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Walkthrough AleaIactaEst, the Italian mod for BTS

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Strategy & Tips' started by ViterboKnight, Oct 21, 2009.

  1. ViterboKnight

    ViterboKnight King

    Feb 6, 2006
    Alea Iacta Est
    The italian mod for Civilization 4 Beyond the Sword

    (the mod is coming soon...)

    Introduction to the mod
    Alea Iacta Est mod is entirely set in Italy, and covers all its history, from the ancient ages to nowadays: its civilizations and leaders, its religions, its wonders, its great persons, and so on.
    The most important people who lived in Italy in any period of its history are represented, and their goal is the Supremacy over the others. There are completely different ways to achieve victory. Even Cultural and Domination victories have been reworked, in order to reflect the Supremacy goal.
    The leader you choose will set the starting period of the game, the opponents you will meet, and the technological scope the game will have. For example, if you choose a classical civilization like the Romans, you will start in the classical era, and your game will last till the middle ages, or even a part of the renaissance; so, you are the Romans, and the entire game will be set in your historical period.
    Civilizations will rise and fall as the game goes on. The Romans will face the risk to fall, when the game passes the middle ages; there could be a new civilization (like the Longobards), who suddenly enters in the game and invades the Romans with a huge army. So, the more historically ancient civilizations will tend to leave it to the new ones; on the other hand, if they prove themselves tough enough to resist to the attack, thus proving to be able to stand the test of time, they could achieve a Survival victory.

    Introduction to the walkthrough
    There are a lot of new items, mechanics and features in this mod.
    This walkthrough wants to show some games, played with different civilizations in order to show you different game periods. Most game features will be presented and described. Note: I will not show every single unit, tech, building and wonder. Just remember that, most of the times, something that exists in the standard game can have different statistics and purposes.
    I'll try to give an extremely brief description of historical facts, as we face civilizations, leaders or something that needs to be quoted.
    The default settings of these games are: difficulty Prince, speed Epic, world size Standard (5 opponents), map RandomItaly (a flat map with a few large snaky continents and a lot of big and small islands. However, just to let you know, the mod also includes a pre-made huge Italy map).

    Note: this entire walkthrough is attached as a PDF.

    Attached Files:

  2. ViterboKnight

    ViterboKnight King

    Feb 6, 2006
    The ancient era - Latino and the Latin empire

    He is a mythological figure, described in the Aeneid, and he was the king of the people whom Aeneas met when he arrived in Latium.

    He is quite pacifical. His unique unit is particularly strong against animals and warriors, and can even attack and pillage enemy land. His unique building utterly increases city defense.

    The start.

    First of all, a look at the tech tree.

    Yes, completely reworked.
    I settle in place and train a club warrior, while the other warrior explores. My research is: agriculture, animal husbandry.
    Three turns, and the first meeting.

    He’d rather NOT declare first, but if provoked, is extremely dangerous. The famous Gladiators are his unique units. He is famous for the Battle of the Caudine Forks, where he defeated and humiliated the Roman army.

    It seems a small continent with only us and them. Tho islands are close, at south. I’m going to research Fishing, after the first worker techs I need, so that I can build a workboat and explore these islands.

  3. Sian

    Sian Emperor

    Jan 21, 2008
    you know ... theers a mod forum futher down the list ...
  4. ViterboKnight

    ViterboKnight King

    Feb 6, 2006
    Now, the yellow message is an interesting event:

    I call them “global events”. They are events that tend to rebalance the game, either by helping the weakest civs in the world, or by halting the strongest ones. This time, it hit Samnites, by depleting a resource of Tomatoes; this means that Samnites are one of the strongest civs at the moment, but consider also that it’s the initial phase of the game, so the difference between each civ in the game must be very small.

    At the moment, our units are extremely weak (combat 1) and beasts are an issue. It’s a kind of slalom, trying to avoiding them as much as possible. At least, this landmass is quite small, and we’re colonizing it quickly. Otherwise, a stronger weapon (like a stone axe, or a javelin) would have been a must.

    My two cities:

    Note the research costs. The first classical tech I can research (Horseback riding) is greatly more expensive than the others. This is an Ancient Era game, so the later eras are quite difficult to reach. Middle ages techs will be even more expensive, and only in the late game they will be affordable to research.

    My next techs are: mining, wheel, fire (other worker techs, and leading to pottery, for some cottages).

    After some exploring with our ships, we meet another leader, on a not too far island.

    Sicilians can be dangerous if they have horses; in fact, they have been the first known civilization to use horses in wars.

    At this time, my units are too weak, even with such pacifical leaders. The next techs are hunting and ballistics, to have some javelineers. In the meantime, I founded my third city and grabbed the horses near Alba Longa.

