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WBS to BMP Converter


Mar 31, 2010
This program generates image files from WorldBuilder saves which can then be fed back through Rhye's BMP to WBS Converter and become WorldBuilder saves again.

There are a couple of uses:
-You can create bitmaps from other people's maps. Letting you edit them with GIMP/Photoshop.
-You can work on a map using your preferred tool like WorldBuilder or MapView and then convert the resulting WBS file to a BMP which you can edit with GIMP/Photoshop. This lets you skip the awful process of creating river maps in GIMP/Photoshop while still retaining up to date BMPs. I also personally don't like placing bonuses in GIMP/Photoshop and I often find myself making lots of small edits to a map once I look at it in game. Now those changes can be preserved in your bitmaps.

As an example I ran the Europe map that comes with base BTS and the converter produced the following bitmaps:

Height Map:
Spoiler :

Terrain Map:
Spoiler :

Feature Map:
Spoiler :

River Map:
Spoiler :

Bonus Map:
Spoiler :

It works pretty well I think! Here's a screenshot of the interface:
Spoiler :

Click File to convert a map or to choose a location to save converted maps in.

If you can run Rhye's Converter you should be able to run this. Like Rhye's converter it requires Python 2.4, PyPIL, and the wx python library.

wx python
Python 2.4

Converter attached below. Just unzip it and then run it.

Future Plans:
I'd like to integrate this into Rhye's converter. I'd also like to add support for modded terrain/bonuses. And eventually to allow unit/city/improvement etc. positions to be recorded in bitmaps and then converted into a WBS file.


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