjacent units heal an additional 15 HP per turn.
Mercenary: +50% flanking combat bonus. Earn :c5gold: Gold from killing enemies and attacking cities.
Soldier: +25% defense, and another +25% defense against ranged attacks.
Pegasus Knight: +1 :c5moves: Movement, ignores terrain costs
Cavalier: +2 :c5moves: Movement, can move after attacking

UB: Sluice Gate (Aqueduct)
3 :c5food: Food, 3 :c5production: Production
Gain 50% of city's :c5production: Production when a citizen is born (up from 25%)
+1 :c5food: Food from Farms
+1 :c5production: Production from river tiles

The Black Fang (Nino) -- Original by TheMH06
Spoiler :
UA: Let's Do Our Best!
For each declaration of friendship, Nino and her friend gain +10 :tourism:Tourism. Gain a portion of each other civ's :c5science: Science based on your :tourism: Influence with them.

UU: Fang Assassin (Zeppelin)
Does not have Hovering Unit
+10 :c5rangedstrength: RCS
Lethality (Has a chance of instantly killing any unit it attacks, proportional to the damage the target has taken)

UB: Fang's League (Constabulary)
Available at Education
Costs 350 :c5production: Production
+3 :c5science: Science, +3 :c5culture: Culture
50% :c5unhappy: Crime reduction (up from 30%)
Grants a Spy when built in the capital
Gain an additional +3 :c5science: and +3 :c5culture: for each active Diplomat

Crimea (Elincia) -- original by Kiang
Spoiler :

UA: Children of Wisdom
+3 :c5science: Science from Great Works and Great Person Tile Improvements. When a :c5greatperson: Great Person is expended, gain a large amount of :c5food: Food in the nearest city.

UU: Greil Mercenary (Longswordsman)
Cannot be trained with :c5production: Production
Reduced :c5gold: cost
Gains full XP from purchase
When stationed in a city-state territory, gain Influence with the city-state and bonuses depending on the city-state's type

UB: Crimean Royal Library (University)
5 :c5science: Science, 2 :c5culture: Culture
2 :c5citizen: Scientist specialists (up from 1)
+1 :c5science: Science from Farms
+10% :c5science: Science from Research Agreements
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JFD's The Kingdom of Prussia for Vox Populi
Does not need the original mod

Recommended to use with Enlightenment Era for Vox Populi
(direct download)
(steam workshop)
(link to thread)
(link to original mod)

Hohenfriedberg March (UA)

Receive :c5goldenage: Golden Age Points when defeating enemy units. Melee and Gunpowder Units receive the Prussian Discipline Promotion. New units receive +100% more free experience.

Kriegsschule (UB) (replaces Military Academy)

  • +2 :c5science: Science and :c5culture: Culture (instead of 1 :c5science: Science).
  • +10% :c5science: Science and :c5culture: Culture during :c5goldenage: Golden Ages.
  • 1 scientist specialist slot.
  • Costs less :c5production: Production (1000 instead of 1250).
  • Unlocks earlier at Metallurgy (or Fortification with Enlightenment Era).
  • All Gun and Melee units from the city gain +10% :c5strength: Combat Strength per adjacent Gun or Melee unit and +1 :c5moves: Movement.
Gardekorps (UU) (replaces Fusilier, or Line Infantry with Enlightenment Era)

  • +4 :c5strength: Combat Strength.
  • Stalwart (+35% :c5strength: Combat Strength when defending).
Additional mod compatibility
  • JFD: Author.
  • Janboruta: Art (Civ Icon, Leader Icon, Unique Component Icons, Leaderscene, Map).
  • bernie14: Graphics (UUs).
  • Creative Assembly: Music (Peace).
  • Andrea Waldetoft: Music (War).
  • LeeS: Lua Utilities (Unit Spawn Handler).
  • HungryForFood: Kriegsschule icon (edited from this).
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Tomatekh's Sumer for Vox Populi
Does not need the original mod
(direct download)
(link to original mod)
(link to thread)

Eannatum (Leader)
Cradle of Civilization (UA)

Newly founded Cities start with additional :c5science: Science and :c5production: Production, scaling with era. Specialists consume 1 less :c5food: Food and gain +1 :c5production: Production.

Ziggurat (UB) (replaces Temple)

