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Wars of the Mediterranean for c3c

So you, like,

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Jan 4, 2006
close to the borders

version 3.01 the first version for c3c
size 254 mb unpacked

The conquest of "Mare Nostrum" as it was called by the Romans was finally achieved when the last of the Hellenistical Kingdoms, Egypt,admitted the Roman supremacy.Thus ended over half a milenium of wars among the great civilizations of the Western Antiquity.

This screenplay starts with the Medic wars, followed by the Peloponesian war.Your goal is to try to change history during this 600 years period you are alotted.

You can chose to play either one of the great powers, the Romans, either of the Greeks, Phoenicians (of Carthage too), or Persians. Nabatheans might prove a great challenge too. Celts, Iberians, Britons, Germans, Dacians, Scythians, Numidians and Lybians are also playable but, because of their lack of knowledge, settlers at the beginning of the game, bad reputation and barbarian atitude they will prove quite challenging. They are however on the borders of the known world and they can expand oncew they can build new cities. The Cultural victory through sacrifices or the great powerfull units of later ages could turn the tides if they make it till then that is.

All victory conditions are enabled except for the Wonder Victory. Spaceship is replaced by the silkroad victory. Capture the flag has been altered to becom a treasure way of scoring points and money. Sacrifice has also been introduced to give the "backward Barbarians" a chance of wining a cultural victory.

Some air missions like scouting into enemy territory and torching enemy city improvements (precision bombing) seemed pretty welcome in the ancient times as well. Travelling fast betweeen Commercial Ports also seemed like quite realistic and the Roman roads certainly didn't take years to reach the far corners of the Empire.

There are many more changes. Practically all I could alter has been altered (222 units over 150 techs and many improvements ;)). Hope you like what I plondered. Too bad I couldn't import the events from the civ2gold edition. Well it comes a bit late as civ IV is already in fashion but I still hope you'll like it.

I know the civilopedia doesn't exactly corespond to the buildings and units but i'll probably work on it if I have the time. If any of you would like to help or post a new civilopedia.txt or any suggestion about the game for that matter, you can contact me on realpmutyke@yahoo.com.


That's it. There is one big download link HERE hosted at 3dddownloads:


The other links are just for those that experience difficulties with 3ddownloads. I'll remove them soon unless I hear somebody can get it easier from there. They have been split into 3 parts for speed:

meditera1.zip part1=55.1mb

meditera2.zip part2=55.5mb

meditera3.zip part3=50.3mb


You probably know where to put it/them (in the Scenarios folder of course)

Ah! Here are some screenshots and a last minute version patch file. The new version 1.31 is already comprised in the big meditera.zip at 3ddownloads so you needn't dl it unless you chose the 3 files from filefactory. With this patch, the two should be the same.

Last version of the patch, 1.31 is available here:


Screenshots are HERE

And don't forget to........ Have Fun!!
Anyway, I looked at map. For Mediterranean scenario, not enough of Mediterranaean is shown. Looks more like a European mod. Anyway, still looks good. I'll try to get some turns in this weekend.
Here're the enlarged screenshots, Stormrage. An extra view of Caesar here too (No picture of Iunius Brutus and i thought Julius Caesar was more famous:lol: ). Besides all leaderheads are the famous ones (ex Caesar, Hannibal, Decebalus, Mithradates etc.) although the leader names try to be historically accurate for the game start (Iunius Brutus, Hamilcar, Zamolxis, etc.) I've been quite happy when the two coincided as in the case of Amasis or Darius or whoever else.

Ok now, Pinktilapia, the title screen is actually a screenshot from Caesar III (hush and don't tell anybody:crazyeye: ). I've used it as title for meditera for civ2gold too so I guess it's ok. And about the map, the meditra map for civ2gold was more centralized on the sea but I guess it didn't turn out that good. It had no Britain and half of Germany was missing and there was nothing to fend the Roman Empire once it reached it's maximum size. That doesn't happen here anymore. Barbarians can expand east and then comeback and invade Rome as it happened in reality. Actually they came from the east but that's a longer story. But I got obsessed to not allow them to expand to easily so as not to create a huge Russian empire so:

-Russia and Ucraine are almost fully forested
-They are filled to the brink with barbarians (that and the fact that the game was set on raging hordes should mean a lot of barbarian activity hopefully not too much!)
-Exterior civilizations (the Barbaric ones like Gallia, the Germanic Tribes, Britannia, the Africans etc.) don't have settlers from game start. They should be a pest to the more civilized nations before they can achieve their own golden age (which by the way lasts a full 40 years now).

As I said I'm expecting heavy suggestions here, maybe even a helping hand at moding. And I hope the game loads well for you as it may take a while to process all those units at game start.


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Thanks for the Screens!

...K.. Been checking out the mod a bit, looks quite nice.

