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[Warlords] Modern Warfare Mod

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Modpacks' started by snafusmith, Nov 13, 2006.

  1. snafusmith

    snafusmith Unit Maker

    Nov 1, 2005
    I've been everywhere, man


    Version 1.20
    For Warlords v 2.08
    Download Here

    Modern Wafare Mod focuses on increasing the diversity of modern times. It has a revised late-era tech tree, supporting nearly 30 new unit classes, from early tanks through to transport helicopters. Players in the later eras will have to deal with nuclear submarines, tactical nukes and cruise missiles. Early eras are also diversified with new classes and graphics. Unit graphics for each region (Europe, Asia, Americas, Africa and Mid-East) are also now specific.

    The latest, and last CIV Warlords version, Modern Warfare 1.20 expands on v1.0 and Patch 1.05 by greatly balancing out the added units and technologies. Classes that were once represented by only a handfull of units now have been filled out to give a breadth of variety. Take the new 'Armor' class representing Cold War tanks: In version 1.05 there were only 2 types, the American M60A2, and the British Centurion MKV. Now there are no less than 8: the US M60A2, British Centurion MKV, 3 versions of the Soviet T-55 and 3 versions of the German Leopard 1.

    Late game warfare has also been expanded to include covert opertations. With the discovery of Extremism, you can build the invisible extremist unit, which can only be seen by special forces. Make sure you guard your borders! Extremists are valuable to weaker civs, as they cost little - but can do great damage pillaging the resources of their larger neighbors!

    We've heard your comments, and there's been a lot of changes thanks to all of you who have posted your ideas. First, most unit classes now have team color. You no longer need to be an expert in modern fighting vehicles and aircraft to tell who is attacking you! Second, the unit scale has been completely re-done. Figure units are no longer on the same scale as vehicles. Your soldiers will now be larger and more visible, abet still slightly smaller than the standard CIV scale. Vehicles are no longer massive as well, they've been scaled down significantly, though they are still larger and easier to see than in standard CIV.

    SDK/Python changes have also made their way into Modern Warfare in version 1.20. Artillery units and large warships do ranged bombardments now. Perhaps the biggest change has been with the addition of cruise missiles and the revised tactical nukes. Missile Cruisers are now more dangerous than ever, having the capability to hold 4 cruise missiles. The tactical nuke system has also been re-done, giving them a set range. Watch your shores carefully now, the sea just got deadlier!

    The aircraft system has also been re-worked significantly. Aircraft will now gain experience just like other units. With 7 new promotions, your air fleet can be diversified to meet the mission at hand. Beyond that, most aircraft have had changes to make the gameplay more fun and realistic.

    Modern Warfare 1.20 is the last update for CIV Warlords. There's the possibility of some small game-play patches and graphics updates, but there will no longer be any large patches/updates for the mod. This is not the end though, as you can all expect a Beyond the Sword version of Modern Warfare in the near future.

    From the whole Modern Warfare team, ENJOY!


    The Goodies:
    Spoiler :

    [Perenthesis key: Unit maker (if other than Snafusmith); Country; Version]
    New classes listed in bold


    Trireme (Firaxis; Rome, Greece, Carthage, Egypt)
    Kogge (Firaxis; China, Japan, Korea, Mongolia)

    Clipper Ship

    Transport (Model changed to US Liberty Ship Model)

    Destroyer-Escort (v1.20)

    Z-Class (Germany)

    Brooklyn Class (US)

    Dreadnougt (v1.20)

    Bismarck (Germany)
    Yamato (ArdRaeiss; Japan)

    Carrier (ArdRaeiss; v1.05)

    Nuclear Carrier (Illustrious Class v1.20)
    Nimitz Class (Firaxis, US, 1.20)

    Missile Cruiser

    Nuclear Submarine
    Los Angeles Class (US)
    Akula Class (Russia)

    Nuclear Missile Submarine
    Ohio Class Submarine (US)


    Early Tank (Firaxis)
    M1917 (US)
    A7V (Germany)
    Renault FT17 (France)
    Renault FT17 (Spain - new skin)
    Whippet Mk1 (England)