Available at Calendar (2 levels earlier)
150:c5production: (down from 200)
+1:c5gold: and +1:c5culture: to Wine, Incense and Amber
Reduces :c5unhappy: Religious Unrest
+25% Religious Pressure
Choose a unique Ziggurat bonus on completion:
Spoiler :
An - God of Air: +1:c5culture:. -25% :c5culture:/:c5gold: cost to tiles, 10 :c5faith:Faith when City claims new tile naturally.
Dumuzid - The Dying God: +2:c5food:. +5%:c5food:/:c5production:/:c5culture: during :c5happy:'WLTKD' in this City., 15 :c5faith:Faith whenever a Great person is expended, scaling with era
Enki - God of Abzu: +1 :c5gold:/:c5culture:/:c5science:/:c5goldenage:. +1 :c5faith:Faith from Lake Tiles.
Enlil - God of Storms: +1 :c5faith:/:c5gold:. +1 :c5faith:Faith for every CS Friend. +1 :c5faith:/:c5gold: for every CS Ally
Ereshkigal - Goddess of the Underworld: +1:c5production:/:c5gold:. +1 :c5faith:Faith from Mines, 10 :c5production:Production in City when you kill a Unit, scaling with era
Gugalanna - The Bull of Heaven: +2:c5production:. +1:c5faith: Faith from Pastures. +5%:c5production: Production towards buildings in this City.
Inanna - Goddess of Sex: +2:c5goldenage:. 10 :c5goldenage:GAP & :c5faith:Faith from civilian birth. +1 :c5happy:Happiness.
Inzak - God of the Desert Nomads: +2:c5gold:Gold. 1 Merchant Specialist, +1 :c5faith:Faith to Oases and Merchants
Nammu - The Primordial Sea: +1:c5faith:/:c5production:. +1 :c5faith:/:c5production: for every 2 Coast/Ocean tiles worked by this city.
Nanna - God Of Wisdom: +2:c5faith: Faith. +5%:c5science:/:c5gold:/:c5faith: during :c5goldenage:Golden Ages in this City.
Nergal - Lord of Pestilence: +10:c5strength: City Defense, +10% :c5war: Military Supply, +10 :c5faith:Faith in city when you pillage a tile, scaling with era
Ninlil - Lady of the South Wind: +1 :c5culture:/:c5faith:. +1 :c5culture:Culture & :c5faith:Faith for every 5 :c5citizen:Citizens in City, +20 :c5food: in City when a Policy is adopted, scaling with Era
Ninhursag - Lady of the Sacred Mountain: +1:c5production:. 1 Engineer specialist, +1:c5faith: Faith to Engineers and mountains within 3 tiles
Ninurta - Lord of Barley: +1:c5food:/:c5production:. +1:c5faith: Faith from Farms and Camps.
Nisaba - Goddess of Writing: +1:c5science:. 1 Scientist specialist, 1:c5faith: Faith to Scientists, and 10 :c5faith:Faith whenever a technology is discovered, scaling with Era
Utu - God of Divine Justice: +1:c5culture:/:c5food:. +1:c5faith: Faith from Plantations and Wheat. Reduces :c5unhappy: Distress in City

Vulture (UU) (replaces Warrior)

:c5production: (+10 from warrior)
10:c5strength:CS (+3 from warrior)
2 moves
Brute Force Promotion (+33%:c5strength: Combat Strength vs Barbarians)
Triumph at Uggiga (Begins with 10XP)
Gu-Edin Tribute ( :c5food: Food in Capital for Kills)
First Emperor (25%:c5strength: Combat Strength vs unmounted melee units and -25% damage from cities)

3UC/4UC components:
Spoiler :

Onager Wagon (Chariot Archer replacement)
Available at Wheel
melee unit (melee attack, not mounted, no weakness to spearmen, no penalty vs cities)
12:c5strength: CS
3 moves
Does not lose movement in rough terrain
No movement cost to pillage
Does not require horses
Upgrades to Knight, but ruins upgrade to horseman

Eduba (Council replacement)
Available at Animal Husbandry
+1:c5science: and +2:c5food: (up from 1:c5science:)
7:c5science: as instant boost on citizen birth in city (up from 5:c5science:)
+1:c5food: for every 5:c5citizen: in city

  • Leugi: Eannatum leader image, Vulture model.
  • Mosile: Eduba icon
  • Danrell: Onager Wagon model
  • Janboruta: Vulture, Onager Wagon and leader icons.
  • Sukritact: Ziggurat icon, civ map, and DoM.
  • Firaxis: Sumerian Civ icon and Vulture SV icon from Wonders of the Ancient World DLC scenario; War Theme from Civ IV's Sumeria civilization.
  • Chris Sifinotis: Leader civilopedia text.
  • Irkalla: Additional design input.
  • Pouakai: Additional design input.
  • Andrew Holt: DoM voiceover.
  • Asterix Rage: Promotion Icons
  • Tomatekh: All code and art otherwise not listed.
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JFD's The Papal States (Pius IX) for Vox Populi
Does not need the original mod
(steam workshop)
(link to thread)
(link to original mod)

Apostolic See (UA)

:tourism: Tourism is increased by 50% with Civilizations that share your Religion. +3 :c5faith: Faith from Palace, Wonders, and :greatwork: Great Works. +50% conversion strength for Missionaries and Great Prophets.

Chapel (UB) (replaces Temple)

  • 2 :greatwork: Great Work slots instead of 1, which provide a Theming bonus when filled
  • Up to three Chapels may be built per City, each with different :greatwork: Great Work slot types.
  • Costs less :c5production: Production (100instead of 200).
  • Costs no :c5gold: Gold maintenance.
Disciple (UU) (standalone)

  • Can create unique :greatwork: Great Works.
  • Can also be expended to start a :c5goldenage: Golden Age.
  • Can only be purchased with :c5faith: Faith in the :c5capital: Capital.
  • Has a purchase cooldown of 8 turns (scaling with game speed).
  • May move immediately after purchase.
Additional mod compatibility
  • JFD: Author.
  • Janboruta: Artwork.
  • Civitar: Graphics
  • Nutty: Graphics
  • Antoine Brumel: Missa Et ecce terrae motus, Gloria (Peace Theme)
  • Ensemble Organum, Marcel Peres: Salve Regina; Chant of the Templars (War Theme)
  • HungryForFood: Vox Populi Compatibility, Vatican Museums icon
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