Warlord- Egyption succession Game


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Nov 11, 2001
I'm going to start a succession game, but I want some one with more experience to lead though. There is alot of succession games but they are always on higher levels so I thought maybe I should try my first succession game on warlord.

So if you wanna lead this or wanna join just sign up and then we'll go from there. I think 4 People would be good.
By lead, I think he means someone to set up the map, rules, and play the first few turns. Or at least thats how I see it.

btw, I'll sign up. Been reading all these succesion games, never actually played one b4. And I have plenty of time at the moment. :D
Warlord Egypt huh? I could lead if you want I suppose, didn't really start one (not one that people joined since it was a mod), but now ave a little experience w/ it.
Alright that sounds cool... You Can start it as soon as possible and we still need 1 or 2 more people.
If you want to start in another thread then just post the link in this one.
Alright, the game is nothing major. I guess it's just to get a feel for succession games. Anyhow...

Civ: Egyptians
Map: Huge Pangaea
Terrain: Arid, Warm, 3 billion yrs old
Barbarians: Raging (nothing major, until that 20+ horseman stack rolls up)
Victory Options: All Enabled
Difficulty: Warlord
Total Civs: 16

Open Succession

Post intention to play, 48 hrs after that to post game.

There'll probably be lag toward the late game, so crush the others asap :D )

I played 30 turns to get started, all following turns are to be 20 turns or less. So..here we go.

4000 BC
-Thebes founded

3750 BC
-The first warrior unit trained

3500 BC
-Warrior unit trained
-Thebes' culture range extends
-Disturbed Gaul Barbarians
-Gaul barb defeated

3450 BC
-Another Gaul Barb defeated
-Ordered citizens to fix the palace lawn.

3350 BC
-Mycenian tribe forks over 25 gold.

3050 BC
-Thebes barrack complete

2800 BC
-Thebes settlers seek a city

2710 BC
-Warrior unit trained

2630 BC
-Memphis founded

Notes-There is a warrior fortified to the north where a Thebes settler in construction can go. There are Flood Plains and gold in the hlls nearby.
Thats fine by me sman. Its early evening here(New Zealand), and I'm going out tomorrow, so won't be able to play for another 24hrs.
Here is what happened:

2510- Settler sent to find a new city

2430- An American Scout is spotted, we have made contact with
the americans. They seem to be polite towards us (for now) so we trade ceremonial burial for pottery

2310- A brave warrior is trained an sent scouting the east.

2310- After many years of travelling our settle arrives at his destination and builds a new city name Heliopolis.

2230- Another warrior is sent out to scout the west for possible a new city site.

2190- Our sages have learned the secrete of Bronze Working, They start reasearch on the wheel.

2150- Our poor brave warrior in the west has disturbed a band of angry barbarians.
Our warrior to the east is given orders to scout the south because the land to the east doesn't seem promising.

2110- Our brave warrior is killed in the west! We must send troops for revenge!

1950- Another settler is sent to start a new city for the glorius egyptian empire. Our hard working workers have brought silk into Thebes.

1790- The city of Elephanitie is found.

We must expand quickly and we need to find a source of iron, good luck Thrawn.
Yea.. there is one more opening position. So I guess we are full now.
If you guys need one more player I would be happy to join.
I am a warloard player like Charlie and I love playing
Sorry I just saw smans post about being full after posting.
So I guess we meet in another SG ;)
Might be a little crowded, but what the hell, I'll let both Igor and 6-of-OCtober join.
Sman, what is the .ace??? :confused: I downloaded the file, but can't do nything with it. Could you use winzip pls? I'll be able to play l8er tonight.
it is winace... download at downloads.com

but here, I did it in zip format
Thx Sman. I've downloaded the game, and will play and post writeup l8er tonight. Going out in about 10mins.
I'm about to start playing, have looked at it so far, and have one thing to say. Why so little exploration??? :confused: I'm going to try and remedy this.

Also, since the map is pangaea, I think we should beeline for the pyramids, sun tzus, and the hoover dam. These would save us from having to ever build granaries, barracks or hydro plants ever again. :D We should also try for the great wall seeing as barbarians are on raging.
Before I started, I switched memphis and heliopolis(shortened to helio) to workers. Wasted a total of 4 shields. Switched elephantine(shortened to ele) to barracks. Surrounded by those hills, it will make a great production site.

1750BC - Workers produced, begin more.

1725BC - Begin roads to bring luxuries into the other cities.

1700BC - Spear produced in Thebes, sent on its way to ele. Keep producing them.

1675BC - Barbs attack ele, we are victorious. :D

1650BC - not much happens.

1625BC - Spear reaches ele, warrior sent forth to explore.

1600BC - Spear from Thebes heads for helio. Worker sent to ele to begin The Mining Project. :)

1575BC - Warrior from helio sent forth. Discover large mountain range to east of ele.

1550BC - Barbs ambushe warrior from helio. Only 1hp is lost. :)

1525BC - Spot barb north of helio.

1500BC - Helio and memphis finish worker, start on temple. Thebes starts another spear.

1475BC - Warrior at memphis sets out. Spear replaces it.

1450BC - Barb horseman spotted. Workers in area retreat to helio.

1425BC - Thebes starts on The Pyramids. 58 turns. Spear left there, warrior sets out. The barb horseman is defeated. We discover The Wheel! :) The bad news, no horses in immediate area. :( Start on Iron Working to head for Great Wall. 27 turns.

1400BC - Another barb horseman appears, send warrior in that direction, to deal with the threat. Whip temple in memphis.

1375BC - Memphis starts a settler. Some more settling is needed.

1350BC - Ele finishes barracks, starts temple. The barb camp is spotted. :ninja:

1325BC - More exploring.

1300BC - Whip temp in helio. Encounter an Iroquois scout to the west of memphis. Get Warrior Code and Alphabet for a total of 190 gold. They have 6 cities.( :eek: )

1275BC - Helio begins warrior, for the purposes of exploring. :)

1250BC - Warrior disperses the barb camp. Gets promoted to veteran and we get 25 gold. :D Meet the Russians to the west of memphis. Get Mysticism for 95 gold. They have 3 cities. Whip the temple in ele. Get a settler from a goody hut up north. I decide to found Alexandria right there, so I do. Find out there is 5! ivory nearby, and 4 will eventually be in the city radius. There is also 2 game nearby, and it is surrounded mostly by plains.

I was planning to start ele on spearman, and get 2 in each city. Send one up to alex, and get it connected to the road net. Same with the ivory. Good luck charlihoke!
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