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W.I.N.T.E.R's Makings Thread

UNITS: *see latest version Number(s)*

British, Osmani, Indian & Eastern* v.1.1 WWI Infantry (by Pi8ch/Yekos) Info (Brit) DL Info (Osm) DL Info (Ind) DL Info (East) DL

German WWI Kaiserjäger v.1.3.2 & French WWI Grenadier Infantry v.1.3 Info (Ger) DL Info (Fr) DL

Irish, Japanese & Royal Canadian WWI Infantry v.1.0 Info (Ir) DL Info (Jp) DL Info (Cnd) DL

Belgian & Italian WWI Infantry v.2.0 Info (Belg) DL Info (Ita) DL

Legion Condor v.1.0 Info DL

10 WWII Unit Conversions (Axis) v.1.0 Info & DL
UNITS: *see latest version Number(s)*

WWII French Troops (Entente) v.1.0 Info
WWII Irish Troops (Neutral) v.1.0 Info
WWII Swedish Troops (Neutral) v.1.0 Info
WWII Swiss Troops (Neutral) v.1.0 Info
WWII Polish Troops (Minor) v.1.1 Info
WWII Norwegian Troops (Minor) v.1.0 Info
WWII Yugoslav Troops (Axis) v.1.0 Info
WWII Spanish Troops (Minor) v.1.0 Info
WWII Portugese Troops (Minor) v.1.0 Info & amb-Fix
WWII Commonwealth Troops (Allies) v.1.0 Info
WWII American Marines (Allies) v.1.2 Info
WWII American Equipped Troops (Allies/Misc.) v.1.0 Info

Watch out for news and mirrors in my Download Section

WWII Fallschirmjäger (Axis) v.1.0 Info & Download

WWII Argentinian Rifleman (Neutral/Axis) v.1.0 Info DL

WWII German Reichswehr Rifleman (Axis) v.1.0 Info DL

WWII Greek Evzones Rifleman (Minor) v.1.0 Info DL

WWII Turkish Rifleman (Neutral) v.1.0 Info DL
& UNITS: *see latest version Number(s)*

Wolfpack (German UU) v.1.1 & Convoy (American UU) v.1.2 a Zeekater & W.i.n.t.e.r Co-Production Info (Wp) & DL Info (Cv) & DL

Queen Elizabeth Class WWI BB v.1.0 Info & Download & Fix
FW190A v.1.0 & La-5/7 v.1.0 & Me-109E v.1.1 Info (Fw) & DL / Info (La) & & DL / Info (Me) & & DL
Discontinued Units: Spanish Blue Legion Legion Condor Modern Marine RS-9 "Savage" RS-11b "Koroljov" (fictional) RS-18/10 "Satan"

GRAPHICS & GUIDES: *click on the thread(s) for preview*

---W.i.n.t.e.r's C3C Resources v.1.0 Info & Download Clean Version (no indicators)
---Muddy River Mouths for Snoopy's Pre-4.1 Rivers v.2.0 Info 1 and 2 (Pounder's Original) & Download
---Land Mark Everglades v.2.0 (for Snoopy's terrain) Info & Download Darker Marshes for Snoopy's v.4.5
---GameEnd Death v.1.0 Info & Download
---Land Mark Mangrove Forest v.1.0 Info & Download
---SOE Advisors for WWII Scenarios v.1.0 (Part 1) Info & Download
---SOE Advisors for WWII Scenarios v.1.0 (Part 2) Info & Download
---Moai Goody Huts v.2.0 Info & Download
---Futuristic Popheads (PTW) Info & Download
---German WWII Military Advisor v.1.1 Info & Download
---Civ-Borderstones Info & Download
---Winter's Resources v.3.0 and 3.1 CFC Thread & Download
---Strategy Guide! (Run to the Hills!) A Victim's Tactic for Modern Warfare; Parts 1&2 (Strategy Whitepaper)

Cool work W.i.n.t.e.r :goodjob:

Offtopic, the black thing (cant remember whats it cald in English) in your picture is that in honour of Spain? :(
Originally posted by W.i.n.t.e.r
Yup :(

It was a sad thing what happend in Madrid. Spain know that you are in our hearts :( It shows that war only is good in games like Civ, not in real life...

Know this is offtopic..
Hey Winter,

how does it look with your modern marine (maybe you edit another helmet). I´am very interested. :D
I really like the idea of having all your work in one thread. I might do something similar with at least my work on resources, since I now have several threads out there.

Great work on these units, too! some of them I had somehow previously missed! ;)
Thanks Winter to compiling them, and now people who aren't registered at CDG can download them, and see how great they really are (I know, I have downloaded post of them in the past) :).
Cheers guys :) I am glad the single thread idea bears fruit already :) was kinda scared people wouldn't like it too much... Most items were out here on cfc already but had been burried under tons of threads over time, and some had been at cdg (but with the membership policy these few unfortunately became a problem for some to download). I am going to make something like that at cdg as well but I first want to make some more units...

Uhm John, what helmet would you sugest- might be interesting to change it a bit to make the marine look a tad different from the original...
I have completed the default animations and some of the attack animations for the Fries Indien Legion (Free Indian Legion) who fought for the Germans in WWII. I've also been working on infantry for the Aztecs, Mayans, and Incans.

I'll probably work on a British Indian Legion infantry as well. I am also trying for a Scotish Infantry (British Inf. w/ kilt) and Australia Infantry (British Inf. w/ desert colors, shorts, hat)
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