    Light Tank:
    PzKpfw II (Sharick, Germany)
    M3A1 Stuart (US)
    T-26 (Asioasioasio, Russia, v1.20)
    L6-40 (Rome)
    Renault R-35 (France)

    Medium Tanks (T-34/76; Snafusmith/Sharick; v1.20)
    PzKpfw IV Ausf H (Germany)
    M4A3 Sherman (US)
    T 34/85 (Sharick, Russia)
    Churchill (England)

    Heavy Tanks
    PzKpfw IV Tiger I (Germany)
    M26 Pershing (US)
    IS 2 (Russia)
    Char B1 'Bis' (France)

    Tank Destroyers
    Stug IIIG (asioasioasio; Germany)
    Bishop (asioasioasio; England; v1.20)
    M10 Wolverine (US)

    Mobile Artillery
    SdKfz 124 'Wespe' (Sharick; Germany)
    M7B1 Priest (US)
    Archer (asioasioasio; Englandy; v1.20)

    Self-Propelled Artillery (Firaxis; v1.05)

    Armor (Now T-55; v1.20)
    M60A2 (US)
    M60A2 (Ottoman, Spain; v1.20)
    Centurion MKV (asioasioasio; England)
    T-55 (Russia; v1.20)
    Leopard 1A3 (Germany; v1.20)
    Leopard 1A3 (Greece, Inca; v1.20)
    Leopard 1A3 (Rome; v1.20)

    Modern Armor
    T-72 (Complete Revision; v1.20)
    T-84 (Skin by baal_isidro; v1.20)
    Type 99 (China)
    Leopard 2A5 (Germany; v1.20)
    M1A1 Abrams (Firaxis, skin by baal_isidro; v1.20)

    Early Armored Car
    Erhardt (Germany)
    Rolls Royce (Britain)
    Russo-Balt (Russia)

    Command Car (v1.05)
    M8 Greyhound (US; v1.05)
    SdKfz 222 (Germany; v1.05)

    Motorized Infantry (BTR-152; v1.20)
    BRDM-2 (Russia; v1.20)
    BRDM-2 (Multiple Skins; v1.20)

    Halftrack (v1.05)
    M3A1 (US; v1.05)
    SdKfz 251 (Germany; v1.05)

    M113 (US)
    BMP-2 (Russia; v1.20)
    BMP-2 (Multiple Skins; v1.20)

    Mechanized Infantry (2 Skins, baal_isidro; v1.20)
    BTR 80 (Russia)


    Balloon (Chamaedrys)

    Early Fighter (Biplane, Firaxis; v1.20)
    Fokker Dr1 (Germany)
    D.H.2 (England)
    SPAD VII (France)

    Early Bomber
    Handley Page 0/100 (England)
    Gotha G.IV (Germany, v1.05)
    Caudron G.4 (France, v1.05)

    Fighter (Firaxis)
    FW190 (Nautil; Germany; v1.20)
    P40 (Nautil; China; v1.20)
    Dewotine 520 (asioasioasio, skin by snafusmith; France; v1.20)
    Spitfire (Nautil; England)
    La7 (Asioasioasio; Russia; v1.05)
    AM6 Zero (Nautil; Japan)
    Fiat G55 (Rome, v1.05)
    P51 Mustang (US; v1.20)

    Fighter-Bomber (ArdRaeiss, skin by snafusmith - Changed v1.20)
    Hurricane (Nautil; England)
    P47 Thunderbolt (Nautil, US)
    Ju87 Stuka (Germany)
    Il2 Sturmovic (Nautil; Russia)
    PZL.23 Karas (asioasioasio; Poland; v1.20)
    D3A1 Val (asioasioasio; Japan; v1.20)

    Bomber (B25; v1.20)
    B17 Flying Fortress (Nautil; US)
    G4M3 Betty (ArdRaeiss; Japan)
    He111 (Nautil; Germany)
    SM79 (Nautil; Rome)
    PZL.37 (Poland; v1.20)
    Vickers Wellington (England; v1.20)
    Tupolev Tb-3 (Russia; v1.20)
    Amiot 350 (France; v1.20)

