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War in deity

Discussion in 'Civ5 - General Discussions' started by pandaBee, Oct 25, 2012.

  1. pandaBee

    pandaBee Chieftain

    Oct 4, 2012
    How do you guys ever manage your war-tactics in deity? for one the AI has ridiculous production when it comes to units so you're usually swarmed by them. it's not that hard to defend against the AI in the early-mid game but i do find it difficult to push out.

    Is there some kind of strategy or another that I'm missing on? How do you push out against the ai? which units/tech/composition usually helps with this? any particular strategies?

    I usually try to go wide with my civs to crank out more units early and to grab as much territory as possible before the ai takes everything. I've recently been playing around with the mayans, china and with egypt.

    also how do you manage when the ai is outteching you so fiercely? in one of my games i had a decent spread but the Ai would have riflemen when i just barely got muskets. and this is with my tech focused on getting those military units out faster. i end up skipping ones like theology, etc. in favor for ironworking, machinery and gunpowder.
  2. Heerlo

    Heerlo Jedi Master Hearlo

    Jan 19, 2012
    I don't ever play on deity, so I don't know too much about all that.
  3. Moriarte

    Moriarte Immortal

    May 10, 2012
    Going wide is a good thing to do in Deity domination. Good economy will allow you to mass buy deadly units in the late game (like bombers + tanks).

    Some sort of tech parity is a must, stealing techs will help a lot. RA's can be helpful, usually there are couple of civs who like you. If you have extra cash, rush science building the moment you unlock them.

    There usually is one civ that performs better than others, you can see that in Demographics. Try bribing everyone else into war with that civ.

    Save few great scientists so you can bulb them for Flight. Prebuild barracks and armories. Make sure you have your own oil reserves.

    Bombers are pretty much unstoppable if you time them right. Later in the game AI will mass build AA guns, so you need to be well ahead of everyone when this time comes.

    If you are in a situation when AI overwhelms you and you see no way to push through - remember (!) you can build nuclear missiles.

    Bottom line: you need tech. advantage at some point. And for that you need a good start. Hope that helps.
  4. tommynt

    tommynt Emperor

    Sep 28, 2008
    just fight clever, pretty much same as for other difficulties.
    Have like 6-9 ranged units taking out units and surounding cities and use terain (river) or strong upgraded melee units to defend them.
    Stay out of city bomb range ..

    Once majority of units is down go forward with all in 1 turn and start shooting the city - now its time to bring also like 2 siege - the next turn or 1 more turn after city should be yours ...

    2 Military CS alies are enough to replace the few looses you should have (like city + unit in it killing a unit in one turn.
    Just make sure to allways pull back injured units and have the most up to date melee units to give cover to rest of units.

    while for other difficulties are core army of like 6 units is enough it should be 10-12 units in deity - thats only difference.

    I hardly ever build units after initial warris and archers but use units from MCS and upgrade the old ones
  5. woodshadows

    woodshadows King

    Jan 12, 2011
    it might help to give you practice by setting yourself up with a few games against some of the weaker civs - washington, william, theodora, for instance, they tend to be less invasion-happy and more inclined to peaceful cohabitation. i find when i choose random civs for enemy it almost always rolls attila, possibly as he comes first in the list and the 'random' has a preference for the first in the list. in any event, someone like attila can completely ruin your deity game, he'll rush you furiously all game, as you will inevitably appear weakest on the military demographics screen. his rushing will hold his science/expansion back, but it will almost completely cripple your own attempts too. as to keep up in tech while making a military push, the mongols and keshiks or arabia and camel archers are both very good at that, or alternatively try babylon or incas, both will help a great deal. my own personal strategy currently is to play sweden or greece and invest myself heavily in fulfilling city state quests/gifting gold to citystates in order to ally as many as possible. often if you have a couple citystates as allies this can allow you to field a far smaller army, as you can fight beside your citystate allies units. also, once you go down patronage you'll get some pretty huge bonuses to science/great person/happiness production, and the best part of having city states allied to you is that they won't be allied with your enemy and invading you later in the game.
  6. greetswithfire

    greetswithfire Chieftain

    Aug 2, 2012
    if your going to fight in deity, you have to go all out, otherwise you might as well just turtle up with archers.

    i just played a game with russia and luckily had over 40 iron so i could steamroll montezuma who refused to leave me alone, but in the midst of that war i was DOWed by persia and arabia as well. chaos ensued
  7. Jman5

    Jman5 Warlord

    Apr 13, 2010
    One viable strategy is to double team the AI. Wait a little bit after a war breaks out, and then backstab one of them. All their forces will be busy fighting the other guy and you can just waltz in from the other side undefended.

    Go to the Global politics to see who is at war with who and use spies or open borders for scouting out army positions.

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