We really need a FAQ thread and a "troubleshooting" sub-forum

Zen Blade

Oct 31, 2008
That's the gist of my post.

There are a lot of the same questions being asked. We need a sticky thread that covers some of the most frequently asked question for modding and scenario building... the scenario builder in particular is very tricky since there is no tutorial (that I have seen) covering its use.

I finally got my scenario to work after starting the map from scratch, and I might be able to help someone(s) with questions, but right now it feels like a lot of us amateur modders are swimming in a vast sea of tools and information.

Some sort of trouble shooting forum would also be nice for modding/map-making.

-Zen Blade


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Oct 22, 2008
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Only finished files and threads go into the subforum, questions and working threads belong to the main forum ;).

To adress the problem: Like said, the main forum is for the questions. I guess nearly every question can be seen as trouble shooting.

I myself can't write a FAQ, i don't have Civ5, i have no clue about this stuff here, and i guess the others are to busy at the moment (if you have a suggestion who also might be able to organize this stuff, then PM one of the assinged mods and suggest it)
I see there is a need, especially regarding "How do i play a map with preset civs", and probably other stuff which i have missed.

My suggestion at the moment: If you see a good description for an often asked problem, then hit the report button at this post, and someone will try to put this stuff together in a FAQ or make a link list for the most often asked questions.

But don't forget: Noobs don't read FAQs, it will probably not prevent the most new started threads.
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