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Warlords patch

Discussion in 'Civ4 - General Discussions' started by alexman, Oct 23, 2006.

  1. alexman

    alexman King

    Feb 28, 2002
    Maryland, USA
    We are almost ready to release the patch.
    It's a bit later than we initially thought, so in the meantime, here's the list of changes that will be in it:

    Vassal States
    No longer possible to receive a request from an AI to declare war on one of his vassals (!)
    Vassals can no longer accept one-sided defensive pacts (!)
    Fixed happiness from vassal issue
    You can now airlift into cities of your vassal
    You don't pay supply costs for units inside your vassal's borders
    Can no longer ask someone to make peace with a vassal. Talk to the master directly.
    Vassal AI improvement
    When you declare war on a vassal, you also declare war on the master (instead of the master declaring war on you)
    Vassal AI no longer makes *all* their gold available for trade.
    Vassal AI never refuse to talk to their master
    AI better considers war consequences of accepting a vassal
    Vassals no longer freed when master forms a permanent alliance
    - Fixes the vassal/defensive pact exploit
    Master/Vassal AI attitude reflects the implicit defensive pact of a vassal agreement.
    Master/Vassal AI no longer give each other negative attitude modifiers for close borders.
    Vassal AI does not get upset because of Master's defensive pacts with third parties.
    Vassal cannot own plots within the city radius of his master's cities unless those plots are closer to his own cities.
    If you have a peace treaty in effect with someone, you can no longer declare war on their vassals either.
    Adjusted negative AI attitude for having vassals
    AI no longer refuses to become a vassal because of "your lands too far" when you are actually neighbors

    Great Generals
    When a generic Great General is attached to a unit, the unit is no longer given a TXT_KEY name
    Great Generals experience threshold scales with the ratio of Great People threshold to unit production rate
    (so the threshold is the same at all speeds except Marathon where they require 1.5 time more experience)

    Anonymous play: real player names revealed on game end
    Fix for anonymous mode not being always anonymous
    Fixed some more anonymous play issues
    - You can no longer see other player's names in the staging screen for loading a save
    - You no longer see the player ID for "waiting to hear from..."
    Fixed selection issue in simultaneous MP for recently-moved units
    Now possible to join a Pitboss game where only AI are left
    Fixed Pitboss not-ready-to-launch bug
    Pitboss no longer crashes when launching as players are joining
    Pitboss no longer crashes when large amounts of text are spammed into the chat box
    Don't allow launching the game with players still in the civ selection screen
    Fixed MP crash when player is eliminated with the trade screen up and performs a trade
    Switched to new GameSpy SDK
    No autosaves generated for PBEM
    Innocent units are no longer penalized when another unit moves near the end of the turn timer and stays selected
    Added "logging enabled" warning for MP
    LAN: No longer possible to spam the network with game refresh requests

    Fixed non-shader version of Mehmed
    if too many individual plots need globe rendering, redraw entire globe texture for performance
    Hooked up modern harbor graphic
    Fixed issue where combat zoom did not happen after you just clicked "yes" on the popup to declare war.
    Possible fix for grid crash. Test by playing at medium or low graphics level.
    Kublai / Qin swap
    High resolution terrain option has no effect when graphics settings are not at the highest level

    Combat odds greater than 99.9% are displayed as such (not rounded to 100%)
    Combat odds less than 0.1% are displayed as such (not rounded to 0%)
    Active resource deals (1 of X) display the correct number for X
    Diplomacy screen: leader attitude once again shown at the top
    Regenerating the map resets the statistics in the Info screen
    Plot indicator rotation no longer gives away your location on the map (north-south hemisphere)
    Fixed Python exception in plotlist mouseover help
    Fixed watermill and workshop tooltip
    Mission queue is no longer cleared after the selection group has used up all its movement from a previous mission
    Fixed cursor location for windowed maximized mode.
    Rally points now work with autopromote
    Canceling a deal in the diplomacy advisor no longer affects the state of any existing diplomacy screen
    Fixed erroneous score display in city screen for games with over 20 number of players
    Foreign advisor: leaderheads no longer cut off when tech or resource trading not possible
    Great Person city bar mouseover shows turns left
    Your cities can now have the same name as an existing city of another civ (to prevent renaming to expose your AI opponents)
    Civ name appears after city names when captured and when Great People are born
    (to avoid confusion now that duplicate names are allowed)
    City selection: Shift-clicking on a selected city de-selects it, just as it works for unit selection
    Fixed sorting bug in Domestic advisor
    Improved performance for large selection groups
    Fixed F6 screen update issue for PBEM
    Fixed civilopedia display for buidings that give raw food/production/commerce/gold/science
    No more warnings for animals at your borders
    No more '&' allowed in player and city names (special character)
    Globeview unit indicator and help text show up correctly for plots with more than one unit
    Correct unit mouseover for collateral damage protection
    Correctly updating yield symbols after plot ownership change
    Workers given orders after they have moved wake up when in danger

