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Jun 6, 2010
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VP Promo Icons 1.9
is over !
Icon w.png

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Once more , thank you for your hard work, Asterix Rage. :)

It may be a little too early to talk about this, but, now that we have three mods modifying promotions in VP (the Promotion Flags EUI, the VP Promo Icons and the Promotion Overhaul for VP), it could interesting to make a compatibility patch between the three, or even a collaborative version putting together all the features of the three mods (since, as they stand, the VP Promo Icons and Promotion Overhaul for VP overlap each other a bit, even though the POfVP is more focused on promotion names, and the Promotion Flags EUI doesn't take into account the icon modifications brought by other mods).

I know you're busy, but would you be interested, @adan_eslavo ?
looks awesome! tnk you!
Once more , thank you for your hard work
This is great

If you like it, rate it !

now that we have three mods modifying promotions in VP

It looks fine for me. You can choose the names and the Icons but not the UI, or both the UI and the names but not the Icons.
3 MODs = 3 Choices.
Yes we should coordinate together. No need a patch. POVP should drop the Icon part and I should provide the 16x16 Atlas to PFEUI

Now, that's to early for me.
First, I must rework few Icons. Some are fuzzy, some looks like a blot at 32x32 (will be worst at 16x16 !) and some are not pretty enough.
Then, some Icons are missing. I have to draw them ! Diplo promo and the eternal "May not Melee attack so triangle yourself instead" :run:
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VPPI V1.1 available now.
16 new Icons and 13 icons from V1.0 reworked
Savegame compatible.

Important feature :
Massive buff to Polynesia. Haka War Dance stick out his tongue.

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Looks great

Compatibility with Promotions Flag EUI would be great

If you are thinking about adding support for more mod mods may I propose Unique City States? It add some promotions
Nope! I just think it's funny.
It will be reworked a bit to improve the symbolic meaning of a cone that carries a strict number of thing.
The simplicity of the well known silhouette is an icon itself.

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