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    If you want to help, please say so, I'm working alone for far too long!
    I'm looking for people with ideas and time for testing. If you code, even better, if you don't, I mind not.

    This is my new pet-project, based on the Warlords and Warlors BattleCry series of Strategy games and their shared world: Etheria. This Total Conversion will be focused on WBC3, the third and final instalment in the RTS series, but I will absolutely blend mechanics from the others as well.

    Warlords is a fantasy setting with heavy elements of great and well-known RPG products, with many sides divided (nowadays) between Evil races, Neutral races and Good races; they are:

    Spoiler :
    High Elf
    Lunarion was the greatest King of the Elven race, he was such a great icon that he now sits between the Gods. Their nobility and pride is a two-edged sword, where they are unable (and unwilling) to employ certain strategies, their enemies are more than ready to show how helpful a little bit of trickery can be. The High Elves don't usually wear much protection, which opens up a great capability of mobility strategies. Their Archery and Healing skills are almost unmatched in Etheria.

    Sirian Knights
    These humans have a powerful and fast cavalry, in fact, their love for horses is only comparable to their greed for Gold; which, more than once, has caused issues with the stoic people of the mountains (the Dwarves). Faith burn strong in their core, and the Knights have the support of the Heavens in battles against their enemies.

    The Barbarian deserve their names, and, since a few hundred years these Tribes of the Plains of Blood now proudly call themselves the same. Fierce and aggressive, these men and women are always battling, they start fighting young and die soon, but their numbers are not an issue, warring is what they were born to do, and death is merely the embrace of the just rest.

    Living in isolation for most of their existance in the Sundered Isle at the extreme south, the Ssrathi were perturbed by an Imperial incursion in their jungles, forever changing the face of the Isle and the Politics of Etheria. With access to monstrous reptiles, never seen anywhere else, the Ssrathi are a god-fearing race, making sacrifices of their captives to the God of Sun and Fire, Iriki; due to that, their resistance to fire makes them a terror-inducing force even to the powerful archers of the Elven race.

    Unknown in Etheria for almost their whole history, the origins of the Fey is a mystery to all but their noblest and oldest. Coming from the Dreamworld, the armies of the Fey are weaker in this side of the Veil, but their numbers and intelligence makes up for their fragility. Given time to pierce this mantle between worlds the Fey can become an indestructible force, with no pair, no equal.

    Spoiler :
    Selentine Empire
    The High Empire of Selenia, the Seletine Empire. Powerful Mages and great anti-Cavalry make the Empire a fearsome opponent to face. With a very well evolved Law and Reward system, the Empire is capable of making contracts with mercenary units from every Race they are not at war with, creating an environment of miscegenation hard to foresee, making their attacks different each time, with no defense being ever-successful.

    A monstruous yet noble race, the Minotaur evolved far from human race, but their common ancestry shows face when it comes to warring and social structure. The most powerful creature in Etheria, the Minotaur King, is a huge creature that ravages buildings and armies alike in the battlefield, with their companion-axe, as if it was merely a training ground, bringing honor to Sartek, the Horseman of War. One thing is sure, when comparing them to humans: Minotaurs do not care for much luxury, as taking time to enjoy is being idle, which can cause their over-developed muscles to atrophy; the most shameful fate for a Minotaur.

    Wood Elf
    Dwelling in solitude in most forests of Etheria, the Wood Elves protect the throne and woods of Silvermyr as much as possible, employing disreputable tactics of guerrilla and ambush, but respecting their enemies should they resign the intrusion campaign. The Wood Elves have archers capable of topping even those of the High Elves, but they do not fight alone, as the forest itself protects them in the form of the Treants. Fighting them in their homelands is an error most of Etheria already learned, but some keep on insisting... their loss.

    Their size is misleading, shadowing a huge warrior spirit, the Dwarf is a race of powerful, resistant and tough fighters. Their love for Gold and slow pace is a downside that must be played with, but patience is their forté as much as their defensive capabilities.

    Dark Dwarf
    Long time defaced by the evil and corrupted forces of the Undead, under the banner of the most powerful of the Four Horseman, Bane, the Dark Dwarves were capable of resisting total corruption and freeing themselves from the skelectic claws of Death through sheer willpower and now live free in Khazdhul, their mountain Fortress. Since then, able to couple the usual Dwarven ingenuity with new-found logical focus, the Engineers of these dwarves quickly started to churn out innovations far more inventive then anything seen since then. Today, the Dark Dwarf is the race with the most incredible siege weaponry in Etheria, a powerful mix of technology and magic.

