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Dec 17, 2004
Thought I'd start a thread so we could post online deals in games from online retailers.

This weekend:

1. Steam has Red Orchestra for only $5. I recommend it if you like military shooters and online FPS team death matches, as it is both, and a very realistic depiction of the Eastern Front of WW2.

2. Gamersgate has Mount and Blade for only $8. One of the contenders for game of the year for 2008, a RPG-FPS swordplay game. Probably the best game for medieval FPS combat ever, though the RPG system is kind of weak. Heavily modded, the game plays like a little like Sid Meier's Pirates! but as medieval robber barons.
GamersGate has the near complete Wh40k: Dawn of War for $15 (but +$30 for the final expansion)

Steam has Xenoclash (pugilism Source game) for $10 if you preorder today,
and the complete Abe's Oddworld for under $5.
Ack come on! Xeno clash is now $14.99. I was going to buy it at $9.99 but I wasn't able to buy it yesterday yet >_<


Bought it anyways, needed to test out my credit card.

Lara Croft is your friend for $5 at Steam this weekend. I was almost tempted.
Why would anyone want to play a Lara Croft adventure game of mediocracy and animated shapely bum game?

Probably only if they're too lazy to surf for pics of women in bikinis.

But just imagine if Lara Croft changed outfits, or even changed proportions and ethnicity during the game. That'd be hawt!!!
This thread makes me so sad... I keep forgetting it exists and constantly jump for joy when I believe M&B is on sale only to be disappointed :p
nope... I keep waiting for it to come down to a price I can afford
Funny, I've see it discounted like once a month on either Direct2Drive, Steam, or Gamersgate. Usually for $15 or even $8

keep checking those sites.
Those on Steam may have noticed that I've been playing Tomb Raider Anniversary, which was/is 5$ (on Steam) this week-end. It's on the easy and probably short side (although I'm far from done), but I think that for anyone who was a fan of the original, this is a great deal. It's a remake, but it's not exactly the same.

That is, you're going to recognize all the awesome rooms and levels of the original, but since Lara has some new tricks, they had to rework the puzzles a bit. I'm enjoying it quite a lot. I hated how they took everything great about Tomb Raider 1 (the isolation/exploration feel) and turned the franchise towards some weird "urban industrial" setting. It's back to the roots with this version of the original. Great for nostalgia. It looks great.
Steam has the Orange Box for $10 for probably the next 12 hours. Awesome deal for an awesome set of FPS/puzzle games
...on Steam (Valve, so duh).

Gamersgate has Far Cry 2 for $15 this weekend.
Oh yeah, forgot we had to specify between GG and Steam :p
Yeah, but I'm going to eat my words from much earlier and just pass on it altogether.
New sales on Gamersgate to celebrate the new site design. All good games too.

All week (May 25- 31): Men of War 60% OFF

Wednesday, May 27: Mount & Blade 50% OFF < -- THAT MEANS TODAY PEOPLE! BUY IT NOW!

Thursday, May 28: World in Conflict Complete Edition 50% OFF

Friday, May 29: Sword of the Stars Complete Collection 50% OFF

Game of the Weekend (Thur. - Sun): S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Clear Sky 50% OFF
MMO's are going on offer on Steam. Fancy a game PrinceScamp ;)

Other than that, and I meant to post this several days ago, Red Orchestra is back on sale - £2.99 here, which is a definite bargain.
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