    Also, I must describe how much this Ancient start is actually “slow”; the cities grow with difficulty, the workers are missing all the techs they need; the tech rate is slow, and it’s difficult to fulfill all the needs of the empire; also, the warriors are extremely weak and even the beasts are terrible opponents. This reflects the situation in the ancient era very well. You must choose your research carefully, and every single tech is seen as a milestone, for their effects have been waited for SO long!

    Now, an interesting thing. Look at this unit, and look at the fortify bonus. I’ve fortified this unit out of enemy’s sight, so it’s been able to set an ambush. This means that the other civs cannot see this unit. If an enemy enters in this square while at war with us, he will attack. Since this tile has a great defense bonus, it’s a good thing to set an ambush here. As soon as an enemy is aware of the location of the unit, the ambush is over.

    Third meeting: the Etruscans! Expansive, militaristic, and rich. This is a dangerous one. Better to always keep an eye on him. Their Hoplite is an excellent city raider, provided they have copper. Ah, yes, they have, I can actually see a Hoplite of theirs.

    After ballistics, I start training some javelineers, while researching Pottery (for cottages), Mysticism (for a culture pop), Carpentry (to chop forests) and Navigation (to settle the island at South).

    Last meeting: a well known guy! Well, everyone will know WHO he and his people were. Just a few words of who he is in this mod. A dangerous one, of course. You could be his friend and trust him without fear, but if you two end with a war, he can easily raid your land and pillage your cities. He is far from us, at the opposite corner of the map.

    This is the almost complete map: the black L is us (Latino), G is Gaius Pontius of Samnites, A is Acestes of Sicels, T is Tarchon of Etrusks, and B is this last good guy.
  5. ViterboKnight

    ViterboKnight King

    Feb 6, 2006
    The cult of Maymon (an ancient nuragic god) spread to our cities from Samnites. I adopt it, it will improve our relations.

    Now, look at this message:

    What is that? In this mod, there are still the Great Persons, like you all know, and they still have the same abilities. Only, they are unnamed now. Because after all, they are no more than persons above the average, great men, but not so excellent. Above them, there are the Illustrious Personalities, who are persons who change the history of a civilization, men who join only one civilization and give them unique bonuses; you can influence which illustrious personality will join you by the actions of your game: how many battles, how many missionaries or spies you use, if you adopt expensive civics, if you have many trade routes, if you use specialists, and so on. Now the Etrusk general Porsenna is gone, and Samnites will benefit of his bonuses (+50% gold pillaged when conquering enemy cities), forever (with a lone exception, but it’s not matter of this game). And about us? When will we have our first illustrious personality? There’s a screen to show that.

    Look at it: we are far from gaining one; maybe Samnites are using more specialists than us.

    Carpentry and Mysticism are really providing our workers with something to do. In the last turns, they were idle, sleeping, unable to do anything. Now, we can chop forests, build cottages, and work every resource around our cities. This again shows the “slow” effect of the ancient starts, and how much a single discovery can change the face of the game.

    We’ve completed a pasture on the horses, and be able to train chariots. Used to units with combat of 1 or 2 (when 2 was a “strong” unit), now we have chariots, combat FOUR!!! Dear Latino, I’m sorry, I wanted to be pacifical, but this game is really forcing me to be aggressive!

    It seems I’m not the only one able to build chariots. Also, he has Gladiators inside Telesia, and perhaps spearmen too. Ok, we’ll talk of war again when we will discover Bronze Working. And that means, not that far. It’s my next tech. Navigation can wait. Come on with some bronze weapons.

    We get a great spy, and we can choose to use him to “Inspire an illustrious personality”; this means that the spy will give us 450 points toward the next illustrious personality, and these points will be counted as Espionage (of course!). I choose this new mission; I sacrifice the spy, hoping to have a good man in change.

    And that’s what we’ve gained. The girl-loving guy has a special bonus which can be useful. Not so bad, after all.

    This is the situation. I’m underexpanded, because I went late for Pottery and I only have four cities. Acestes is researching Iron, and he seems to be the most advanced one. Brennus seems to be a non-issue. Gaius Pontius is quite strong, 1.4 times our army, and going for Warrior Code; I think I must start thinking at defense, or I may have bad news quite soon.
  6. ViterboKnight

    ViterboKnight King

    Feb 6, 2006
    Bronze discovered, I have copper near Alba Longa. I start Archery (wonder why??), and training spearmen and shortswordsmen.

    Meanwhile, another global event, halting the Etrusks.

    My army is ready. Let’s start this war with Gaius Pontius.

