War Against The EU

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    Ouch ! It will be difficult for EU to resist...
    One of my friends said me 5 years ago that he went in US and a student said him that he thought France wasn't entirely electrified... so B2 against Musketteers... Hope we'll have an army of Musketteers in a fortress-barricades on a mountain to resist to US in this Mod !

    Be carefull ! It's time for us having our Golden Age !
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    EDIT: I realize this is off topic, but tried to keep it somewhat related to CIV anyway :p Plus i think it is an interesting perspective to imagine what you would do in CIV given the current situation would happen in one of your games.


    The idea of this mod made me think about the current world politics / economic situation from the CIV standpoint.

    "I'm playing as the USA, being a major military / scientific power, controlling the continent. Other countries occupy asia / africa / europe, with the european countries allied and having mutual prot agreements signed.

    One turn, my oil source runs out, and the Arabs / Ottomans refuse to trade their excess oil for my burgers.


    Reloaded a few turns earlier, and started an invasion against them (they had no real military to speak of), so i was able to secure a few more oil sources by the time my original one ran out.

    I was able to convince the Europeans - and my own people -, that this war was made necessary by the ever increasing terro *cough* barbarian activity on my continent, so war weariness was manageable.

    While i was at war, the european countries continued to develop their economy. Looking at how much they have, and how fast they advance i soon realized, that unless i act, they'll take the lead farily quickly.

    The next logical step, given i want to win this game, is to take the europeans while i can, before they outresearch / outproduce me."



    1) If the USA intends to keep its leading position, he has to act actively against the EU soon. Otherwise EU will take over. Thats the next logical step for winning the 'big' game.

    10) Luckily, life is a bit more complicated than CIV, so the above decision is not that easy to make

    11) Sadly, Bush is warmongering enough to still decl. war just to keep on fighting.

    Those who believe, that wars can be fought over abstract 'terms' like terrorism, obviously have no clue about how human mentality works. Soldiers do fight for causes, leaders do create/fabricate causes to make the soldiers fight for resources.

    Who knows how many million US citizens France killed during the last 50 years? I bet the US Intelligence keeps a few documents on the French genocide / world domination plans, just in case they need it. (Obviously France never did/does that, but in light of recent events: who cares? A document is reason enough for fighting. If its not true, then they can still apologies when the fighting is finished.)

    I can do nothing else but quote from one of my favorite intro videos:

    War never changes.
    The Romans waged war to gather slaves and wealth.
    Spain built an empire from its lust for gold and territory.
    Hitler shaped a battered Germany into an economic superpower.
    But war never changes.
    In the 21st century, war was still waged over the resources that could be acquired.
    Only this time, the spoils of war were also its weapons.
    Petroleum and uranium.
    For these resources, China would invade Alaska, the US would annex Canada, and the European Commonwealth would dissolve into quarreling, bickering nation-states, bent on controlling the last remaining resources on Earth.
    In 20??**, the storm of world war had come again.
    In two brief hours, most of the planet was reduced to cinders.
    And from the ashes of nuclear devastation, a new civilization would struggle to arise."

    ** The intro had '2077', but i wouldn't be suprised, if we would see a massive, world-wide conflict well before that...

    As much as i would love to see a united earth, the future suggested by that quote above is much more likely to happen. I just hope i do not live long enough to find out.

    BTW: This being my first post, lemme say hello to this great community.
    (There are 10 types of people. Those who understand binary, and those who don't.)
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    Eu and all eu nations should be eliminated off, useless scum u are
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    That was a totaly inapropreat comment,
    First: You bumped an old mod for no reason whatso-ever then to arous a response
    Second: That is trolling, if you have an agrument against teh EU say so in a polite manner without sounding like a jerk

    I am reporting it.
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    Sep 14, 2005
    WHy don't people quit the political squabbling and actually post a link of some sort?

