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Warmonger Question

Discussion in 'Civ5 - General Discussions' started by blinky501, Nov 4, 2016.

  1. blinky501

    blinky501 Chieftain

    Oct 26, 2013
    Florence, SC
    I have a question about warmonger penalties. I am in a game right now where I am America and I am on a continent with Assyria, korea, and the Aztecs. It is now about turn 162 in 1775 ad or something like that and I have taken over korea's capital and whipped them off becase they only managed one city for the first 80 or so turns, Assyria has taken over the Aztec empire so he now has 6 cities. three of them are his and three of them are Aztec cities. my question is as follows:

    I want to take Assyria over because they haven't played ball with me all game no trades no friendshiips no nothing so Im bored a little bit cause im going science victory so he is going down. if I take over the two Aztec cities that aren't the capital (tenochitilan or whatever its called) and destroy them but don't destroy the capital does the counter act my warmonger penalties?

    or should I just take over all of Assyria's 3 cities and take the warmonger penalties from burning two and keeping the capital, and then liberate the Aztec ones to counter act my warmonger penalty from the Assyrian cities.

    sorry if that's confusing and thanks in advance for the help

  2. Zulose

    Zulose Chieftain

    Apr 15, 2015
    As far as I know taking cities and burning or keeping them incurs warmonger penalties, liberating cities removes them. So I think your best bet is taking the capitals (assuming they're the best cities) liberating the other Aztec ones and not worrying about leaving Assyria with a 2 city rump - as long a you're ahead of him in tech and have a more powerful military he probably won't DOW you. If you're worried then taking one of those extra cities, but leaving him the units to take it back will keep him busy and ensure when he does get it back it's really small and rubbish.
  3. Trackmaster

    Trackmaster Warlord

    Jul 14, 2014
    So there are three caveats to warmonger penalties:

    1: You mentioned already, that you get abated a little for liberating cities. And, its a way to power down the Civ before going after the other cities.
    2: With a patch from a year or two ago, warmonger penalties are reduced depending how early of an era that you're in. Before the patch, going to war early was pretty much a death sentence to diplomacy the rest of the game. Now, you'll get hit hard for late game warmongering, but the game is almost over at that point, and the victor is probably pretty much determined at that point. I guess it mimics IRL, as mass communication alerts the world of every little war going on, and most of the major world powers hate each other, but tolerate each other.
    3. To become a more advanced player, you'll have to learn how to create "sides" to the world, and get your list of friends and enemies lined up. Basically, I always make sure to denounce way before I DOW.
    3a. Basically if you DOW and take cities on somebody that has denounced that Civ, or clearly doesn't like them, you'll actually improve relations with the Civ that hates them.
    3b. If you don't denounce before you attack, and even worse, if you're friends, you'll get a major penalty for betraying.
    So basically, going back to 3, if you can work it so that you're popular, if you can denounce before attacking, you can get everyone else to hate them, and really not get any penalties at all for attacking. Granted if you're not that popular it may not do much, but either way its good to make it seem like you're not stabbing them in the back when you attack.
    4. If you can quickly wipe out a Civ before you contact anyone else, you won't get any penalties. It's pretty much you committed the crime, and wiped the evidence clean. However, if a few know, they tend to blab to other Civs, so you need to make sure that its early enough that you haven't contacted ANYBODY.

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