    Note that some units have “momentary” abilities (or handicaps) written in green. This is a characteristic of this mod. Such bonuses can appear randomly, and last a few turns (2/3 turns, or a small longer); they can change the result of an entire war. For example, it can happen that, just before conquering the enemy capital, your best City Raider 3 unit is “unable to attack” (tired? Out of ammunition?), or instead just the “bonus attacking cities” you need at that time (enraged? Charged? Concentrated?).

    Wait, wait, one step behind. I tried to attack, but my army was totally uneffective. He had a small pack of archers, chariots, slingers, spearmen and shortswordsmen; a total of 7 units, but they wiped out my attack. Whatsmore, I ran out of gold, and my units went on strile. So, I reloaded (well, it’s a walkthrough, not a real game!!!:)). I need stronger weapons, perhaps axes (or swords). I’d need Warrior Code, but I prefer to try for Iron. Iron Working is an expensive tech (it’s classical, a later era!), so it’s better to boost our research first, with Writing and some Scribe Offices.

    Suddenly, Acestes declares war on me, and arrives with a small fleet.

    1 archer, 2 axemen and ONE SWORDSMAN! Easily destroyed, but, since he is quite advanced, I’m glad he is so far from me and can send me only small packs.

    Other some generic events. Archimedes grants Sicel cities a defense against bombardments; Gallics receive a good “global event”, and the cult of Jupiter has been founded.

    After Iron, well, I’ve no iron! So, I’ve to go for Horseback Riding. At least, I’m sure I DO have horses. In the meantime, now that I’ve discovered Navigation, I can build a galley and explore the island at the south.

    I found a colony on that island, and I’m not the only one.

    After Masonry (for my unique building, the Oppidum, a stronger city wall), I go for Warrior Code, and then Mathematics. I’ll try a war with Axemen, Horse Archers and Catapults. After Warrior code, I change civics to adopt Military Authority (similar to the standard Heriditary Rule), also to avoid the research handicap of Barbarism (-10%).

    I must admit: I’m not playing a good game at all! Even at Prince (and I usually play at Monarch), I’m one of the weakest and smallest civs in the world. This mod is so different than the standard game, and an ancient start is even more particular. But, how I already said, this is not an online game, this is a walkthrough, so I only want to show you the peculiarities of the mod. I’m waiting for some major events still to come!!

    Now, a look at the situation.
    Victory conditions.

    “Domination” means that you have to “subjugate” all your rivals (either by vassalizing them, or to overwhelm them with your power/land/population scores). “Cultural” means that you have to be “culturally superior” to all your rivals (considering the total culture in your cities, the number of your cities, and the culture you have inside enemy’s lands and cities). “Espionage” means that you have to activate a new passive mission (Espionage Superiority) with every civ in the world. “Survival” means… we’ll see that soon!
    At the moment, nobody has got an actual progress for any of those victory conditions.

    Wonders and Illustrious personalities. There are two new screens that summarize that.

    Some combat statistics. The Statistics screen has been completely changed.

    Back to the game. I’m training mounted swordsmen and horse archers. I still want to attack Gaius Pontius. I only need some catapults, but Mathematics is close.
  7. ViterboKnight

    ViterboKnight King

    Feb 6, 2006
    Did I say “MAJOR EVENT” or “WE’LL SEE THAT SOON”? Here we are, here’s the major event.

    I’m an ancient civilization, and we are in the Classical era, too late for my civ. There is a newly come civ, appropriate for the current era (Carthaginians); they have just come and invaded me, and they want to take me over; he appears by taking one of my cities (one of the smallest), and has a huge army. Like in the course of history (where new people took the place of the oldest ones), I am the one supposed to leave, and he is the one supposed to stay. I call this a “Destructive war”, and I am the target. I will probably be destroyed, but if I resist, I’ll gain a “survival point”; what is that? About nothing, but with two “survival points”, I win the game.

    He sends his entire army (but a few units who remain inside the city) towards Alba Longa. I whipped some catapults, inflict collateral damage, and use my mounted swordsmen to flank attack his catapults.

    In the first turn of combat, a great general, and

    But the worst part has still to come. I’m -172 gold per turn (enemy invasions cost us money as army maintainance), my units are on strike, but my garrison in Alba Longa is doing an excellent job. And in 4 turns, his entire army is destroyed! Note that, when Hannibal started, his power was 150% than mine. This is surely worth a “survival point”; we have just to wait this war to be over, because a “destructive war” can end only when the attacker asks to stop it (I can’t even TRY to talk with him, at the moment).

    Now that his attacking force is destroyed, our units rest for a while, and then march towards Nomentum, where Hannibal has his remaining 15 archers.