But, don`t you think some of the units look a bit too advanced for the time frame in the mod?

Also, please do something with that Flax resource, it looks like there are evil blue aliens invading! :)
Some points:
-i have begun a game with Cartago, all the techs cost 50 turns...
-I cant move nothing on turn 1.
-The AI likes to give their maps too soon, in turn 1 i have the persian maps so i see all the world.
-Some work need in civilopedia.
-Some more info about scenario, tactics, etc.
-What is doing all that spartan and carthage fleet around capua?
-I think the zip files are wrong compressed, i had to move half of the unit carpets to the art one.
-Perhaps some of the governmets tech should be available to only the proper civs, not tradable.

For now, its great all i am seeing. It´s the kind of scenario i will love. Great work!
Thnx for the hints Wolfman. The thing is that techs may be a bit too expensive. That could be the worst thing about this scenario and maibe they should all cost about 2/3 or even half of what they cost now. Still I thought that making half of em not necessary to advance to the next age would mean you have to chose which to research and that would be cool. That still remains to be discussed. As for the units - no actually i don't: to justify all this research and the variations in dominance from Greeks to Romans and very late in the game to Barbarians they had to become quite strong late in the game. I doubt the Dacians would ever reach to build Hun Hordes although I'd like that a lot since they are my ancestors ;) . In fact the game ends at the peak of the Empire so Huns are more like a fake hope for those fullish enough to wait for them.

You shouldn't be able to move any unit in the first turn with Carthage. I wanted it so and so it's not a bug.

Probably I put the AI to AI trade modifier to low (120% for cenzor level) but you can alter it if you like. I like having all the maps and the ancients probably knew all about the Mediterranean, especially since Hannon is about to circumnavigate Africa in about 40 years. Besides Persians are your eternal allies and so they are friendly towards you. They and the Phoenician brothers are probably the only ones though :lol: )

Yeah I know about the civilopedia. I told you it still needs work. It's what I hate most cause it's BORING. But I'll do it if I have the time. What can I say: use the editor to see unit stats and buildings in the meantime. I thought I'd release the scenario sooner and do whatever changes along the way.

The fleet. Well the fleet is there to...fight. Check out
the battle of cumae. Hieron of Syracusae and Aristodemus of Cumae defeated the Etruscans on sea near Cumae in 474BC. True those are indeed Carthaginian ships but the Greeks (I gave Syracusae to Sparta as they fought Athens later on in the game) are not at war with the Etruscans and they are with Carthage. Gosh I do regret those civ2 event files!!

Government techs are flavor based. But they are tradeble. This again was my own decision. I wanted to give the Romans something to bargain for other techs (Early Republic, for example). And probably because of the shunned govt section the Persians, for example will never embrace Democracy anyway.

Woops! I'll check the zips immediately! My bad here.

About tactics, I tried to eliminate the one way route to victory. For example Carthage will not have the best army but will rely on hidden nationality mercs to fight for her. They are however more expensive. They can however gain a cultural victory through sacrifice (They were known to sacrifice children) or through commerce (manufacture generated treasures generate both denarii and vps). Elephants are also an alternative but they are expensive. For Rome, might is right - the legions are probably the overall best quality over price unit. Same for the Macedonians, although their units are gonna be obsolete someday. Barbarians and Persians will have to expand outwards so as to return when they learn of their greater units like the Goths, Parthians, Huns and all the other little hairy pests that sacked the corrupted Romans.
The Greek Polis where never united, their units are initially the strongest but they'll expire and they are very expensive too. Culture is what people remember them for, isn't it? Egypt and Etruria are decadent. Egypt still has a chance and Etruria might take Rome's place if they conquer it (they can build more advanced legions too). Africans - no comment. Very long shot.
I noticed some odd quirks (bug?) in the mod. For example, the text on the victory screen is scrambled; the victory point screen seems to react strangely; and the save file name has an extra word or phrase tacked on (e.g. Iunius Brutus of the Romans, Veii, 490 BC. SAV).

And, yes, the techs are WAY TOO expensive. I have halved the cost using the editor and will be playing ithat way to see how things go.

Otherwise, one of the very best Med. war scenarios I've seen (and I'm a retired professor of Ancient History and archaeology)

There are errors in the text files, and a ctd when you build Heroic Sagas WON_SPLASH_BLDG_Heroic_Sagas, i have added lines for it like the pyramids ones, but i am not a modder.

I am playing a game with the romans with the maximun tech research time of 20 turns (instead of 50), and the size for winning a points victory to 200000(was too short if we lower tech cost or maximum research time) and i really enjoying it. Wow, the roman juggernaut is unstoppable, that skill for the legion of creating new legion of beaten enemies seems too powerfull.