    Sea Plane (ArdRaeiss)
    Ar196 (Germany)
    J2F Duck (US)
    E16A1 Zuiun (ArdRaeiss; Japan)

    Early Jet (Nautil)
    Mig 15 (Nautil; Russia)
    F86 Sabre (asioasioasio; US)
    Caproni CC.2 (asioasioasio; Rome)
    Gloster Meteor (asioasioasio; England; v1.20)
    Kikka (asioasioasio; England; v1.20)
    Me 262 (asioasioasio; England; v1.20)

    Jet Fighter (Mig 21 -Nautil)
    MiG-21 (Nautil, skin by snafusmith; Russia; v1.20)
    MiG-21 (Nautil, skin by snafusmith;Poland; v1.20)
    MiG-21 (Nautil, skin by snafusmith;Arabia; v1.20)
    MiG-21 (Nautil, skin by snafusmith;Persia; v1.20)
    MiG-21 (Nautil, skin by snafusmith;China; v1.20)
    MiG-21 (Nautil, skin by snafusmith;Egypt; v1.20)
    MiG-21 (Nautil, skin by snafusmith;India; v1.20)
    F5A Freedom Fighter (Spain, Aztec, Inca; v1.20)
    F5E Tiger II (Viking, Ottoman; v1.20)
    F4 Phantom (Asioasioasio, Snafusmith; US; v1.20)

    Air Superiority Fighter (Nautil)
    Jet Fighter (Desert - Nautil)
    Mig 29 (Russia; v1.20)
    Eurofighter (European Civs; v1.20)
    F15 Eagle (US; v1.20)

    Multi-Role Fighter (Firaxis)

    Close Air Support Aircraft (Su-7B; v1.20)
    A10 Thunderbolt II (US)
    Tornado Gr.1 (Germany, England, Rome; v1.05/v1.20)
    Su-25 (Russia; v1.20)
    Su-7B (India; v1.20)

    Jet Bomber (ArdRaeiss)
    B52 Stratofortress (US)
    Tu 95 Bear (ArdRaeiss; Russia)
    Il-28 (ArdRaeiss, skin by snafusmith; Egypt; v1.20)
    Il-28 (ArdRaeiss, skin by snafusmith; China; v1.20)

    Air Transport (C47, v1.05/v1.20)
    C47 (US; v1.20)
    YAK-6 (Russia; v1.20)

    Modern Air Transport (C130; v1.20)
    C130 (US; v1.20)

    Mi 24 HindD (Nautil; Arabia)
    AH64 Apache (US, v1.05)
    Ka-50 (Nautil; Russia; v1.20)

    Helicopter Transport (2 versions, Mi-8; v1.20)
    CH47 Chinook (Nautil; US)
    Mi 26 (Nautil; Russia)

    Tactical Nuke (v1.05/v1.20)

    Cruise Missile (v1.20)


    Rabbit White, 'Ethnic Units Diversity Mod'
    Thorn (New Flags for Warlords)
    TheLopez (Air Forces Mod)
    Dale (Combat Mod)
    Keldath (SDK work)

    If I forgot to add you, please let me know!

    Installation Instructions:
    Spoiler :

    Do not under any circumstances copy anything into the game's main Assets folder, the one found in the civ4 installation folder, i.e. C:\Program Files\Civilization 4\Warlords\Assets. The C:\Program Files\ part is just an example, it could be different for you.

    First, install v1.00 of Modern Warfare:
    1. Unzip the file 'Modern Warfare.zip' into the mods folder in your Warlords directory (C:\Program Files\Firaxis Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 4\Warlords\Mods)
    2. Unzip the file 'Modern Warefare 105.zip' into the same directory. Allow it to overright the files it asks to.
    3. To play, load Warlords, goto 'Advanced' and 'Load a Mod'. Click on 'Modern Warfare'
    4. Enjoy!

