Warhammer Fantasy blood-bowl arenas (Aug 20, 2006)


Jan 27, 2003
Planet Baal
The Elven Eastern and Human arenas are very usable...they look almost real world...

Are these conversions or original?(I suspect the former)...They are "professional" quality work, someone should have hired you long ago...
Very nice. And it seems, that the Elven arena is sponsored by Mc Donalds. :D
mrtn said:
Of course they're not sponsored by McDonalds, have you ever seen a fat elf?

No, cause they are all in the "Mc Donalds-Arena".;) There they are served by illegal beaver workers.:D
Very nice :goodjob:
So what's Blood Bowl ? Sounds very ... ummm... bloody. :evil:
Some of the best buildings I've ever seen! Blood Ball is a really fun game.
aaglo said:
Somehow I imagined, that someone would give that witty remark on McElfin-burgers... :rolleyes:

;) :p
Oh Um you also must of expected some jerk to ask "Is this going to be on the 2.5 patch, cause me to lazy to dL sepratly and then follow with the ='ly jerky sounding whenever do you think that time will be (me kid, me kid) :)

Seriosly though, thanks for the big time efforts put forth. after you guys went on that big roll, I get the opportunity to try it the first time, in its prime.

One more thing,... that link you gave me awhile ag, ya, remember the last time I was pestering you? :D anyway it was suppose to hook me up to that mysterious Canadian Gov sponsered MOd project for CIv3

Thankfully they got you onside, but man the site sucks! the text is overlapped without the faintest hint of Civ3 being invloved in the theme . Justy wondering If you could mention any more links while we have the opportunity to talk.
Unless its a prob with mrtn (being a lil OT I'll understand)
......, though taking a oppurtunity to show the community a key members other honarable credentials (selected to mod for Team Canada) would make this project seem all the more esteemed ( not really that serious, cause its esteemed enough, but you know what I mean):)

anyway long post, so any response is appreciated.

Whooops, was thinking this was the WH thread for some reason
These are really well modelled and presented, aaglo. Very nice.:)
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