    And, as a Brit, I say that the EU is good, and all this 'It's a front for the French Empire' stuff is just silly. The French dislike the EU as much as most Brits- for the same reasons. They don't want to get stuck in some sort of British-dominated federation, partly because they, unlike Britain itself, have realised that we seem to exist as a sort of secret 51st state.
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    Why is this even here?
    It should be in main forum.
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    This is an iteresting scenario, albeit innacurate. The EU (save for UK, you guys are pretty cool) doesn't have the balls to declare war anymore, much less take over the world. We saw this in Iraq and Afganistan. Nonetheless, i like the idea behind this. I really like the terrain too, kinda lends itslf to a StarWars mod, no? Hey, that'd be cool. Someone should make a Star Wars mod. Sorry about the political jabbering.
  8. Cheezy the Wiz

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    I got another question, since i was reading the previous thread pages.
    Is Canada completely independent of UK? Because I thought that Australia was independent, but then i found out their head of state is actually Elizabeth II! It purely a figurehead-thing, thanks to constitutional monarchy, but is it the same story for Canada as well? How about New Zealand?
    Also, I think that some things about June 6, 1944 need to be cleared up. And I will write a book on this, so set it to rest once and for all.
    In the beginning...
    The United States was not the only country to hit the beaches on 6 June. Troops from Britain, Canada and, Poland hit the beaches early that morning. The Americans hit the cliff walls of Omaha beach and Utah beach, while the British, Canadian, and Polish forces hit Sword, Juno, and Gold beaches, which were more flat, but just as heavily defended. Omaha, despite what some people will say, WAS the hardest fight that day. The americans encountered several problems. First, they didnt have the luxury of walking onto the beach. It was a cliff face, with some narrow (in comparision to the other beaches) stretches of sand. The Rangers sent in to take out the artillery batteries didnt take otu very many of them, because they were found out. The airborne landings behind the beaches didnt capture the bridges they needed to in order to stall the nazi's response to the invasion. THe single biggest problem was that the americans had no tank support. It was almost completely infantry on the beaches.
    The British, etc. had their own set of problems.
    First, Gold and Sword beacheswer closer to Calais, where the nazis originally believed the allies would land, so response was faster. The nazis also had a dangerous weapon called the Nebelwerfer 41, basically a rocket launcher that they would bury in the ground. This is really cool, so Ill explain it. The neberwerfer was put into a large hole in the ground,deep enough to house the entire battery. Then, a long ramp like trench was cut facing towards the beaches, creating an area where the batterty could fire. So, the rockets, which made a horrible, high piched whine, could bombard the troops moving inland, while you could not see where the nebelwerfer was unless you saw it fire, or were looking down the trench-thing, becuase the hole was so deep. Nasty, stuff, eh?
    The bocage (thick 800 year old hedgerows) that the americans encoutered farther inland from omaha and utah went right up to the beach at sword and gold beaches. Also, the british had a problem with the landing craft as well, but it delayed the delivery of fuel, not armor, to the beaches, but this was after the fact, and because a storm destroyed their makeshift piers. However, once the makeshift port was up and running, it worked so well that the allies were not hard pressed to capture antwerp right away as the nazias had hoped, thats why they fortified antwerp so.
    The canadians worked well with the other allied forces, but their moment to shine came at the push to Falaise, Ecouché, then Argentan.
    Oh crap i almost forgot.
    Juno beach really sucked for the canadians. It was closer to the american beaches, and thus had characteristics of both utah and gold beaches. Their objective was the city of Caen. The reason it was harder for the canadians is that they were not battle hardened vets like the americans or brits from N africa and italy/sicily. THe canadians did good, though, and, with american help (they had busted through the axis once onshore at utah and messed up some nazis), captured Caen, and thus secured the allied presence in NOrmandy.The biggest problem for Juno beach was that the canadians had to hit the beaches 1/2 hour after the others, since the tide wasnt hight enough at the time to get the LCVPs over the rocks( remember the disaster at Tarawa?). Falaise, as I was saying earlier, was the site of the destruction of the elite seventh and fifth panzer divisions. As we all know, two divisionsequal; one army, so an elite panzer army of 150 000 men was crushed between the Canadians, the French, and the americans.
    I could go on like this for hours, im a history major :)
    Sorry if i bored anyone, but i just needed to set this straight.
    Every man fought hard inWWII for what he believed in, and I have the utmost respect for every many who put his life on the line, and those who gave theirs lives so we can have the ones we do today.
    Men and women of the armed forces past and present, I salute you.
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    I realy like reading this kind of discussions but I would also like to play the game, so please can ANYONE post a LINK
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    chinese is one of the hard ones?! but they're one of the powerful nations on this world >:[
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    Aznmoneyass, please stop bumping 1-3 year old topics.

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