Btw, its being a great game.
Thanx Jimmygeo. I really appreciate it. Don't forget to post your aftermath and suggestions here. Looking forward to it. And for those who decide that sci is indeed too expensive i'll post a patch for it. You can find it in this reply as well as in the top under patch.halfsci.zip. (removed-it became obsolete with version 1.30)
wolfman1234 said:
There are errors in the text files, and a ctd when you build Heroic Sagas WON_SPLASH_BLDG_Heroic_Sagas, i have added lines for it like the pyramids ones, but i am not a modder.

Where exactly did you see errors? I mean there might be, I tried to take them out but they just kept coming :). I'll look for the heroic sagas. As for the Victory screen beeing messed up it might be because you have another c3c version. You can open the labels.txt and find some lines are in surplus for your version (they where not sufficient for mine for other mods so i tried to insert one here and there and it worked).
As JimmyGeo said, the name of the civ in the lower right side of the screen, and in my Carthague game in the victory screen, like the name of my culture points, not in my roman game btw.

Another suggestion, perhaps the alliance and tech exchange should be tweaked a bit, after turn 10 or 20 there is a dance of declarations of war and peace that continue all the game, a bit unhistorical ones, like persia-iberian wars, or gaul-nabateans. And the advantage the player have exchanging/stealing techs is too high i think too.
Hello there, I`m new here and this is the first mod I`ve downloaded. I love it from the first sight:love: and the only reason why I get registered is to post some points and remarks :mischief: .
- I think there should be no locked aliances, just the war between the Greeks and Persia from the beginning. Because after greek-persian wars the victorious greek states (Athens and Sparta) began war against each other (the Peloponesian wars) and Persia was even an ally with Sparta that time. Also I don`t know about any alliance between Persia and Carthage:confused:
- romans are real war machines with all that legions from their enemies turned into "allies" (after conquering Etruria I got 35 legions without producing even one!-and I like it:D). Maybe all types of legions should turn enslaved units into auxillary infantry (which were really created from "allies") and that could be upgrated into basic legion and so on..., that would prevent the situation when I start an attack with 2 legions and end with 5 ;), cause I`ll have to move new units to a city with barracs to upgrade
- you gave "Dacia" tile 9 commerce, you patriot:lol:
- my date on main screen isn`t shown properly, all the time there is just written "Dec." :confused: (if I want to know the date I must go to cultural advisor screen, look at the Rome temple cultural value and divide by 2, and I know what date it is :crazyeye: )
- maybe add road between Susa and Sardis, it used to be important and called "Persian royal road"
Okay, thats all I`ve had on mind.
Hope you`ll understand, I haven`t been using english quite a time :blush:
Wish you luck and patience and more great mods :goodjob:
Wow, the Monarch, I would like to play your mod a lot. I love any Mediterranean mod. But I can't :(. I don't have Conquests.

BTW, I'm from Romania too.
Well yeah. What can I say. All those problems with the labels.txt file is version connected. I'm sure of it. It works fine for me :D . Unfortunatelly you will have to deal with that yourselves as I don't have a way to verify them for yours. It's not that hard. I did it for other mods where I had that problem. I don't consider myself a modder either.

Persia never attacked Carthage because they needed Phoenician Ships to get there. Crossing the desert was a bit uncomfortable. Phoenicians had the same blood as Carthage and were always under Persian supremacy till they got smashed by Alexander the Great. Sooner or later a Peloponesian War is bound to take place as Athens and Sparta are in two different alliances (no events.txt no control, I'm not God here :king: ). Sparta and Macedon should fight Persia and Carthage (Greeks hated Phoenician Guts). No locked alliances would simply mean even less control. Rome would be Carthage and Parthia's best ally and The Athenian-Kolchian war would last ages.

As for the Gauls and Nabatheans beeing at war, I doubt there'll be any serious fighting between the two. If I recall corectly R.F.R.E. mod gave Transylvanian (Dacian) Gold 25 commerce :lol: ! There is however an abundance of luxuries in Dacia so the Romans might feel the need to invade them after all. Maibe too much though. I'd like too see a Dacian Empire there but I doubt they're so powerfull.

Everybody says Roman Legions are too good:cry: . Perhaps Etruria is too lame. But I made Legions enslave Legions as all the Italians were eventually conscripted into Legions, only outsiders were auxiliaries. Once the whole of Italy is Roman they should have access to Consular Legions which enslave auxiliaries. Of course if it's too easy for you I don't mind you changing auxiliary slaves for basic legions too. I wanted the computer to actually win the game with the Romans too. Tell me how soon did you manage to take Italy? Cause if you've done it by 275B.C. you're on the right track. Of course you ARE supposed to change history, that's the goal of the game. Just in a realistic manner. Possibly I should put 2 or 3 less legions on game start;) .
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