    Fixed SAM noise issue
    Fixed a sound bug
    Added audio to enemy unit warnings
    Stalin gets Peter's diplo music, not Catherine's
    Fixed audio crash on reload
    Diplomacy music was slightly too loud for new leaders

    AI no longer chooses state religion civics if it has no religion
    City governor no longer overly starves a city when there is not enough food
    Fixed a couple more issues with the city governor
    AI no longer dumps their entire nuclear arsenal on the barbarians
    Fixed bug where AI would sometimes accept trades for your worthless maps
    AI builds bunkers more urgently
    AI city placement improvement as per Blake
    Improved AI use of 'emphasize' buttons as per Blake
    Pop-rush and draft AI improvement as per Blake
    Worker AI improvement as per Blake
    Improved civics AI as per Blake
    Tweaked AI building priorities as per Blake
    Fixed AI accidental war declaration (crash into submarine)
    AI no longer offers non-peace deals when at war

    Increased trebuchet cost to 80
    Quarries give +1 shield with railroads
    Expansive gets +50% production for workers, and just +2 health
    Navigation II requires Flanking
    Leadership gives double experience points
    Stables obsolete with Rocketry (when mounted units upgrade to Gunships)
    Siege units no longer defend after other less powerful units in a stack
    When gifting a unit to a charismatic leader, an experience adjustment occurs.
    (Prevents exploits of gifting units to a charismatic teammate just for them to promote and return them)
    Removed balanced resource option from Mirror mapscript
    Creative gets cheap Libraries
    Organized gets cheap Factories
    Jaguar gets Woodsman promotion instead of 25% jungle defense
    Bureaucracy: High upkeep
    Representation: +3 Happy in largest cities
    Civil Service requires Mathematics
    Pyramids cost 500
    Colosseum and Odeon cost 80
    Masonry has higher religious weight
    Mall: +20% gold
    Guerilla3 gives +30% withdrawal in addition to hills attack bonus
    Walls give 25% protection to bombardment (so they are relevant even in high-culture cities)
    Castle gives 25% protection to bombardment
    Spanish Citadel gives +5XP to siege
    Heroic Epic available with a level 4 unit
    Shrines immune to nukes
    Gallic Warrior can also be built with Copper
    Military Academy: +50% production for military units
    Military Academy requires Education
    Military Academy gives 3 culture
    Oracle, Stonehenge, Great Wall no longer available in Classical starts
    Great Wall gives just 1 Great Person point per turn
    Temple of Artemis: reduced cost to 350
    Barbarians can have Spearmen

    Misc bug fixes
    Fixed first strike chance bug
    Enemy spies no longer visible from GlobeView!
    Barbarians can no longer build any of the Wonders
    Fixed potential crash
    Old .Civ4WorldBuilderSave files are recognized and loaded
    Can't gift a unit if the recipient is over the limit (missionaries, spies)
    Units cannot jump into enemy territory when expelled
    When you lose a Wonder race and you have a Settler/Worker queued up next in that city, you no longer get food counted both in the food and production boxes.
    Fixed crash with flip of city that contained troops loaded into a transport.
    Fixed several other potential crashed of the same type.
    Fixed crash bug
    Fixed bug with research overflow
    Fixed load unit into transport crash
    Fixed selection group cycling crash
    Can't capture Greek Odeon (gives culture)
    Raised Worldbuilder culture limit from 1000 to 100000000
    No longer possible to bombard a city with zero defensive modifier
    Fixed back to main menu crash
    Great People type no longer changes during anarchy
    Game no longer freezes when you try to retire after ending your turn in PBEM/Hotseat

    Fixed Stonehenge strategy text
    Updated credits
    Fixed typo in Hannibal civilopedia entry
    Fixed inaccuracy in Great General civilopedia entry
    Fixed Pavilion spelling
    Updated Celtic city list
    Fixed Louis diplomacy text bug
    Egypt civilopedia text fix
    French Tank: Char -> Char d'assaut

    Updated PythonHelp feature
    exposed getCurrentEra to Python
    Added some missing python auto-doc information
    Added Python override to prevent razing of a city
    Leaders with no favorite civic appear in civilopedia
    Projects defined in WorldBuilder saves now work properly

    Genghis Khan Scenario
    Removed Pinch promotion

    Chinese Unification Scenario
    Can now build Galleys in all 'river' coastal cities
    Imperialist Trait now grants 50% Settler production bonus as expected

    Alexander the Great Scenario
    Reset Variables at the beginning of the game; fixes the 2 Alexander if the scenerio is restarted.
    Only available for single-player games

    Peloponnesian War Scenario
    Non-english text fix for Peloponnesian War

    Vikings Scenario
    fixed bug where Red marking circles did not show up after loading a save

    Omens Scenario
    Player can no longer gift Missionaries to the AI to convert them to their religion and win easily
  2. Thyrwyn

    Thyrwyn Guardian at the Gate

    Jan 5, 2004
    State College, PA
    WOW! There are some fabulous balance changes here. The changes to Guerilla III and The Gallic Warrior (can be built with Copper) really improve that UU. As does giving the Jaguar Woodsman I. Both excellent changes.