    Spoiler :

    Patch v1.05 Changes:

    Added Units:
    M8 Greyhound (US Command Car)
    SdKfz 222 (German Command Car)
    M3A1 Halftrack (US)
    SdKfz 251 (German Halftrack)
    Tornado Gr1 (Used as general Close Air Support Fighter)
    Gotha G.IV (German WW1 Bomber)
    Caudron G.4 (French WW1 Bomber)
    Fiat G55 (Italian WW2 Fighter)
    C47 (General Air Transport)
    AH64 Apache
    Handley Page O/400 (British WW1 Early Bomber)
    PZL P23 'Karas' as new Fighter Bomber (from Asioasioasio)
    La7 from Asioasioasio as new Russian fighter (replaces Mig3 from Nautil)
    Carrier (from ArdRaeiss) added, Firaxis carrier changed to Nuclear Carrier
    Self-Propelled Artillery (Firaxis)
    Tactical nuke (Firaxis ICBM model)

    Visual Changes:
    -Re-scaled all air units, now scaled correctly
    -Changed the scaling on some land units

    Gameplay changes:
    -Airports no longer can airlift units. To transfer units great distances, you need to use Air Transports (can only carry footsoldiers)
    -Added Tactical nukes.
    -Have Unlimited range, can be loaded onto SSBN subs
    -All nukes (ICBMs, Tactical nukes) can be destroyed in a nuclear blast
    -SSBNs are invisible to everyone (same as spy)
    -Modified infantry upgrade line
    -Added air superiority fighter and multi-role fighter
    -Fighterbombers and Close Air Support Fighters can now kill units
    -Carriers can only carry piston engined fighters, Nuclear Carriers can carry jets
    -Added 'Command Car' to armored car upgrade line between it and Motorized Infantry
    -Added Halftrack (carries footsoldiers) before APC
    -Added techs (RADAR, Electronics, Micro-Electronics, Extremism, and Stealth)
    -Stealth bombers require new Stealth tech
    -Changed the prerequisite techs for some units to better match the added techs

    Please let me know what you think of it! Any and all feedback is welcome!
  2. snafusmith

    snafusmith Unit Maker

    Nov 1, 2005
    I've been everywhere, man
  3. snafusmith

    snafusmith Unit Maker

    Nov 1, 2005
    I've been everywhere, man
    New units coming soon:

    Eurofighter 'Typhoon'

    Su-25 Frogfoot

    Soviet T-55

    Leopard 1 (Australian, German & Canadian Version)

    BMP-2 (Soviet, Camo, and Desert versions)

    Re-Skinned Ju87

    BRDM-2 (Motorized Infantry)

    Vickers Wellington

    Northrop F5

    M16 Multiple Gun Motor Carriage (US WW2 Mobile AAA)

    Mig-21 (Model/Animations by Nautil, new Iraqi, Indian, Chinese and Egyptian skins by me)

    Il-28 (Model by ArdRaeiss, new skins by myself)

    HMS Illustrious


    HMS Dreadnought (Representing the NEW Dreadnought Class)
  4. asioasioasio

    asioasioasio Fallout Scrubber

    Mar 4, 2006
    Poland, EU
    Awesome mod - i think i would make brake today and play with it - it'll make the most interesting period of game in civ4 much more interesting - i think i won't play naked civ4 anymore :)
  5. Fabrysse

    Fabrysse Charming-snake learner

    Sep 11, 2006
    Toulouse - France
    GREAT !!!
    I download it right now. And I test it.

    As I told you, I'll probably use some of your units in my Spain 1936 Mod (I'll give you credits, of course)...
  6. jamesmcnamara

    jamesmcnamara Chieftain

    Dec 10, 2005
    Holy refrigerator! This is simply amazing! :salute:

    I just love the progression of armor class vehicles and aircraft that you have built into this mod.

    I am currently searching the web for good schematics of a Challenger MBT, as the unique MBT for the UK. If I find what I am looking for, I will post it in your unit request thread. ;)

    Could you set the upgrades for 'Infantry' to include 'Motorized Infantry' and 'Modern Infantry' as these two seem as logical an upgrade as 'Mechanized Infantry' and 'SAM Infantry'?

    Oh, the Priest could be upgradable to an M109 at Robotics. I believe the latter to be a Firaxis model.

