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we need Emperor Norton I of the United States.

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Kami of Awakened Dreamers
Sep 27, 2006
Indiana, USA
Emperor Norton I. Perhaps, one of the best leaders we have ever had, we have elected many presidents but only one emperor has risen to power in the United States.

I would like this great leader to be added.

I quote,

"At the peremptory request and desire of a large majority of the citizens of these United States, I, Joshua Norton, formerly of Algoa Bay, Cape of Good Hope, and now for the last 9 years and 10 months past of S. F., Cal., declare and proclaim myself Emperor of these U. S.; and in virtue of the authority thereby in me vested, do hereby order and direct the representatives of the different States of the Union to assemble in Musical Hall, of this city, on the 1st day of Feb. next, then and there to make such alterations in the existing laws of the Union as may ameliorate the evils under which the country is laboring, and thereby cause confidence to exist, both at home and abroad, in our stability and integrity.

NORTON I, Emperor of the United States."
I'm successfully confused.
I don't think anyone can top Norton as the most influential leader of the United States. Making him a leader is a no-brainer.
Who is Norton?

Ok thanks.
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