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Warring States Scenario for FFH2 v0.21

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Scenarios' started by fannarh, Mar 21, 2007.

  1. fannarh

    fannarh Chieftain

    Feb 6, 2006
    Reposting this scenario.

    This is my first atempt to make a scenario and post it. It is not complete and I would like all comments on it and how to make it more fun. also if one civ is more unbalanced then others then it would be apriciated. (sorry for the spelling but english is my 2nd language).

    Its a large Pangea map with 16 civs. There are some small island and the island nations. The Lanun, Grigori and the Sheaim.

    The year is 66 at the dawn of the age of rebirth. Small kingdomes have been founded. Still many citys and towns are lawless. Barbarian hordes are almost at the city gates ready to but an end the newly founded civilizations. You must fight to survive.

    This scenario is a conquest/domination map. Permanent alliance is allowed. The barbarians are raging and the AI is aggresive. City capture by culture is not allowed also you need to kill all unites of the enemy to destroy his civilization. Almost no land is left to settle and barbarians citys are almost has many has the civilized ones. Look to north for the danger. To expande you need to conquer barbarian citys and then you will have to go to war.

    Resorces are not random. some are rarer then others and some are only found in few places in the world. There are choke points in the map. places where war will come.

    The Khazad have the high ground. A Dwarfen player should foucs on defence and build forts. Capturing citys in the northern mountain range is also good idea.
    The Hippus are placed where they can raid and have the best acces on the steppes.
    The Calabim will probably allways be warring with the Elohim or the Malakim.
    The Bannor and ljosalfar will have to contain the Clan of Embers in the north.
    The Doviello Can only expande by attacking barbarians in the tundra and attacking the Amurites.
    The Balseraphs will probably can attack the Kuriotates in the west, the Khazad in the east and the Amuritess in the north.
    The Lanun should focus on ether the Grigori or Sheaim. The control of the sea will be vital.

    The map is inspired by TheCowSaysMoooo maps and the maps drawn in Warhammer Fantasy and the books of Tolkien. In one place the landscape is inspired by WOW.

    I hope you will enjoy this scenario and all the battles that it will bring. I peronaly recomend epic time settings. Its not to slow but will give enough time to fight the wars with up to date army.

    And thanx go to Kael his team for bringing us the FFH2 mod.

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  2. fannarh

    fannarh Chieftain

    Feb 6, 2006
    For late use
  3. ichbinsehselber

    ichbinsehselber Prince

    Jun 22, 2005
    I like your scenario. I am playing the Elohim because I like builder style play and went by the recommendation in the scenario start page.

    I am a bit surprised that I have survived now for about 300 turns. No AI has ever declared war on me, even though the scenario setting of the AI is aggressive and the evil ones really dislike me. My evil neibour would surely have crushed me. Maybe the reason why the AI does not attack is, that I am only playing on noble difficulty?

    I am still only partially understand that armageddon counter.

    Anyway, continuing to play and now I might have at least a small chance to survive, if I am attacked.

    So far, I did not see any real bug, the scenario is very recommendable.

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