    Spoiler :
    Death. If one word comes to mind when people hear about the Undead, it is Death. Not only because they are originated through it, or because that seems to be their only objective in mind, but because Death itself is their sovereign: Lord Bane, the Horseman of Death commands the Undead Legions. Most of the time, this powerful Lord keeps himself out of the struggle, allowing death to spread naturally, even if his minions are eager and ready to help, but lately the Horseman seems more active than usual, and this is a bad omen to every single living thing in Etheria. Time for Harvest has begun.

    Dark Elf
    The mischievous brethren of the High Elves, the Dark Elves are amongst the most baleful, malignant of all races, sometimes striking fear even on those who bathe in it. Quick and proud to show their allegiance to the Spider Queen, these elves have an incredible facility in starting wars, going for the easy prey as well as the great warriors with the same ease. While it seems odd at first sight they allow enemies to surrender, their real intentions quickly surface: Their rituals of degolation to the Spider Queen and the Spider King, Kargoth, are a sight, if nothing else. The highest of the male-dominant priests assassinate each other without hesitation, hoping to become the chosen of the Queen and next Spider King, only to be devoured by Her in the next mating season. There is no highest honor.

    Daemonic forces are the most powerful and feared in Etheria. While for most of recorded History they were only present through Summoning Magic - and thus, in small numbers - recently the Daemon Lords were capable of sunder the Veil and enter Etheria with full force. It is still hard to employ their forces with speed, but when their forces invade, there is no survivors. The only sight more fearsome than an army of these terrible creatures, is the humongous succubus Balora, the Lady Titan.

    Orcs of Kor
    Fighting the dwarves for most of their history, the Orcs are a race of warriors and warriors alone. There is no place for an Orc philosopher, action is all that matters, and that's where they prevail. Without time to anything but fight, Orcs do not worry about their constructions being on fire or falling to pieces, as every moment fixing stuff is less time to fight and kill. Nothing defines better the Orcs as their willingness to fight anything, dead or alive.

    The race of the Plagued, created by the Horseman of Plague - Lord Antharg - these are the dwellers of the lonely Realms of Plague. No one remembers what the creatures of that place were before the Sundering liberated the Horsemen, what is known, though, is that they will never again be the same after the Lord of Plague corrupted and warped them into twisted horrible creatures.

    The Swarm
    Overwhelm and spread, that's what the Swarm is about. Being observed closely by their Lord Melkor, the Horseman of Famine, these insect-like creatures are quick to spread and dominate their opponents through sheer numbers. They aren't stupid, though, many innovations in magic was due to Swarm advancements by the Scorpionpriest. It is said that there is nowhere in Etheria where you can walk 100 steps without finding a Swarm unit, wheter you can see it or not.


    Now that you know something about the world, what about mechanics? All right then!

    Of the Total Conversion...


    In CiV, the concept of 'advancement' was based on your Technological prowess. This led to some unidimensional play-style where you had to pay attention to your Science at all times, with no other aspect of the game being so fundamental. It was not, however, a problem per se.
    In BattleCiV, techs do not exist anymore (as will be explained further down) and your advancement will be based on Keep Levels - which... are tied to Researches (the new techs), but they aren't as needed as Techs are in Civ5! Why? Because you can win the game with rushes while still having your Keep Level as 1 (there is one Civ which is specially suited towards this)!
    The Keep will always be in your Capital, with the upgrades being unlocked by the techs - you'll still need to build the new Level, though.
    Each alignment will have a different name for the Keep, while the aforementioned will always be the generic name. They are:
    • Stronghold for the Evil civs.
    • Bastion for the Good civs.
    • Fort for the Neutral civs.
      The Fort improvement is renamed as Redoubt.
    Units, buildings, processes and others are unlocked with each new Keep Level, which ranges from 1-5.
    A player gains access to the Keep research after reaching a high amount of points in it’s Moral Compass (which I'll explain later), then, after the research is complete, the player may build the new Keep in the Capital.


    Technologies are gone, although a very similar form of it assume it's place: The Researches. These are very well known to players coming from WBC games, they increase power to your units, or give them new abilities.
    While the Warlord games only had one victory type (Domination), Civ has plenty, BattleCiV has even more, which means Researches had to increase in scope.

