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Feb 22, 2002
How do you get the Computer to talk to you when you want to go to peace?

Two Civs (France and Persia) are on seperate continents with the rest located on mine. France and Persia went from Polite with me to declaring war. No big deal I don't have a Navy and not much is happening... Until War Weariness starts to set in and neither Country will talk with me.

No my Empire is falling appart because I can't even try and negotiate peace, additionally they seam unafected by war weariness. They are able to remain a Democracy while I'm foced to switch to Communism to keep my people from revolting.

Seams to me you should alwasy be able to at least sue for peace.

Any one have a solution, other than raising a fleet and sailing over and conquering them?
It's pretty hard but you definitely have to be more ready for a war in democracy than other govts because of the war weariness - you have no time to build units. It's unlikely your opponent will stop until it feels it's losing, has what it wants, or has bugged you enough & wants to do something else (i.e. the same reasons you would need to stop).

I've found the easiest way to stop a war you're not interested in is to take a city or 2 of theirs. Doesn't have to be a good city of theirs, but that usually scares them off. If you want to at least talk to them, you'll either have to kill off some of their units or move some units into their territory. Otherwise, they will likely refuse to talk to you and even if they do, will demand a large tribute.

Perhaps the most popular democracy strategy I've seen in these forums is to build a significant military to make your wars short. Some would argue, what good is a democracy if you can't defend it? For more help, try a little search on democracy the boards here, if you can.

Good luck.
Or you could change your government type to communism. Sure there'll be a few turns of anarchy, but you won't have the war weariness problem after that.
Attack them less. Weariness builds when YOU attack, not when they attack you. So sit back, fend off whatever units they send at you, and wait it out. They'll talk again in five to ten turns, usually, as long as you aren't losing cities to them or taking a bloodbath in the field with your units.

Also build Suffrage, if you can, and lots of police stations, those increase your allowed weariness levels before you "go in the penalty" and see unhappy faces appearing. They may also affect the rate at which weariness you've already built up will subside.

Finally, if nothing else, raise your luxury slider under F1. Sure, it slows down your research, but it's less wasteful than losing all productivity and research through periods of anarchy (unless you're a religious civ, but even then you waste a turn each way on a government swap). More luxuries means countering unhappy faces with more happiness factors. Run entertainers if you have to. Just DO NOT let any of your cities riot. Check them ALL before you click next turn, if your weariness penalty has risen on that turn. If you let even one riot happen under weariness, you risk govertmental collapse. (Involuntary anarchy).

The biggest thing, though, is to attack less. If the moment they declare war on you, you unleash all you've got at them, that's sure to push you into bad weariness in a hurry, especially if you don't have police/suffrage.

Oh yeah, and if you built up weariness in previous wars, you're in deep DEEP troubles, as you'll be right back to oppressive levels again if you get into another war with the same civ.

Basically, if you are going to be in a lot of wars, Monarchy is the best government (unless you're WAY WAY spread out across a large map, then Communism may do better). If they are so much all over you as to force you out of Democracy, then STAY in Monarchy and give them nonstop war so THEY too are forced out of democracy, and you remain on a level playing field. (See RBD SG4, in the Stories forum, for an example of this problem, on Emperor difficulty).

- Sirian
Thanks... Hadn't thought of trying Monarchy.

I hate having to switch out of Democracy.. Science suffers so much
I have had war weariness sap my cities even when I did not start or even instigate the war. If you have a good government, your own cities should be stable for awhile. My democracy collapses after about 20 turns, though, and then I go to republican

Captured cities are not productive anyway, unless they are close to the center, and they will lose all happiness almost at once.
Also, I have seen something in my last two games I had not seen before... newly captured cities have NO content people. They are either entertainers, or unhappy. That means that they starve themselves down to one.

Also, your happiness generators... luxuries, and market place cease to work. Only entertainers produce happiness.

At least that is my experience.
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