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Oct 11, 2008
Auckland, New Zealand

The Civ World in 1961

It took me a while to get my Civ 2 game to 1961, but here it is. The game will start at WEEK 1, 1961. The Civ I am playing as is the United States. The government is Monarchy, and the difficulty is the second one. (Can't remember what it's called.)

Week 1: The United States, by 1961, has felt the effects of a major economic depression, as well as the UK, Spain and India. The other countries have been hit, but not as severely as these three. To make matters worse, war is brewing between Japan and Spain over a border dispute. Should this happen, the US and it's allies (England and France, under NATO pact) will intervene, as they promised Spain they would. I send military observers to the Japan-Spain border (see map above) to see that peace is held. The economic downturn has resulted in the US losing 120 gold per turn.

Week 3: War has not openly been announced between Japan and Spain but it is certainly brewing. US is losing 56 GPT, and the UK government announced it is losing 98 GPT thanks to military expenditures. This reminds me I need to expand my air force if this Japan/Spain war is to happen.

Week 6: US losing only 9 GPT. I am confident I can now expand my airforce, as a Spain/Japanese war is certainly imminent. I can see France anxiously building it's military up and has commissioned transports. England is ready to go to war also.

Week 7: Spanish forces have massed along their border with Japan which I am confident eliminates the question of if a war will happen, but now the question is when.

Week 8: Minor skirmishes in the Spain/Japan conflict. I expected one of the nations to have invaded the other by now, but it looks like neither nation wants a full military campaign.
Week 9 to Week 15

Midway through Week 9 Japan launched a full scale military invasion of Spain, however were pushed back within hours. The invasion was met with preparations for war from the US, France and England. The United States declared war on Japan shortly thereafter, and launched a small but vital campaign against Japanese forces entering Spain through the western side of the border in dispute. I felt confident that the US's airforce, previously buffed up, could take on Japanese planes and ground troops.

By Week 10 Spanish forces had gained territory and annihilated Japanese forces at the border. However Japanese forces were launching missiles into American controlled parts of the border and I solved this problem by launching air raids.

At the beginning of Week 11 French troops began to arrive and the I handed them control of a small strip of the border. (The US Military was in control of the NATO operation.) They sent small numbers due to heavy opposition in French cities (Democracy isn't always great in this game) but they were effective enough.

Week 12: Continued air-fighting and ground operations.

Week 13: English troops arrive. They took a while but they finally arrived and I sent them to back the French operation.

Week 14: Spanish government announces their goals are nearly complete, and will consider a peace treaty soon.

Week 15: International community (excluding NATO) call for a cease-fire as the operation enters it's 7th week.

Week 16 to 28

Week 16: I decide it's time to end the conflict. Spain has made all the gains that I, the leader of the Civ worlds most powerful nation, can see as being legal and not pushing to far into Japan. I call a meeting with Spain. We discuss a few things and after all he decides all goals have been completed and that the military campaign has gone on long enough.

The war may have been on Spain's side but it cost them a lot of money, especially in an economic crisis. It cost them 3067 gold, out of total government account money of 6090.

Boundaries, Before and After​

Week 17: Nothing.

Week 18: Nothing.

Week 19: UK withdraws totally from Spain/Japan border. US observers total 12.

Week 20: Even though I know the US's military is the most powerful, I decide (now that the US is out of an economy crisis) to allocate roughly 2000 gold per 2 months to the military to improve the facilities, infantry, navy and airforce of the US Army.

Week 21: Nothing happening in the homeland. Few cities in disorder in India.

Week 22: Naval skirmish off the coast of the Indian gulf: French naval ships have a battle with Indian forces after the Indian forces attacked the french ships. This means war for me and the United Kingdom.

Week 23: I still haven't set troops up in the Indian gulf, France is getting impatient. UK commissions diplomat, and a few troops. Diplomat will be useless in negotiating an end to the war.

Week 24: I commission aircraft carrier and aircraft to Indian gulf. Should be no match for the Indian military. Shortly after my arrival, the UK arrives.

Week 25: The UK underestimated the Indian army, and get destroyed. Civil disorder in many UK cities. I've suffered the loss of an aircraft.

Week 28: I beef up patrols and military in the Indian gulf:

Week 29 to 46

Week 29: The President of the United States holds a televised address with the country on the situation in the Indian gulf.
"The Indian military have attack a friend... an ally... France. This is an unjustified attack by the Indians... too long has the world put up with such acts from many nations in the past. Too long has it been since the world was right. Too long has the world waited. With this unjustified attack, I have decided the US Military will beef up it's patrols in the Indian gulf, and attack any hostile Indian unit. We are waiting, still, on the explanation on the attack on a NATO member from the Indian government... too long have we waited, and we will wait no more."

Week 34: UK announces it will withdraw from the war. This is disappointing, but I can see why, nearly all cities are in disorder. The UK then falls into an economic slump, and is losing 78 gpt.

Week 35: I decide the conflict between NATO and India has gone on long enough. The Indian navy has basically been decimated by NATO, and soon I negotiate a peace deal.

Week 36: Nothing much. Russia trades techs with England.

Week 38: After Japan stops trading with Russia, Russia declares war on Japan.