    I also like the changes to the traits: Expansive (+50% to build Workers); Organized (cheap Factories); and Creative (gets cheap Libraries). Although I think neither the Creative change nor the Orgainized change were needed, I do not think they are over the top. Creative was already a favorite of mine--now even more so!
  3. Reg Pither

    Reg Pither Warlord

    Sep 14, 2004
    Lots of good stuff there! :)

    But still no way to free a vassal...? :confused:
  4. Brave Sir Robin

    Brave Sir Robin he bravely ran away

    Apr 7, 2006
    Ft. Worth TX USA
    thanks for the heads up
    Looks good
  5. Bongo-Bongo

    Bongo-Bongo The Master

    Nov 11, 2005
    Good changes to Jaguar. The change to the Gallic Warrior still seems a bit underwhelming though. Glad to see the Treb has an increased cost as well. It was far too easy to build a mad stack of Trebs.
  6. marioflag

    marioflag History Addict

    Oct 20, 2005
    Napoli, Italy
    Balance improvements seems really big.Castles and Walls now are more worth to be built( while strenghtening also Chchen Itza with bombardment promotion would make also it more interesting to build), i really like also the strengthening of 2 traits like Expansive and Creative.Imperialist seems also to be improved on marathon games considering that generals are harder to get.
    No more slingshot to civil service and balancement among wonders is really another thing to watch on.Great Generals seems also to have got great changes
    Definitely the best patch in CIV released until now.
  7. LibertyGeis

    LibertyGeis Chieftain

    Jun 22, 2006
    Hmm. So if we're cut off from Oil, learning Rocketry makes our Cavalry weaker? Or does this just mean stables can no longer be built, but still give experience (akin to post-SciMeth monasteries)?
  8. TAfirehawk

    TAfirehawk WoC Team Manager

    Aug 25, 2006
    Shame I don't see anything on the Save Game Memory Allocation Error that is a problem across various mods and even some non-mod game reports :(
  9. jray

    jray King

    Jan 31, 2006
    North Carolina (USA)
    Yeah, I have the same concern. Same issue with not having Flight yet, since you can get Rocketry without Flight (and Gunships require Flight).

    I'm not sure what you're saying about post-SciMeth monasteries. They lose their 10% research bonus. "Obsolete" always means that all benefits except culture and GP points go away.
  10. jray

    jray King

    Jan 31, 2006
    North Carolina (USA)
    Looks like an awesome patch. Thanks for the great work and the sneak preview, Firaxis! :)
  11. lbhhh

    lbhhh King

    Jun 17, 2003
    Montreal, QC
    Good balance changes, not sure I agree with all of them(cheap factories for organized) but the total effect looks very promising.

    How about the tooltip text being inaccurate for national wonders, as pointed out in this thread? http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=189772
  12. LibertyGeis

    LibertyGeis Chieftain

    Jun 22, 2006
    Not all. Monasteries still allow construction of missionaries long after they've become obsolete. That's the part I was talking about, not the research bonus which does indeed vanish. Sorry for the lack of clarity.
  13. ArneHD

    ArneHD Just a little bit mad

    May 16, 2006
    Tromsø, Norway
    The only thing I miss from this list is the ability for the player to become a vassal to an AI. I guess that's a bigger problem though.
  14. jray

    jray King

    Jan 31, 2006
    North Carolina (USA)
    Ah, good point. I had forgotten about that :).
  15. carl corey

    carl corey Deity

    Jul 17, 2006
    Cluj-Napoca, Romania
    Ouch, Pyramids are even harder to build? And the GW gambit won't work anymore... Just when I'm trying to perfect it. Oh well.

    A question about Organized and Creative. Do they still get the old cheap building too? (theaters and courthouses) Or only the new ones?
  16. Gyathaar

    Gyathaar Warlock Retired Moderator GOTM Staff

    Nov 19, 2003
    Trondheim, Norway
    They keep the old ones still
  17. marioflag

    marioflag History Addict

    Oct 20, 2005
    Napoli, Italy
    A thing which i don't like is Heroic Epic again needs only 4 level units.5 level unit required was balanced now with 4 level unit it is too easy to get Heroic Epic available, considering that there is a charismatic trait a GG, and you have barracks+ stables which means that a mounted unit can easily get 4 level status without so much combat.
  18. Caesium

    Caesium Radiant!

    Jan 14, 2006
    The real question would be:

    When will this really great patch be released?
  19. General Failure

    General Failure Warlord

    Apr 26, 2003
    Looks like a very, very nice list! Thanks Alexman!

    I'm missing two things really...
    1) Forts should really get a zone of control
    2) I think it should be possible for the master to release a vassal

    Any chance we'll see these addressed in the patch?

    General Failure
  20. BeefontheBone

    BeefontheBone Windbag of the sea

    Nov 7, 2005
    You could've put the thread in the Warlords forum :p

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