Warpstorm Watercolor Terrain


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Dec 19, 2001
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Hey that's pretty cool! Go ahead and continue, I may have to think really hard on whether or not I want to keep Sn00py's graphics mod if you finish that. :)
It looks very good. Just the forests need a little patching up
Sweet! I never minded the original graphics much so I just never bothered downloading any modifications, but I think that policy's due for a change!
Originally posted by Dark Sheer
Cool. It looks like watercolor to me. :cooool:

It does. I love it!
Looks nice, would be good for a special scenario; perhaps an 18th century colonial mod or something, you may wnt to use the effect on the citys, but leave the units as they are; perhaps a gilded picture frame effect on the game borders would fit in with the style (on the leaderhead portraits ect..).
Wow, getting tiles totally seamless was harder than I thought, but I'm finally nearly done (99.9%).
This is the "BEST" Terrain, i´ve ever seen !

And I don´t say this with no reason : The Terrain looks
balanced ... :eek: I mean, it don´t looks like "PLATTENBAU" or
"All the Same" ... REALLY COOL !

Mfg, DaRealStinger


PPS. Can I Use it for my "Next Imperialsim Mod" ? :confused:
And I thought I would be sticking up with those Snoopy Graphics forever...Still they are great but your terrain looks better for my taste...

You took my feet off for sure...I almost missed thread at first.

I'm looking forward for this graphic pack for more than nothing.
Cool! Looks prettyful! I like the water color effect. No little grain pixels, but a beautiful, pure green color. :D I WANT!!! *makes hand grab motions*
(Sigh). VERY pretty, but when I tried it resources were not clear/distinct enough. Required more work to SEE the map than I wanted to invest.
When did you try it, Jaybe? I gave a copy of an old version to a few people, but I don't remember you getting it, unless you go by a different name on other forums. Or one of the people I gave it to passed it on. No big deal, just curious. In this internet age anything's possible.

Nobody but me has the latest, greatest, almost cleaned-up version. Since Jaybe mentioned it, I'll look at it with respect to spotting of resources. Maybe I'll need to customize the resource.pcx to go with it.
I think it's beautifully done. I'll most definitely be using it! It's like impressionist art meets Civilization! I think it's just fantastic!

In fact, I'd like to use it as it is, so far. How are you planning to "clean it up"?
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