    All in all, very cool stuff you've made.
  7. MaxRiga

    MaxRiga Emperor

    Feb 1, 2004
    my congratulation and welcome to the moders world :) i remember u were telling me u r too busy for units, so, now forget about sleeping at all :)))
    good job!

    p.s. taking some of ur units for my next update, but unfortunately i will not be able to release it any soon :(
  8. snafusmith

    snafusmith Unit Maker

    Nov 1, 2005
    I've been everywhere, man

    Right now I have it such that infantry upgrades to mechanized infantry and sam infantry. It'll soon change to infantry - modern infantry/sam infantry. The armored car class upgrades to motorized infantry (HUMVEE) and gunships. I'm going to add a new class called 'command car' that will represent ww2 armored cars, and go between the 2. I'm also adding a ww2 set of APCs (M3 Halftrack, Sdkfz251, amongst others) that will then upgrade to modern APCs and Mechanized infantry. Look for them in the next release - sometime late this week or this upcoming weekend. Most of the models for all of this are done and animated, it's just a matter of getting them into the game, doing a little balancing and releasing it.

    I'm glad this is well recieved, keep the ideas coming!
  9. snafusmith

    snafusmith Unit Maker

    Nov 1, 2005
    I've been everywhere, man

    (Just a teaser of what I mean)
  10. jamesmcnamara

    jamesmcnamara Chieftain

    Dec 10, 2005
    Ideas? Sure. I have tons of ideas. :)

    For modern era units, I am going to generalize them into four separate periods, somewhat similar to Maxriga's four scenarios: WW1, WW2, Cold War (CW) and Modern (M). (Perhaps at a later stage, you could delve into weapon systems that are currently on the design table or are being tested for future era units...)

    Anyway, you have already covered the majority of these, but here are my two cents:

    (Examples of specific weapon systems between parentheses)

    WW1 - Armored Car
    WW2 - Command Car
    CW - Motorized Infantry (HMMWV, BTR-60)
    M - Motorized Infantry (Stryker, BTR-90, MRAV)

    WW2 - Halftrack APC
    CW - Mechanized Infantry (M113, BMP-2, Marder)
    M - Mechanized Infantry (M2 Bradley, BMP-3, Warrior, Pizarro)

    CW - Gunship (Cobra, MI-24 Hind, BO-105)
    M - Gunship (Apache, KA-50, Tiger)

    WW2 - Anti Tank Infantry (Bazooka, Panzerfaust)
    CW - Anti Tank Infantry (Dragon, RPG)
    M - Anti Tank Infantry (TOW-2, Kornet, Milan)

    WW2 - Tank Destroyer (Jagdpanter, Wolverine)
    CW - AT (M901A3 Improved TOW Vehicle, Jaguar)
    M - AT Team (HMMWV and TOW-2)

    WW1 - Infantry
    WW2 - WW2 Infantry
    CW - Modern Infantry (M16, AK-47)
    M - Modern Infantry with slightly better AT capabilities

    WW2 - Fighter Bomber (Hurricane)
    CW - Fighter Bomber (A-4 Skyhawk, Alfajet)
    M - Fighter Bomber (F-16, Tornado)

    WW2 - CAS (Typhoon)
    CW - CAS (A-10, YA-9)
    M - CAS (A-10, YA-9)

    WW1 - Bomber
    WW2 - Bomber (Lancaster)
    CW - Intercontinental Bomber (B-52, Vulcan, Bear)
    M - Intercontinental Bomber (B-1, Backfire, F-111)

    WW2 - Mobile Artillery (Priest, Hummel)
    CW - Mobile Artillery (M-109)
    M - Mobile Artillery (Crusader)

    WW2 - Mobile Flak
    CW - Mobile SAM (Roland)
    M - Mobile SAM (ADATS)

    Although I can't help you design models (I have no skills in that department, I'm afraid), I can research weapon systems, look up schematics, write XML and help you balance units if you wish. PM me if you want me to do stuff for you.
  11. strategyonly

    strategyonly C2C Supreme Commander

    Mar 13, 2006
    I really like that HUMVEE, looks just like the one i used to be in.

    btw your # 27 on the Warlords MOD list, thx.
  12. snafusmith

    snafusmith Unit Maker

    Nov 1, 2005
    I've been everywhere, man
    Jamesmcnamara, I like some of your ideas. However, instead of adding 3 distinct sets (WW2, Cold War, Modern) to each type unit, I'm going to stick with most having just WW2 and a late CW/early M. For example, I'll keep fighter-bombers as is, w/ the upgrade to CAS. Fighters will then upgrade to Early jets, - Multi-Role Fighters/Air Superiority Jets (Similar to the F16/F15 as they are) then Finally stealth fighters (F22 for US).

