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Welcome to the C2C Multiplayer and LP's Sub-Forum!

Discussion in 'Multiplayer and LP's' started by Hydromancerx, May 4, 2013.

  1. Hydromancerx

    Hydromancerx C2C Modder

    Feb 27, 2008
    California, USA
    Welcome to theC2C Multiplayer and LP's Sub-Forum!

    The purpose of this C2C sub-forum is so we hve a place to post our multi-player games and Let's Play games without cluttering up the rest of the main C2C forum.

    Multiplayer game threads are where you plan and post your turns when playing a multiplayer game with other players. An example of this would be the Massive Humans vs Humans Game/Lets Player Tracker which I am personally a part of.

    Let's Play
    Let's Plays (or LPs) are a type of narrative game in which the player posts pictures or videos of their game experience. These can be from single player or multi-player games. And example of this would be the Video Stream by MahDryBread where he played C2C in Twitch and had fans and modders like me chat to him while he played. The videos then in turn were posted on YouTube to share.

    Many thanks to SO and the CFC admins for making this sub-forum and thanks to the many C2C fans who have made so many of these types of threads that we needed to make a new sub-forum! I look forward to seeing all the new C2C LPs that come because of this new sub-forum. :goodjob:

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