    With that in mind, the Tech tree is not a single path towards a repeatable tech anymore. There are a few independent branches, they are:
    School Spells
    • Each Research either increases your Spellcasting chance in the determined School, your maximum Spell level castable or gives bonuses; these may be specific towards Spellcasters of that school, civ-wide and sometimes to a number of units.
    • At the end of this branch there is a Research called 'Master of Magic', which depends on EVERY tech on this branch.
    Generic Research
    • Researches that any Civilization may learn, they increase plenty of different capabilities, like military might, empire-managing and diplomacy.
    • At the end of this branch there is a Research called 'Draconic Binding', which depends on EVERY tech on this branch and unlocks the training of the mighty Dragons.
    Seal and Divinity
    • Four Seals bind the Otherworlds away from this realm. This branch increases your chances at finding them, as well as manipulating the forces that arise from it. Another side of this branch is Faith and how it affects your Empire.
    • At the end of this branch there is a Research called 'Deities', which depends on EVERY tech on this branch and gives you access to the special Spellcaster exclusively assigned to your Civilization.
    Aligned Researches
    • Between the three alignments, each is able to research from only one of these branches. They do not have the same amount of Researches, and that is by design; Neutral has the least of them, while Evil has the most.
      A few other differences come in how early the different Keep researches come as well. An example is that the Good Civilization has a very early rush to Keep Level 3, but takes the longest to actually reach the last Level (which is 5).
    • At the end of this branch there is an exclusive repeatable Research, which depends on EVERY tech in it's own branch and gives certain bonuses each time it is researched.

    A few Screenshots of it:
    Spoiler :

    * You can see that there is nothing in the Techs yet. I'm still trying to find a way to inform - in the tooltip - of what each Tech does. Another thing I need to do is to group Seal and Divinity and Generic Upgrades under the same 'screen', to avoid a too long tech tree.


    Civilizations will have a list of possible pre-made Warlords (and modders/players can make Warlords of their own) with different capabilities and a background. After the foundation of the Capital, a Warlord appears in a few turns; normally, there is only one more chance to get a Warlord, but a Civilization or a Wonder may get the player an extra one.
    Warlords are stronger than most units, either directly or because of special abilities.

    Morale is about how much your troops are on board with it’s Warlord’s plan.
    This value increases the amount of units the Warlord may have at any one point, as well as how quick they are trained. Units that start their turn within the Command Radius of their Warlord will fight a bit better, while some units will have special abilities depending on the army’s morale.

    Might * Sorcery/Augury * Wisdom/Knowledge
    Three new special categories that will help define Civilizations even more and make gameplay more unique.

    Might is all about power. It mostly deals with direct and energetic influence over other Civilizations and City-States, these effects will almost always be explicit and straightforward, with every known player being aware of what happened and who was the executioner of said action, as well as who was affected by it. This means Might effects are visible, they are about appearance too. Will work through the Power resource.

    When it comes down to magic, the choice is obvious: Sorcery/Augury. Having a better grasp on Crystal and Mana is the epitome of this mysterious source of power, regeneration, access to Greater Spells and simply having a higher pool are the faces of this category. The effects are almost universally self-imposed, with only a few that affects other Civilizations, City-States and the gamestate itself. Will work through the Mana resource.

    If your plans are supposed to be a cover up for another more intricate project, then Wisdom/Knowledge is what you need. Wisdom/Knowledge is the pebble stealthly thrown in the pond, with ripples going as far as the eye can see, yet, not one of them big enough to be called a wave. When using these effects, their responsability will always be hidden, and sometimes, no one - not even the target - will know something actually happened. Will work through the Information resource.

    Victory Conditions
    Spoiler :
    Magical 	- 	Obtain 80% of all Mana sources.
    Diplomacy 	- 	Same as Diplomatic victory.
    Military	-	Obtain all original Capitals.
    Economics	-	Have a Copy of every Luxury in the map.
    Cultural	-	Just like normal Tourism victory.
    Seals		-	Uncover and crack or dominate all 4 Seals.
    To crack or dominate a Seal, you must achieve a certain condition:
         [COLOR="Orange"][B]Seal of War[/B][/COLOR] 	
    	Crack 		- Must be the first Seal to be cracked. All other Civs are at permanent War with you.
    	Dominate 	- Must be the last Seal to be dominated. Defeat the random Titan that appears.
    	Effect:		Relationships between Civs are strained. City-States’ Influence decreases faster.
         [COLOR="SlateGray"][B]Seal of Famine[/B][/COLOR]
    	Crack 		- Kill a Hero 20 turns (scalable with Speed) after opening the Seal.
    	Dominate 	- Cannot be at War. Sacrifice a Hero on the Seal.
    	Effect:		-1 Food in all tiles (may become negative). All Cities lose 2 Citizens, even if it would destroy them.
         [B]Seal of Death[/B] 
    	Crack 		- Kill 100 enemies of level 4 or higher. (no time limit)
    	Dominate 	- Sacrifice 9 level 10 Unique Units on the Seal and on adjacent tiles.
    	Effect:		All non-Unique and non-Titan units take 3 damage per turn outside of borders.
         [COLOR="Teal"][B]Seal of Plague[/B][/COLOR]
    	Crack 		- The Lair of Anthargh’s Spawn appears in the map. Get all 3 of it’s Riddles right.
    	Dominate 	- The Lair of Anthargh’s Spawn appears in the map. Kill the Spawn.
    	Effect:		Great People spawn rating reduced by 40%. Any unit created/spawned has a 10% chance to die.

