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Vpr5- April Fool's!


Playing Civ4
Apr 4, 2004
I thought up a strange idea that seemed sort of appealing, so here it is.
Civ: Rome
Difficulty: Emperor
World: Small 80% continents, the rest TBD
Variant: We are pranksters, in a sense, but our tricks go a bit too far. Nobody is supposed to like us, so if AI attitudes get too high, just check F4 each turn. If they're smiling, drop in and make some demands. As a result, we think that everyone else in the world that is not a citizen of our civilization is stupid because they fall for our tricks, so we may never use foreign workers or artillery (if captured, disband it or sell it to some other idiot if it's a worker.) We must break our deals if possible (don't worry, we won't be able to make many of them) and try to get a GPT/resource/ROP deal if possible, just to break it (so if we could pay 20 gpt or 400 gold, choose 20 gpt.) Phony peace treaties are not just allowed, but encouraged, and there must be at least one per age unless no wars are fought. When we enter the Industrial Age, we must beeline to Espionage or trade our way there (not that anyone would trust us anymore.) If/when we get Espionage, we must build the Intelligence Agency and annoy our enemies, particularly by sabatoging production and making April Fool's propaganda pamphlets :crazyeye: . If we get the chance, we must sabatoge at least one AI build and do one successful propaganda mission. To further trick people, we must be a Republic, or Democracy (so we can have fake elections) at least once during this game. Note: I realize that this is a tough variant to remember. I'm going to periodically post where we are in this variant, but still don't feel too bad if you forget.
Rules: Obviously different. No palace jump, scout/worker resource denial, ship chaining, negative science, mass troop jumping, but I think that's about it. ROP rape and other things similar are, of course, allowed. Please note, though, that although these things are allowed, we don't want to abuse them (like destroying a whole civ in 1 turn because of ROP rape.)

Roster (Full)

As you can see, I wasn't too sure about the settings except since I'm guessing F1 won't crash in a tiny map (although I admit I haven't tested it too much) because it's usually caused by lots of cities and units, which obviously aren't on a tiny map. So anyway, I was thinking I'd just do this AK-style, but the team could vote on it too (AK-style is when each person can choose one setting. One does size, one does civ, one does difficulty, one does landmass, and one does climate. Then everybody but me will choose the start. See AK7 and AK8 if you think I should choose the start.)
That's a pretty creative variant you've got there. :)

Tiny means only a few suckers, though, and not as many opportunities to pull pranks. :lol:

- Sirian
Wow... the great Sirian posts in my thread! ;)

I agree. Maybe small would work if I did 80% water map. Maybe I'll try that.
I'd enjoy that one, if you will allow me - I have yet to complete a multiplayer/SG/online game of any sort, but I play emperor/DG on a regular basis.
As for my pick, it would go to Russia, my god does Cathy's face look like a total prank to the russians. Were I a russian I'd feel insulted and pranked.
@Beorn: Welcome. Russia would be good, but I'm not sure if the traits would work well with the variant.
@AK: Well, let me know if you want to jump in later on.
I'd like to join, as long as we don't play any higher than Emperor. This sounds like a fun game. Can't remember the last time I broke a deal intentionally.
If I weren't already in 5 SGs, I'd sign up... this is silly :D

lurker's comment: I'll lurk along instead...
lurker's comment: make sure to post pictures and quotes of the others civ's all upset after you pulled a prank on them :lol:
viper275 said:
Russia would be good, but I'm not sure if the traits would work well with the variant.
I wasn't thinking about traits for a second when writing that, but to that russian's prank of a smirk; I guess it is still mine to decide civ, so let's see: hard to make deals with those idiots, and they're stupid enough to want the skin off our backs. Thus self research and good military. So I'd go comm, for the extra gold/beakers, and besides the fact he is military, Julius looks like one of those phony businessmen who'd sell you his mother for yours so he can sell you your mother back for some profit. Hope my thinking isn't too bad in this situation:crazyeye:

Romans it is. I do wish to have Cathy as an opponent nevertheless, so we can piss her pranky face off - if the opponent choosing guy would be kind enough :banana:
Its been a long time since a SG, i believe the final one i was in was a viper one with AW Vikings, So this sounds fun, Sign me up! id like the second spot please
@Beorn: That sounds like a great civ.
@BigNHuge: Welcome. I thought you were pretty much gone :) Which setting do you want to choose?
@IroquoisPlisken: You too, which setting?
This variant seems like itll be a little tought to play out, so Emperor sounds good. (Anything higher would be suicide w/o deals and such).
Man Rome though! I just started a game and guess who is ruling with the iron fist of Caesar! :)
Anywho, i think a Small 6 person map would be great for this, that way, we can get the Great Library, and trick them into doing our dirty work of science :lol:
I would like to give this a try. Sounds like a close cousin to an AW variant, only with some extra duplicity thrown in.
Welcome in. Choose the climate, temperature, and age.

I forgot barbs. Is roaming okay?
Let's try Normal - Temperate - 3 billion years old. Roaming barbs sounds good to me too.
I rolled a bunch of starts, too many looked like bad April Fool's jokes, though. So here are four.





Everyone but me gets to vote on them... I think. Although if you made me I'd say 4.
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