    I don't think I'll need to modify the artillery or helicopter lines much. I do think your ideas for bombers work, as having one be a more strategic bomber (i.e., B52), and the other more of a fast attack/heavy lift (B1B). The flak ideas also hold merit. I'll incorperate towed AAA (able to be carried by the soon to be added ww2 halftracks) that has 1 move and a mounted AAA class w/ 2 moves. There would be a single class of modern mobile SAMs (like the Marder Rolland and Humvee Avenger).

    Overall, with all these new units I think I'm eventually going to have to stretch out the tech tree a little. This is the one thing I really don't want to do. I'd like to disrupt gameplay as little as I can to keep things ballanced. In the same way that I think the earlier eras get to much attention, I don't want this one to add to much late in the game. Anyone have any ideas on how to make all these units fit?!?!
  13. jamesmcnamara

    jamesmcnamara Chieftain

    Dec 10, 2005
    Thanks. I like your idea of upgrading Early Jets to either Multi-Role Fighters or Air Superioty Jets. That would definitely work.

    Regarding the tech tree, the only solution I can see without actually adding new technologies is to significantly increase the research costs for 20th Century techs. If an idea pops up, I'll let you know. ;)
  14. republic-an

    republic-an Chieftain

    Jul 15, 2006
    I would like to see you create a mod for this that incorporated only 4 eras or so... WWI through Modern Warfare. Stretch it out as much as possible. I never play other eras. Include Dale's Combat Mod and some of the options by the Lopez. Big World Map. Lots of inhabited cities. That would make a nice Christmas present. Let me know when you're finished.;)
  15. Lord Dom

    Lord Dom Chieftain

    Apr 9, 2004
    Houston Texas
    first of all i have to say this is a great mod, nice idea wiv the sea planes, but there are somethings i would lik to see. first of all some of the units r realy scaled wrong in my opinion, infantry units are small for a 3 man formation, humvee is really big, and ships r tiny, i can barely see the z99. Also the haldely page bomber is kinda big. is there a way to change this? oh and some things i wish i could see wiv this great mad is a 24 player world map, an assualt ship (upgrade from transport for modern era) ex the USS Iwo Jima,with space for 2 aircraft lik a harrier, the ship should also have a small bombard capability, and maybe also some modern artilery units, lik the paladin, or that kick but south african artillery. keep up the good work this mod is by far my fav.
  16. snafusmith

    snafusmith Unit Maker

    Nov 1, 2005
    I've been everywhere, man

    Yeah, I'm still working on the scale. I'm matching all of the units scale to roughly match that of the modern armor class. That's why the human models are so small. You are right about the Humvee and Handley Page. The air units haven't been scaled yet, but that should be coming along soon. As for the ship scale, I tried to match that to the carrier, which is why some ships are so small. I'm still working on it, so in future versions you'll likely see things much different.

    I'm glad you like it!
  17. MaxRiga

    MaxRiga Emperor

    Feb 1, 2004
    hey, when ur next update will be up? ( can't wait appache chopper ) :)
  18. snafusmith

    snafusmith Unit Maker

    Nov 1, 2005
    I've been everywhere, man
    I'm hoping to get an update up sometime late this weekend. Real life is getting a little hecktic, so we'll see how realistic that is.
  19. snafusmith

    snafusmith Unit Maker

    Nov 1, 2005
    I've been everywhere, man
    Finished the AH64 Apache - will be in the next release!
  20. ArdRaeiss

    ArdRaeiss Chieftain

    Jan 11, 2004
    Russia, Saint-Petersburg
    Nice warbird :goodjob:

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