    S p e l l s
    Spells will be tiered in 4 levels, with the last one only reachable by Spellcasters with Mastery on that school.
    Units will have Mastery Schools, which means they can learn every spell in that School, while they can learn Spells from other Schools, they will have a reduced Spellcasting chance. Some Mastery Schools prohibit the Spellcaster to cast spells from other Schools (although Heroes may be able to ignore this restriction).

    Spellcasters will have a denomination based on their mastership over their schools of magic, as follows:
    Novice/Initiate 		- Max Level 1 spells.
    Mage/Priest 			- Max Level 2 spells.
    Archmage/High Priest		- Max Level 3 spells.
    When leveling up, sometimes an unit will be able to achieve a higher level in learning of one of their Schools, which will open new possibilities for spells. Prodigy* units will be able to cast spells of a higher level from the start, but still can’t cast the most powerful spells of a School without Mastery.
    Each Civilization will only be able to maintain 1 Archmage or 1 High Priest, no more than that. The individual in charge of Magic in your Empire is the most reputable spellcaster and the overlord of all things magic; he/she will not allow a competitor.
    Only Mage/Priest Heroes are able to cast Level 4 spells.

    The basic formula for Spellcasting Chance is: (((55% + ((Spellcaster Level * 4) + Life Bonus + Location) * Mastery) - (Spell Level * 8)) + Spell Modifiers) + random(-2 to +6)
    Life Bonus
    +15 if full health
    +5 if above 50% HP
    -10 if below 50%
    +25 if at the Capital
    +15 if at a City
    +5 if on friendly territory
    -10 if on enemy’s territory

    Spell Modifiers (if any)​
    Some spells may have special modifiers to spellcasting.
    You get a 100% flat bonus to your Spellcasting Chance for casting level 1 spells of your Mastery School as well as getting a 50% bonus for spellcasting all other levels and a +15 modifier when casting Mastery School spells outside cities.

    Mastery Multiplier
    - "1" if not your mastery.
    - "1.5" if mastery (aka the 50% bonus mentioned earlier).
    Only applies if the outcome is positive (ie., casting a spell badly hurt in enemy territory with a level lower than 5 results in a negative number, so no multiplication here).​

    For reference:
    Non-Mastery School casting:
    Recently trained Level 1 Mage, casting a Novice spell from Capital: 55+4+15+25-8 = 92%-100%
    Badly hurt Level 1 Mage, casting a Novice spell in enemy territory: 55+4-10-10-8 = 29%-37%
    Healthy Level 5 Mage, casting a level 3 spell from Capital: 55+20+15+25-24 = 89%-97%
    Badly hurt Level 5 Mage, casting a level 3 spell in enemy territory: 55+20-10-10-24 = 29%-37%
    Healthy Level 10 Mage, casting a level 4 spell from Capital: 55+40+15+25-32 = 100%
    Badly hurt Level 10 Mage, casting a level 4 spell in enemy territory: 55+40-10-10-32 = 41%-49%

    Mastery School casting:
    Recently trained Level 1 Mage, casting a Novice spell from Capital: --- = 100%
    Badly hurt Level 1 Mage, casting a Novice spell in enemy territory: --- = 100%
    Healthy Level 5 Mage, casting a level 3 spell from Capital: 55+(20+15+25)*1.5-24 = 100%
    Badly hurt Level 5 Mage, casting a level 3 spell in enemy territory: 55+(20-10-10)*1.5-24+15 = 44%-52%
    Healthy Level 10 Mage, casting a level 4 spell from Capital: 55+(40+15+25)*1.5-32 = 100%
    Badly hurt Level 10 Mage, casting a level 4 spell in enemy territory: 55+(40-10-10)*1.5-32+15 = 76%-84%

    Veredict Protect your spellcasters!!

