want my city back


Nov 9, 2006
I captured a city off the celts and after a few moves it flipped to the catharginians

I want it back - how

spead my religion ?

use spies ? but what mission

and any chance of success
What you say sort of implies that the Carthaginians ahve a very strong cultural presence.

Spies can Spread Culture, but that's unlike to have an effect if Carthage has a big cultural city nearby.

Spreading your religion won't help.

So that basically means you're going to have to invade it and knock Carthage down a few notches so it can't take it back again.

I think you're stuffed without a great artist. Spies' spread culture (need to already have some of your culture in the city) can help a little, but only a little.
Trying to re-flip a city that you've lost is generally ineffective, even with great artists available. You simply don't have sufficient cultural power for this. The only effective way is to invade the city again.
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