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Sep 22, 2001
Munich, Germany
Anyone from this forum lucky enough to be part of it?
Just curious since I've been killing time here at work mostly by reading Beta Diaries and Beta Forums :)

btw: Can't wait to have that game :goodjob:
Damn it all, I heard about it too late. That would have been sweet to have been on it.

Did you hear about the StarCraft 2 rumor? Bliz put an end to it by making an offical statment that it is NOT in the plans as of now.
Originally posted by GenghisK
Happens to me that.... eh eh eh, hem, well, let's just say that Direct Connect is a GReeaAATTTT sharing file app ;) Alas, no working cd key, even for the beta. Couldn't play it. Deleted it...
You'd have to get one of the 5000 or so keys that were given out to the beta players and I am sure they are not going to give one up! :D

Review on War3Beta. It looks frelling awesome!

Wow, they have put alot of thought and design into the new Battle.net. Tournaments seem like they will be less rigged and find a game will be easier. I really recommend that you read the review b/c it ain't to shabby. They also address people dropping out of games. You get to control their troops and buildings if you were on the same team plus you can utilize their gold and wood too! Sweeeeeeeet!

Talk about a mix of RPG and RTS: Your heros are more powerful than regular units, gain levels and experience, and you can level up their special abilities. The Paladin's seems pretty cool. He Ressurects all dead allies to full HP! The Undead's Vampire Lord has an aura that allows allies to regain health when they damage a foe. This coupled with 3D graphics looks like it ups the ante on RTS games.
Originally posted by GenghisK
Well I regreat it though it was supposed to be a RTR = real time roleplaying. It was so original. when the main designer left, they went back to the classic RTS... a pity. It would have been so innovative. :(
Bah, they have come out with D2, a semi-RPG, now it time for a RTS. Next should be something in the StarCraft world...but I can't see a RPG set in the future as being that fun so my prediction is a RTS that is continuous, kinda Earth 3050.
Yess yess YESSSSS!!
At last, I found a patch and a cd key :D Yes the patch will allow to play offline from bnet. Single player.... mmm gotta test that :)
I didn't even have time to do anything. Yesterday before going to bed I still had 2gig free HD. This morning, I could see the Beta ISO was 500 meg. And also I had 50meg free on a 40gig HD... no comment. But really DC rUlEzZZzzzz :D Forever!
Yesterday I played till 4am! Damn that was good. Ok, actually Bnet was not supposed to work, but I easily found some patches and "battlenet key emulators" so I could play over Bnet against other guys. Only one word: damn damn Daaamnn

Ok that were 3 words. But really it was fantastic, amazing, outstanding. Well, finally Warcraft 2 can rest in peace :) Actually not, since I still play it. But WC3 is, to my mind, worth being the successor of the most glorious RTS ever. Period. Can't find the words to describe my feelings. It was like when I discovered Warcraft 1. Then one year later, the 2nd opus.
Anyway... it's only 3am now. I'm back for a new game :D Bye bye.... I'm really fan of this game. Although it's only a beta, it's nearly perfect.
O.K. give detailed instructions. I have the the War3Beta.iso and it's size is 260,112 KB (also know as 254MB or 266,354,668 Bytes).
Is this file good? and what other files do I need. Please give the exact names so I know what to look for, thanks.
Downloading it now. :D

I have played Warcraft II a very long time. I find that one of the best MP real time stragedy games ever. So I hope Blizzard Games can keep up that reputation for me. :)
Yeah, make sure you get it from GenghisK or me. I got one from someone else that loaded but wouldn't play online. The one I got from GK was good. If you want access to my HL server, which runs 24/7 and hardly anyone uses, then PM or IM me.
When I play I also run a battle.net server simulator.

BTW, I would have eaten you up GK. I had already mined out 3 mines and was working on 2 new ones :) I just figured out the dragons and gargoyles to fight versus your flying wimps. ;) Mine have 900HP to your 650. :o
900HP is nothing compared to the power of the Darkside of the Force ;) :p
Ok, sorry for last night but I was totally disconnected for the whole night. Major ISP DNS servers crackdown. Today, I have still some troubles accessing internet. But maybe tonight it will be fine. Then we can teamplay. I've always like the sharing allied units management. You can use my units, I can command yours. :goodjob:
While WarCraft3Beta was fun I don't think I will continue playing it as it isn't quite finished yet (wonder of all worlds since it is a beta game! :)).
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