    Rituals are a special kind of spell, with different requirements and characteristics. Some of them won’t cost Mana, but will hinder your Mana regeneration while they last; spellcasters have only 1 Move while performing a Ritual and are unable to cast any other Rituals. When a second stance of an already performed Ritual is cast, only the one completed by the most powerful spellcaster is considered, the other will then be cancelled and the user will recover it’s normal movements, as if it had stopped by itself.

    Spellcasters get a natural number of Spells equal to 1 + ⅕ of their Level, with a bonus spell at level 7 and 20 - other sources might increase this threshold -, so:
    Level 1-4: 	1 spell.
    Level 5-6: 	2 spells.
    Level 7-9: 	3 spells.
    Level 10-14: 	4 spells.
    Level 15-19: 	5 spells.
    Level 20: 	7 spells.
    Spells give the caster a XP amount equal to their Level, with some spells (specially damage-dealing) earning the caster a larger amount.
    *Prodigy is a promotion with varying effect acordingly to the unit’s Combat Type.

    The different effects will be listed under 9 8 (thanks Nomad and Civitar!) specialized schools and a basic/generic school with a few spells, they are:

    The spells themselves do not fit in this sheet, unfortunately, but they are 16 11 for each School, divided in 4 levels.

    Maximum Mana
    Mana is shared by all Spellcasters in a Civilization. The base amount is determined by Race + Alignment + 50. Some buildings, missions, City-States and spells may increase the total, as well as the Mana Node resource, which increases the maximum Mana and regeneration.
    Good Civilizations have a lower base starting of 30, while Evil have 40. Neutral Civilizations have a base of 55.
    The following table specifies the total starting Mana for each Civilization:

    Mana Regeneration
    Another important aspect of Mana is the rate of it’s replenishment, which is called, in-game, as “Mana Regeneration”.
    Most Spellcasters have a rate 1 Mana/turn, which means the higher the amount of Spellcasters in your Empire, the higher your possible Mana Regeneration. As noted before, Mana Node resource also increases regeneration, as noted by the amount of the resource on the tile times 2.
    There is one Universal spell called Enervate which doubles the caster’s Mana Regeneration, but costs 1 mana/turn, which means it is only useful for spellcasters with a higher rate of replenishment than 1.
    The process Arcane Research also generates Mana, although it doesn’t actually touch the Mana Regeneration amount.

    Damage Types
    Damage types have different effects when they critical and units may have resistance/weakness to them.
    The types and the effects of their criticals is as following:
    [INDENT]	[I]Piercing[/I]	- Debuff that decreases Defensive CS by a few turns.
    [B]Crushing[/B]	- Stun effect.
    [U]Slashing[/U]	- One nearby enemy suffers ⅓ of the original damage.
    [COLOR="Red"]Fire[/COLOR]		- Burning effect.
    [COLOR="Cyan"]Ice[/COLOR]		- Frozen, then Chilled.
    [COLOR="Yellow"]Electrical[/COLOR]	- Low damage to all enemy adjacent units. Drains mana from all available targets.
    [COLOR="Purple"]Magic[/COLOR]		- ½ extra damage.[/INDENT]

    End of Total Conversion information...
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    Nov 27, 2013
    (the following are normal Civilizations, not the ones used for the Total Conversion. You can use them without fear of having one Civ with 8 uniques. :))

    Pack-I: Liberty vs Slavery Download: CFC | Steam.

    Contain the following Civilizations:

    The Undead - Lord Bane, Horseman of Death
    UA: Call the Dead - Does not need Food to grow - a quarter of Food output becomes Gold -, instead grows slowly each turn. Non-Skeleton Undead defeated combat units have a 50% chance to turn into Skeletons.
    UB: Graveyard - Replaces the Temple. Grants +2 Culture instead of Faith. After the City grows to the highest Population it ever had, a Skeleton appears.
    UU: Vampire - Replaces the Longswordsman, does not require Iron, appears at Chivalry and is way more expensive. Has +3 Combat strength and starts with Cover I promotion. Heals itself for 1/4 of damage done on each attack and has a small chance (10%) to convert enemy units after defeating them.

    Dark Dwarf - Khorgan, Grond's Builder
    UA: Ancestral Furnace - After the discovery of Metal Casting, all Specialists generate +1 Production and +1 Science. After you discover a Technology no one else knows, it has its cost increased by 35%.
    UU: Hellbore - Replaces the Crossbowman. Siege unit with 100% bonus Strength against cities. Starts with Indirect Fire. Very durable (19RangedCS, 21CS) but is unable to melee attack, has no defensive terrain bonus and must set up to ranged attack.
    UB: Hall of Golems - Replaces the Arsenal. +5% Production, +10HP and +3CS for each Mountain in this city’s territory. 2 Engineer slots.