Oh crap. That could prove to be a problem because India's mutual protection pact with Russia kicks in, which means war could spread to Spain.. which means war will spread to NATO, which could mean...


By Week 40 Russia has not turned up at Japan's borders.
(Russia in red because you can't see black writing)

I take a look at both worlds armies. Russia could defeat Japan any day. Japan, realizing this, offers me an alliance for the duration of hostilities. I decline, I think they just forgot we had a war.

India also has not contributed to the war, focusing all efforts on rebuilding their Navy after the NATO incident.

In fact, in Week 45, India cancels their alliance with Russia, but maintains peace. Russian troop movements begin on a transport and Anti Aircraft-Batteries are placed in sites around Russia. Finally some action.

Japan responds to the troops movements by strengthening cities' defense in Week 46.

NATO countries sit and watch as the action unfolds.

The first troops from Russia land near Nagasaki, a heavily fortified city.

Japanese troops are quick to react, but are poorly trained. Most veteran units are fortifying cities.

France meets with me and we discuss whether to come to Russia's aid. We ultimately decide this is not a matter that affects NATO countries.

Japanese troops mount an attack against Russian troops but lose to heavily trained Russian troops.
A lot happens in the last few weeks of the year.

In Week 47 Russian troops capture Nagasaki, creating a Russian sphere of influence. This is a problem. NATO countries, (USA, France and England, if you forgot.) do not admire other countries Spheres of influence. Russia is big enough.

I decide, before Russia captures more Japanese territory, to end the conflict. It doesn't work, and Russia captures more Japanese cities in Week 48.

Then something extraordinary: England wants money from me to keep the alliance with NATO. This pisses me off greatly, as I don't want to pay my allies. I decline but it turns out they were bluffing, which relieves me.

Week 49: Japanese troops attempt to retake Osaka and Nagasaki. They fail horribly. Russian troops station themselves deep inside Japanese territory and are defeated soon enough.

This conflict is getting to me. I don't want the Japanese Civ destroyed and a larger Russian empire.

England proposes we go to war. I decline, waiting for peace to be made.

Russian advances into Japanese territory, as of Week 50.​

Week 50: Russian advances into Japanese territory continues, but no cities are captured, and some are destroyed.

Alright, I'm getting wary. Since Russia has the 3rd best army in the world, (number 2 is Spain and number 1 is... me!) If they capture more Japanese territory, and keep producing military units, raising science and tax.. they could soon have the second best army, and (even though it's far fetched) the best army.

Week 51: The end of 1961 is nearing. Russian advances in Japan have halted. Japan is beginning to fight back. At least what I feared most hasn't happened -- World War. Spain is neutral. Russia pulls it's troops back near the end of the week.

Week 52: The final week of the year. Russia produces no more military might in Japan and Japanese forces are beginning to fight for their territory. However I know it's not going to work and soon enough, Jap forces stop fighting and accept their territory is long gone.

Week 1 to

Week 1: Finally, Russia proposes a peace deal with Japan and they accept. The tension is not over though; there's the matter of the infantry being built in Russian Indojapan (the newly conquered territory).

Week 2: Nothing much. A Few banks are built. Markets etc.

Week 3: Trading between Japan and India opens up. This reminds me that the Russo-Japan war began because Japan stopped trading to Russia. And Japan hasn't resumed.

Week 4: Nothing.

Week 5: Nothing. (interesting year this is...)

Week 6: Russian incursion into India: Yes this is quite surprising.
Russia attacks Indian troops near their border. This worries me more, as Russia could take over more territory in India. If this happens, NATO will intervene. I will not let the Russian empire expand with such ruthlessness.

It turns out Russia is not at war with India, India was in Russian territory; hence Russia had the right to attack. India has apologized.

Week 7: Russia continues it's incursion into India. One more step and NATO is intervening, full force. India tells Russia to leave; they don't; war is declared.

To the corner of India you can see territory Russia claims.​

Week 8: Russia goes further into India. Although NATO just had a war with India, I feel this is a violation of International/NATO law. I declare war and soon after, France and the UK join. I do nothing for the first week, waiting for Russia to make peace, hopefully. They don't.

Week 9: US-led Invasion of Russo-Indian territory. First NATO troops land near the city-less corner of land in India, however heavily fortified. The plan is to demolish Russian troops through air superiority -- Russia stationed no planes. Ground troops will add a little if the air campaign goes wrong.

The Invasion route as planned​

Week 10: The Invasion is a success. Russian forces are pulled out of Indian territory by intense NATO bombing and back to Russian Indojapan. Peace is made. Russian navy is destroyed by Warships and Russian troops in Russian controlled Indian territory are annihilated.

Week 11: Russia lands on Borneo, and Island occupied by the United Kingdom. They immediately strike Manchester, but lose due to heavy reinforcements by the UK. This breaks the peace treaty. NATO prepares to possibly invade mainland Russia, but plans are aborted in favor of occupying Russian Indojapan. This, too, is aborted. NATO members then decide on a bombing of Russia. Operation Thunder Strike is called and NATO destroys Russian targets.

Week 12: Russia makes peace and is forced to pay 1,000 gold in reparations. France comes up with the Idea of making them cede territory to NATO but this is not chosen as Russia has to face international condemnation and a greatly damaged reputation.

How'd you get Spain in a Civ2 Game?
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