    Now look at what happens when I enter in Nomentum. I DON’T conquer the city, but instead I automatically vassalize Hannibal; so, the war ends, and I gain a Survival Point.

    Note that this happens every time a civilization has only one city. It cannot be destroyed in any way; when his last city is conquered, the attacker just pillages it, but the city remains of its former owner, who gets vassalized.

    After all, a badly played game, but now a chance for victory appears! We only need another “destructive attack”, hoping to be able to resist that too.

    It’s reconstruction time. I found another two cities. Also, I finally manage to make peace with Acestes (remember when he declared war on me, ages ago?). However, I’m weak and behind in tech.

    We go past 2/3 of the game (turn 500/750). With Currency, things get better, and the science rate can raise to 50%. Tarchon and Acestes discover Feudalism, entering the Middle Ages. Tarchon even gives us Constructions! With The Republic, I can train some Composite Bowmen.
  8. ViterboKnight

    ViterboKnight King

    Feb 6, 2006
    A few turns later….

    Ok, I said…. TWO destructive attacks till now, and BOTH AGAINST ME?? There are also other civilizations in the world, what about them?? Well, that’s it, we have another attack, but at least this could be a match point!!!! :) Remember, with this mod, ANYONE has always a chance to win, if he demonstrates to deserve it.

    And in the same time:

    This means that Tarchon is “subjugating” most of the other civilizations, with his power/land/population scores. He’s reported to be at 85% on his way for a domination victory.

    I counter this new destructive attack in the same way than the first one: whipping catapults, inflicting collateral damage, and using my mounted swordsmen to flank attack his catapults. But now my units are not so numerous. Theodoric has again a power score 1.5 times mine.

    And while I’m having another warning:

    Alerting me that Acestes is culturally superior than most civilizations in the world (considering his total culture, the number of his cities, and how much culture he has spread into enemy land and enemy cities), and be reported to be at 80% on his way….

    …in the same time, Theodoric’s attack has been quite effective. Alba Longa is lost, and so is the greatest part of my army.

    Although I won’t last too long, there’s some (perhaps) last good news:

    Praeneste… and Tibur….

    This time, the warning is about me:

    It’s not Theodoric to subjugate me, but this doesn’t matter. In such a situation, the “destructive attack” battle is lost, and I won’t gain the survival point that would have granted me the victory. On the contrary, this just looks like the end.

    And since I’m not too much stronger and larger than Hannibal, he breaks free and starts a revolt, declares war on me, and a Revolution Hero leads the revolt. But he will be vassalized by Theodoric in a while.

    The colony Gaius Pontius creates in the southern island has no more importance.

    Theodoric finds me in the other island, and Lanuvium is gone. Only Gabii remains.

    Eventually, submitted.

    Obviously, I stop here.

    So, what else to say? Let’s have a look at the victory screen.

    It seems that Tarchon will reach a Domination victory in a while, by “subjugating” every civilization in the world with his power/land/population scores.
  9. ViterboKnight

    ViterboKnight King

    Feb 6, 2006

    Let’s recap the main aspects we have seen in this game.

    An ancient start is quite slow, it’s difficult to develop cities and empire, and research must be chosen wisely, because each discover is a milestone.

    We have seen some secondary aspects, like the illustrious personalities, and the possibility to set ambushes.

    We have seen (very well, of course!) how civilizations may rise and fall as the game goes on. And how this could even lead to a survival victory.

    We have seen the possible ways to win a game.

    We have also seen how any civilization, at any time, as a chance in the game. The strongest civs may fall, vassals may revolt, global events may rebalance the game, and so on.

    What I have NOT underlined too much is the huge number of new/modified elements (units, techs, wonders, resources, civics, etc) in the game. Although they do not make a great mod on their own, they add flavor, and it’s interesting (and fun, IMHO) to have a completely different set of units to use, to learn, and to manage.

    So, I lost, but luckily, if you have read till now, you have enjoied this mod. This was my only one intention!
  10. americo

    americo Warlord

    Oct 30, 2008
    i think it should be a good idea, i had one similar but i was waiting the arrival of civ 5 cause there are the city states.
    what do you think of working together for a mod for civ 5?
  11. drlake

    drlake Emperor

    Nov 30, 2007
    Plattsburgh, NY
    This should be moved to the mod forum.

    Also, Tomatoes are a New World food, and were not available in Italy until well after its discovery.
  12. Winth

    Winth Warlord

    Jul 2, 2007

    The Illustrious Personalities eerily remind me of 1994's Colonization. Are they sorted out by eras or can you get anyone in any era possible?

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