[Vote] VP Congress Session #2 Voting


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Dec 19, 2017
Voting is now open for Session #2 of the Vox Populi Congress!

Here is a list of all threads with polls in them for voters' convenience:
(2R-01) The Ratification Vote Poll: Part 1
(2R-02) The Ratification Vote Poll: Part 2
(2R-03) The Ratification Vote Poll: Part 3
(2-01) Proposal: Decolonization - Change to affect ALL players
(2-02) City-State Coup Mechanic Proposals
(2-04) Proposal: Iron is revealed earlier at Mining, instead of Bronze Working
(2-05) Proposal: Improve Attila's Kit
(2-06) Rome Rework Proposals
(2-07) Proposal: Allow purchases of religious units, religious buildings and worker units in puppet cities
(2-08) Reduce Mine Yields Proposals
(2-09) Proposal: Change special Farm yields for Wheat, Rice, Maize
(2-10) Proposal: Jungle Deer
(2-11) Proposal: Higher maintenance for later buildings
(2-12) Proposal: Change How the Number of Religions in a Game is Determined
(2-13 & 2-03) Early Naval Unit Rework Proposals
(2-14) Proposal: Remove religious resistance from religious buildings
(2-15) Merge Logging Camp With Lumber Mill Proposals
(2-16) Proposal: Merchant of Venice cannot purchase city states under sphere of influence of another player anymore.
(2-17) Proposal: Dojo's promotion also applying to naval melee units.
(2-18) Weaken Inspired Works Reformation Belief Proposals
(2-19) Proposal: Decrease Workshop Cost from 350 to 250 hammers
(2-20) Buff Manufactory Proposals
(2-21) (REVOTE) Proposal: Remove Gold Bonus from Chanceries and make Bonuses for CS Friends and CS Allies stack
(2-22) Proposal: Integrate Enhanced Naval Warfare into VP (with modifications)
(2-23) Proposal: Adjust Heavy Tribute
(2-24) Proposal: Slight tweaks to Persia
(2-25) Weaken Orders Proposals
(2-26) Proposal: Base CS Influence Decay rate on Resting Influence
(2-27) Proposal: Bletchley Park rework
(2-28) Proposal: Add Brute Force promotion to Slingers.
(2-29) Proposal: Swap the names Accuracy and Barrage
(2-30) More Processes Proposals
(2-31) Proposal: Don't reveal information about counterspies in city-states
(2-32) Make Scouting Units More Resilient Against Barbarians Proposals
(2-33) Proposal: Smooth settler production penalty from unhappiness
(2-34) Proposal: Give Indonesia Jungle/Forest start bias
(2-35) Proposal: Change border growth cost reductions to BGP modifiers
(2-36) Proposal: Reduce Cost of Market
(2-37) Proposal: Integrate Improved TechTree Screen for VP/EUI
(2-38) Proposal: Allow mounted/armor units to take the amphibious promotion
(2-39) Proposal: Increase skirmisher RCS by 1
(2-40) Proposal: Museum split
(2-41) Proposal: Amphitheater Split
(2-42) Proposal: Consolidate Apostolic Tradition and Way of the Pilgrim Founders
(2-43) Proposal: New Founder belief: City of God
(2-44) Proposal: Change some of the bonus yields to holy sites on Founder Belief Reformation wonders
(2-45) Proposal: New Enhancer Belief: Animism
(2-46) Proposal: New Reformation Belief: Orthodoxy
(2-47) Proposal: New Follower Belief: Warrior Monks
(2-48) Proposal: Follower Belief: Veneration Split
(2-49) Proposal: Remove Influence Modifiers from Tech
(2-50) Proposal: Small display modification for Faith points
(2-51) Make Unit Promotions Weaker Proposals
(2-52) Proposal: Cooldown between unit purchases
(2-53) Proposal: Increase Great Prophet movement to 4
(2-54) Proposal: Let city states give quests earlier
(2-55) Proposal: Buff Oil Well
(2-56) Lategame Unit Tweaks Proposals
(2-57) Proposal: Naval Units in Cities don't increase City Strength
(2-58) Proposal: Reduce International Trade Route Gold
(2-59): Proposal: Ancestor Worship change
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