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War Story (France)

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Road to War' started by Henryjai, Apr 23, 2011.

  1. Henryjai

    Henryjai Chieftain

    Aug 2, 2006
    Hello all, finished my first RTW game, time to share my stories

    Setting is noble, 1936 scenario. The latest version unmodded.

    Everything looked alright in 1936, France is economically strong, with a lot of cities, and of course the 50-strength Maginot defence that would be the Great Wall of France to stop any barbarians from entering from the East. Needless to say, the first things to do is to lower science rate to free up hammers, and build the naval dock in ALL coastal cities that have enough coastal tiles. And inland cities would focus on making a few workers. The reason for this is rather simple: we need that commerce from coast tiles, which would convert to the precious wealth, and research of course. The workers are necessary to build the more useful improvement to replace the crappy ones we started with, this would increase production and make every city productive in some manner.

    Teching is something tricky, I decide to be "exploitive" as France is virtually impossible without stealing techs. I set all my esp. points to Germany and hope to steal as many techs as possible before the war broke out. As the Germans focus mainly on military technologies, a logical way to conduct research is to beeline Hydroforming which would not only give us the valuable Laboratories to increase science rate, Hydroforming also would significantly boost production of military units.

    A few North African cities are unable to produce anything before the war started, so I gold-rushed their naval dock and of course it is a good investment. One NA city was set to produce infantry to protect the colonies from potentially annoying gangsters and the rest just produce wealth.

    The mainland France would focus on artillery production and as well warplane production. Artilleries are of course really useful as proven in WWI, meanwhile, some people note that, for some reasons, our really Great Wall of France lacks anything to shoot upwards: maybe the engineers limit the weapon transverse too much. Infantry production are also in progress as we found that the citizens of modern France refuse to be drafted in case of a war, maybe life is a bit too good for one to die in meaningless meatgrinders?

    The barbarians are rarely good people, and their desire to destroy the peace in the lovely world is clearly seen. First they toke down Austria, a beautiful country, and later Czechoslovakia. The barbarians claimed that it'd be the last piece of land they wanted.

    History tell us that it is rather hard to satisfy the barbarians, and this is the case. The barbarians decided to take Danzig, from our ally, Poland, with force. Naturally we'll honor our alliance and to crush the madman together. Thus we're at war with the barbarians at September 3rd, 1939.

    Reports from the High Command indicates that the glorious French Army is formidable in size, and is capable of launching an attack against the barbarians in order to relieve our besieged Polish brothers. However, our spies reported that the barbarians are at least 2 times more numerous than our army. But we believe that the glorious French tradition would lead us to victory.

    It was shocking, the strong Polish army vanished from the surface of earth within just 2 weeks. From our very limited information, we know that the Barbarians use a lot of planes and tanks in their assault. This is very disappointing as a 2 front war is something that is desirable.

    To our surprise, the barbarians staged an attack on our great wall, their force consist of 10 Infantry brigades, 8 tank battalions, a small group of cavalries, and roughly 100 medium to heavy artillery pieces.

    It was a very heavy fighting, the barbarians managed to cross the river, but our artilleries landed shells on them and they toke very heavy casaulties. And many of their tanks just get destroyed by the minefields, as well as well-positioned light artilleries. The barbarian artillery fire are certainly annoying: they have destroyed some smaller bunkers, and our attempt to counterattack is definitely slowed down due to that. Our infantryman are ordered to go out of cover and attack the pinned-down barbarians to destroy them before they could retreat and regroup. The bloody battle resulted in roughly 20000 casaulties on our side, 2 brigades are down to insignificant strength, many more are wounded and have to replenished by our reserved manpower, hopefully arriving in a week. The barbarians army is however totally annihilated, that is we eliminated at least 50000 barbarians from the earth and taken 8000 as prisoners, that we hopefully would be able to teach them some more civilized ways of living in camps. 350 tanks and vehicles wrecks are found on the battlefield, and we captured 30 abandoned tanks. We for sure taught the barbarians a lesson.

    aftermath of a major barbarian assault

    The industry is mobilized and all of the French economy would be used for war efforts. Research works have to be halted. This would allow us to win a quicker victory rather than staying in war for years.

    to be continued...
  2. Henryjai

    Henryjai Chieftain

    Aug 2, 2006
    Battle for Freiburg

    Despite being warned of that the barbarians are far more numerous than us, a decision was made, that is, to invest a large portion of our troops to liberate Freiburg from barbarian oppression. There are many military significances, first it would be a threat to the barbarians so our ally, Poland, would be relieved (hopefully). Another would be of course to teach the Barbarians another lesson.