    High Elf - King Lunarion
    UA: Rites of Dawn - Each new Technology researched gives Culture and points towards a Golden Age. Cities that do not share landmass with any other Civilization have Food and Gold output increased by 30%.
    UB: Shrine of the Moon - Replaces the Castle. +2 Faith. +1 Faith and Gold to Sea Resources. Requires Walls.
    UI: Dragonstone - The Dragonstone reveals nearby tiles, can see Invisible units at those tiles and will shoot arrows at nearby enemies (weaker first); the strength increases with a fortified unit on it. +1 Culture and +1 Faith; +1 Tourism after the discovery of the Printing Press. Available at Optics. Must be built along the Coast or on top of Hills and costs 1 Gold for maintenance.

    The Agar - Red Cyrdar
    UA: It’s ours, but I rather burn it down - Pillaging, plundering and razing grant resources and Reaver points. During War, cities get +1 Production for each military unit trained; this bonus is lost if not at war or if the city finishes producing anything other than a military unit.
    UU: Reaver - Replaces the Great General but is a Combat unit. Combat Strength updates based on Era. Strikes fear on enemies and has +100% Strength against Armored and Unique Units.
    UU: Storm Dragon - Replaces nothing, available at Metallurgy. May move after attacking, has 4 Movement, 35CS and great defensive capabilities against non-ranged/non-gunpowder units. Flyer (ignores terrain cost and may move above mountains). Very costly, high maintenance cost and very strong. Costs Gold even when normally trained. Limit of 4 units.

    Pack-II: Honor 'Till Death Download: CFC | Steam.
    Contain the following Civilizations:​

    Wood Elf - Ranger Lagertha
    UA: Thorns & Arbos - Units may move through Forest and Jungle in friendly territory as if they were Roads. Great People spent on a friendly non-City tile will generate a Forest, destroying any improvements there. +1 Food to Forest tiles.
    UB: White Tree - Replaces the Granary. +2 Food and +1 Production to all animal Resources. Cities adjacent to both a River and at least 2 Forest tiles have 1 extra ring to work.
    UB: Forest Tower - Requires a Castle in every City. Costs increases highly for each City founded. +15 CS, +1 City range to all cities.

    Sirian Knight - Lady Sadine of House Sirian
    UA: For the Light - A Worker and a Settler appear near the Capital with each Era advancement, ending in the Reinassance. After the discovery of Economics, incoming Trade Routes generate Tourism equal to the amount of Gold they generate to the Sirian city.
    UU: Cavalier - Replaces the Knight and requires Horses. Generates 1 Happiness and +2 Faith. +33% defense against ranged Attacks.
    UB: Paladin Stable - Replaces the Stables. +1 Food, Culture and Production from Horse, Cows and Sheeps. +15% Production for mounted units. +1 Happiness for each incoming Trade Route.

    Fey - Lemony Cottondrop
    UA: Buttercup and Rainbows - Golden Ages last 75% longer and, while they last, units receive an amount of Experience equal to one third of your Gold output upon training. Starts with a Spy.
    UU: Sylph - Replaces the Spearman. Has 5 moves, is flyer and has very low combat and cost. When killed, generates Golden Age points, Culture or Gold, by an amount equal to it’s experience.
    UB: Orb of Wonder - Replaces the Barracks, available at Guilds. +2 Gold, 1 Merchant Specialist. Creates a Silver or Gold resource under the City, if no Luxury Resource exists there. No EXP bonus nor maintenance.

    The Swarm - Dialytes, the Broodmother
    UA: Gaze of Melkor - Half of the excess Happiness of the Empire is directed to Science. For each different type of Great Work in a city, it’s Local Happiness is increased by 1. +1 Gold from Mines.
    UU: Scarabwraith - Replaces the Scout. Has +1 movement. Double move in the desert as well as being Invisible while there. Changes into an Scarab Priest after a while if you founded a Religion.
    UB: Dunekeep - Replaces the Garden. +30% Great Person generation. 1 Artist Specialist Slot. 2 Great Work of Art slot. Has 2 Gold maintenance cost. +1 Food and Culture per Luxury Resource in this city. Does not require a river or lake.

