Walls for Mountains

Dark Sheer

Nov 15, 2001
Penang, Malaysia
Need walls for your D&D mods? Or perhaps need walls for your war mods?

Look no further, the walls are now here! :D

At present there is only 2 version, a normal wall set and a set in jungle environment. I will be working on the tundra version and also planning to do another set with other props such as street lamps etc to enhance the modding experience using the hills tiles. ;)

Remember to make backup copies of your current Mountains.pcx and mountain jungle.pcx files before replacing them with those files in the zips.

Have fun modding! :mischief:

And as usual, keep your comments coming for any suggestions, improvements, or even questions! :king:


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Looks great, and would definitely be useful for scenarios.:goodjob:
I borrowed trees (Well, all trees except my own Banana tree :D ) from Snoopy's jungle terrain set so it will blend in perfectly with Snoopy's terrain set. ;)
Stormrage said:
I see you added some `shrooms too :)

Yup, replaced the stack of barrels with 3 giant mushroom for the standalone tile. :lol:
Mirc: The Mushroom are actually standalone mountain tile. :p

aaglo: I have been thinking of doing just that using Snoopy's terrain! Now that I see you have done one before I will need to reconsider that one. ;)
Hehe, the reason is because I don't bother to do a backup of the original mountain set so I can only work with Snoopy tiles. :p Anyway, I believe 99% of the people owns Snoopy tiles. ;)
Oooh! Can these be imported for LM mountain terrain?
Bluemofia said:
Oooh! Can these be imported for LM mountain terrain?

I don't see why you can't. LMmountain is just a diff filename. The mountain is still very much the same. :D
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