    It might be a concern that defensive troops are needed along the Maginot Line, but that isn't a big issue as we have those giant bunkers. So in the end, 10 divisions are ordered to cross the line in Sept 10th, supported with 1400 artillery pieces of various sizes.

    In september 16th, a large-scaled attack was staged on the city of Freiburg, stubborn barbarian troops hiding in the cities, in the buildings, bunkers like cowards. Our effective artillery fire smashed their hideouts along with anyone who dared to resist inside. Advancing French infantry run into an enemy airbase and shot anyone who tried to get into the planes. The barbarians seemed not really prepared for an attack of this scale. An estimate is that in our initial assault, we removed at least 10000 barbarians from the battlefield, as well as taking 4000 as prisoners. The city of Freiburg is liberated flies the glorious French flag.

    Not surprisingly, the barbarians quickly send an army of 80000 men, 1000 tanks, supported by artillery, to retake Freiburg. In the destroyed city there are heavy fightings. Fortunately general de Gaulle come up with a very good idea, that is to set up our forces and let the barbarians come in, and they'll enjoy the taste of French artillery fire. As most barbarian troops were in the past, the barbarians marched into the city and thought it was theirs again, we could even hear them cheering. However they made a deadly mistake, that is to assume that our force are on full retreat. Indeed, general de Gaulle ordered the entire cavalry force of France to "run away" and the barbarians "know" this as their recon planes fly over the sky.

    Just right after the barbarians fell asleep at night, we ordered an intense artillery shelling, followed by the assault of our brave infantryman, along with special detachments that infiltrated the city. In the darkness it was chaotic with all the fire, screaming, shelling... and noises of gunfire, that many barbarians just cannot distinguish between friend and foe and shoot each other, saving us a lot of bullets. French infantryman were ordered to sneak in the darkness and set up ambush on the retreat path of the barbarians, and many barbarians just run unawared into machine gun positions that are supported with mortars, which hundreds and hundreds of barbarians are gunned down every minute. The barbarians tanks tried to roll over just to hit the anti-tank mines our infantry sneakily laid along the roads.

    It was certainly one of the most successful military campaign since the great French leader of Napoleon. A rough estimate of barbarian casaulties is 40000 killed, 30000 wounded, which were taken prisoners along with another 10000 men who surrendered to us after knowing that it was hopeless. The battle is so brutal that at least 15000 brave young men gave their precious life, with many more wounded. This series of battles centred around Freiburg continued till that of the year 1940, until we decided that it'd be pointless to try to gain control over a totally destroyed city, that is, a large portion of our army pulled back from Freiburg.

    The barbarians send a large portion of their airforce and the battle of Frieburg is the largest air battle ever since the invention of airplanes. 700 French planes were shot down, and our pilots claimed to have shot down roughly 850 of barbarians. By the end of January 1940, the entire French airforce is down to 300 operational fighters, which replenishment rate is roughly 50 planes per week, which isn't looking good as the barbarian air attacks don't seemed to cease.

    An estimate of destroyed barbarian units.

    What was remained at our disposal

    Intelligence reports that our successful campaigning have destroyed at least 35% of the barbarian army
  3. Blake4000

    Blake4000 Chieftain

    Dec 22, 2006
    Very nice, enjoyable reading.
  4. kiwitt

    kiwitt Road to War Modder

    Jan 11, 2006
    Auckland, NZ (GMT+12)
    Yeah ... I might do one for one of my games one day.

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