    Pack-III: Fangs and Horns Download: CFC | Steam
    Contain the following Civilizations:​

    Dark Elf - Shil'a Bloodletter
    UA: Mortos Rune - City-States conquered by the Dark Elves provide Votes for the World Congress as if they were independent and allies. Killing units provides Faith.
    UU: Spider Queen - Replaces the Lancer, but does not require Horses. Bonus CS when flanking. Chance to create 1-3 miniatures upon death, based on Level. (the chance is based on level, the number of spawn is random)
    UI: Tree of Pain - +1 Culture. Evolves over time, with a boost to Golden Age points after each transformation, up until level 5, when it starts yielding +4 Culture, +3 Gold and +1 Food. Is removed when pillaged. Does not remove Forests, must be built on flatlands, except Desert.

    Plaguelords - Placyda
    UA: Blessing of Antharg, the Defiler - Gain a high amount of Influence with the first three City-States met. Generate random Great People points in the Capital for each allied City-State.
    UU: Kraken - Replaces the Caravel. +1 Movement, +6CS, +2 Sight while on an ocean tile. Strikes fear in enemies within 3 tiles. Starts with both Coastal Rider I and Regeneration I promotion as well as being able to heal outside friendly borders.
    UB: Laboratory - Replaces the University. It will reveal a random tile at the start of the turn; if the tile was already known, receive a small amount of Science. +50% Science, +1 Science per Coast Tile. 2 Scientist Slots.

    Ssrathi - Yarkona
    UA: Snakeskin - Cities have +15% Growth, +30% instead ifadjacent to a River. Stealing a City-State from another Civilization reduces their Influence with it by 40 and starts a 5-turn Golden Age.
    UU: Naga - Replaces the Crossbowman. High range, increased CS if moving towards, or starting a turn near, an enemy (+20% if 1 tile away, +10% if 2 tiles away). Regeneration I promotion.
    UB: Sacred Pool - Replaces the Temple. +2 Faith. +1 Culture and +1 Faith from Jungle tiles.

    Orcs of Kor - Dexa Gornakspawn
    UA: Extreme Prejudice - Units are stronger and Cities have higher Production based on how high is Dexa’s warmonger threat with other Civilizations. +10% to Policy Costs.
    UU: Half-Troll - Replaces the Swordsman. Does not require Iron. Resistant to ranged attacks; resistance increases with level, up to level 5. Regeneration I.
    UB: Battleyard - Replaces the Colosseum. Melee Units are trained faster, but the unit start with variable damage. +15 EXP. +2 Happiness. 2 maintenance.

    Pack-IV: War of the Stinging Tears Download: CFC | Steam
    Contain the following Civilizations:​

    Daemon - Gokh'xag Extraplanar Overlord
    UA: Fiery Disposition - Non-Daemon, non-Capital cities you conquer are instantly razed and cause a 2-turn Anarchy in the enemy’s cities. +2 Science from Bonus and Strategic Resources.
    UU: Daemon - Replaces the Musketman. Flyer. Gives XP to every adjacent unit after attacking. May summon an Imp upon killing an enemy (based on enemy’s Level).
    UI: Chaos Shrine - Requires Metal Casting +1 Happiness and +1 Gold in the Capital. After the discovery of Physics, generates points towards the summoning of a Daemon in the Capital. Workers may be sacrificed here for a chance to summon a Daemon. -1 Food.

    Dwarf - King Korin VI
    UA: Masterful Engineering - The second item in the production queue, if it is an Unit or a Building, gets 25% of the City’s Production output. After a Wonder is completed, all other buildings in the queue get a boost.
    UU: Khazrimi Guard - Replaces the Longswordsman. Heals adjacent military units after defeating an enemy. Starts with Block I and Demolition Man (+200% CS against Cities) Promotions.
    UB: Brewery - Replaces the Barracks. +1 Gold, +1 Food, 1 Engineer Specialist. Units created here gain the ability to get Drunk*. +15 EXP. +6 Defense to the City.

    * Costs 35 gold. Must be in friendly territory. Generates 1 Culture per turn while drunk, has +1 movement, increases attack but reduces defense. Lasts up to 10 turns.

    Selentine Empire - Emperor Sirras Lawbringer
    UA: Awe of the Sun - Completing a Policy Tree makes the Empire enter the Sun Quest Festival. Allied City-States gain military units regularly.
    UU: Lion's Coin - Replaces the Great Merchant and brings more gold with a Mission than the regular Merchant. May not build Custom Houses. Creates a 5-turn Sun Quest Festival when performing a mission in a City-state's territory.
    UB: Archway - Replaces the Harbor. No Harbor benefits. +1 Gold, +25% Faith, +20% Great People generation in this City. Merchant specialist slot.

