Way to use a mod to simplify or save civ selection settings with TSL for Yanemp?

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    I have always found the civilization selection interface in all Civilization games to be a most tedious, repetitive, and downright inexplicable scroll and select click-fest. I always play huge maps with a large selection of specific civilizations, and it always takes a long time to go through the process of selecting them for each game.

    And once one goes through the entire long, drawn-out procedure for one game, if one wishes to refresh the map for a restart, even with the exact same civilizations, one has to go through the same long, drawn-out procedure for the next game.

    To my great pleasure, I was able to find not one, but two mods that appeared to promise a remedy to this ridiculous situation - Really Advanced Set-up and Custom Advanced Set-up Screen. And while the first has a wonderful user friendly just one click without all the endless scrolling for each civilization set-up screen, and the other may have some sort of save the set-up for future use function, neither include buttons for True Starting Locations, which is why I use Ynaemp in the first place. And to my great disappointment, apparently I cannot load both Ynaemp and one of these Set-up Mods at the same time.

    Has no one else wasted countless hours on the Civ IV and Civ V (and probably Civ II and Civ III though that was so long ago that I really can't remember anymore) set-up screens? Can any kind soul who also likes to play Ynaemp with TSL for a large number of civilizations offer a mod or other solution to this extremely frustrating interface design choice that Sid's minions have for some deity forsaken reason continued to implement again and again over the years?

    The only one I can think of at the moment is Soren Johnson's Old World, which I will be looking into soon enough, and most likely Humankind and Knights of Honor II as well.

    But seriously, please help as I have waited about ten years since it's original disastrous release to try Civ V with the highly acclaimed Vox Populai, but I do so despise these Civilization civ selection user interface screens.
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