    Minotaur - Warlord Rothtar Dragonslayer
    UA: Sartek's Spirit - Units may eat Animal resources on the map to heal. Melee units have the Sartek’s Hide promotion, which increases defense.
    UU: Horned Berserker - Replaces the Swordsman, but is more expensive and slightly weaker (20 instead of 21). +100% Experience from fighting. Strength increases as life decreases. Has +1 movement for each 20 HP missing.
    UI: Basilisk Pen - Available at Trapping. Hills only. +1 Science, +1 Gold. Creates a Sheep resource. May not be built near another Pen.
  3. bane_

    bane_ Howardianism High-Priest

    Nov 27, 2013
  4. Belzhorash

    Belzhorash Warlord

    Oct 24, 2008
    Wow! That looks promising!
    If you need any help I can provide, just ask!
  5. bane_

    bane_ Howardianism High-Priest

    Nov 27, 2013
    Thank you! :D
    I'll actually need your help in the future when I start working on the Spell System, but this is a secondary project; I'm trying to focus on Civitar's Warhammer Fantasy Battles.
  6. Belzhorash

    Belzhorash Warlord

    Oct 24, 2008
    You are aware that I just copied FramedArchitect's system?
    But sure, I'll try to help!
  7. bane_

    bane_ Howardianism High-Priest

    Nov 27, 2013
    I thought you adapted it, not simply copy/paste'd.
    Either way, you must have experience in the system, which might prove worthy. :D
  8. Belzhorash

    Belzhorash Warlord

    Oct 24, 2008
    Yes, adapted. That's what I meant.
    I first copied every spell-related files, then excluded every Fearun-related stuff and added my content. :D
  9. Civitar

    Civitar Adventurer

    Mar 23, 2014
    I have arrived.

    :lol: Looks good Bane! I am officially on board with this - I love the old Warlords.
  10. Belzhorash

    Belzhorash Warlord

    Oct 24, 2008
    I really like where all the fantasy mods go these days!
  11. Civitar

    Civitar Adventurer

    Mar 23, 2014
    Yeah, it gives me hope that Pazyryk will return and revive Éa III... that would be the grandmother of all fantasy mods if it was ever finished.
  12. bane_

    bane_ Howardianism High-Priest

    Nov 27, 2013
    Dark Dwarf uploaded.
    It uses the Undead alpha icon because an error is occurring that I can't - for the life of me - fix.

    Barbarian, Fey or High Elves to be made next and finish the first pack. Still unsure of which.
  13. Belzhorash

    Belzhorash Warlord

    Oct 24, 2008
    The alpha index is the same as the normal icon index.
    So if the icon was on position 3 on the index, it will be on position 3 on the alpha index, too.
  14. bane_

    bane_ Howardianism High-Priest

    Nov 27, 2013
    Hmmm... Don't you need to make a new icon (all white) for the alpha?
    I understand what you are saying about the indexes (that is not the issue), but I'm not sure we are actually talking about the same thing. :(
  15. Belzhorash

    Belzhorash Warlord

    Oct 24, 2008
    Aaaah, yes, I now know what you mean.
    You didn't make a functioning dds file?

    If you need help, I can make one for you - after my holidays.
  16. bane_

    bane_ Howardianism High-Priest

    Nov 27, 2013
    Sure thing! I always struggle with the alpha icons, go figure.

    Thank you very much! :goodjob:
  17. bane_

    bane_ Howardianism High-Priest

    Nov 27, 2013
    Barbarian and High Elf ready for testing. As said before, when they are finished, the first pack will be ready to be played. :D
  18. bane_

    bane_ Howardianism High-Priest

    Nov 27, 2013
    Damn, I hate double posts, but triple posts? :(
    The first pack is ready; texts are missing and there is no exclusive model for the Hellbore. Other than that, it is done!

    There are sounds for each unique as well as a shout in the DoM (instead of text reading).

    Also, the Undead's food algorythm was greatly improved. It now doesn't grows erratically!

    - Steam version
    - Correct texts
    - Events & Decisions support
  19. Peng Qi

    Peng Qi Emperor

    Aug 19, 2007
    Didn't all of the races' empires have actual names in Warlords II/III? I remember the orcs being the "Orcs of Kor." I think it might be more immersive if you grab the actual kingdom names instead of the orcs just being "Orcs."
  20. bane_

    bane_ Howardianism High-Priest

    Nov 27, 2013
    Starting in BattleCry II (with the huge map) they united nearly all Races, now Kor is only a City, all Orcs united under Gornak Elfeater's banner, so they aren't all from Kor now.
    That's why the Barbarian here are called 'Agar', their collective name.

    I never played Warlords II though.

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