WH-02 The Great Game-Warhorses Jump the Fence


Oct 24, 2003
Cape Cod
On a hot, lazy, late summer day a wizened old coot wearing a tattered cloak and sporting a dagger at his belt approached me in the pasture.

"Psst, looking for a new adventure?", he muttered behind his hand, glancing furtively in all directions, his eyes swiveling like a the blue lights of a police car. "Come with me."

Intrigued, I followed him to a shady nook, surrounded by leafy trees and hidden from the curious glances of any passerby.

"Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is concealed inside this map", he whispered, and pulled a scroll from underneath the cloak.

"Assmble your team and take control of Ethiopia. Lead them to their rightful place in the world. You are surrounded by canny opponents and will need to protect yourself from them by building a Great Wall." he muttered. "Espionage and sabotage will be your tactics in this Great Game. Steal knowledge from the strongest and overwhelm the weakest."

As I nodded my head to show understanding, the tatterdemalion provocateur suddenly vanished, leaving behind the map and these notes

The words "Good luck and good hunting!" lingered in the air.

The roster


Roster now full!


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Igor had just completed his review of the pictograph in the cave. Quite frankly, he was bored. It was time to carpe diem, after all the fish would biting after last night's storm. As Igor wandered to his favorite fishin' spot, he saw a venerable monk and a grandpappy meet and exchange something. Not wanting to reveal his fishin' lair, Igor paused while they had a quiet discussion. Well the old fellow musta been a bit deaf as he bellowed something about "Espionage and sabotage will be your tactics..."

Igor's favorite pictograph was the one with the white spy vs. the black spy. And when the grey spy showed up, well whoa nelly.

Double naught spy stuff; Igor couldn't resist.

checking in.
After a long stressful week of assassinations and thievery the . was relaxing at his favorite, hidden place in the woods when he saw one of his kind sneaking by. That old fellow was heading towards the pasture where the venerable Bede was doing his evening work.

"What is this old guy up to?" I've been asking myself. So I rose from my comfortable den and followed him. Since he didn't seem to want to harm Bede, of whom I had heard only good and interesting stories, I kept my distance to listen. But I didn't understand a word. It seemed that he had offered something to the man from the pasture, though.

When the old man had left I went up to Bede and asked him ...

"Honorable Bede, I couldn't help to see that you had a visitor. I can only guess that he offered you a quest or something alike. If so I'd like to offer you my services, if you'd want them."
A cloaked figure hides in the shadows and watches.
I'll play. I have a lot of RL issues at the moment. Please put me at the end.
:salute: Sir B. At the end as requested.

:hatsoff: dot - good to see you.
If you don't mind somebody who's main spy experience is watching James Bond in action...
:yumyum: :drool: Get's lost in a Halle Berry flashback :drool: :yumyum:

A while later remembers watching RBTS thief game.
:salute: LK - welcome to the monkey house.

When I think of James Bond I think of Ursula Andress coming ashore like Venus on her clamshell in Dr No.
So here is an assessment of the opening sequence:

I had already moved the scout to see what he could see and unless these old eyes deceive me we would be well served moving the settler 1NW1N to acquire the silver and all those forested hills for the capitol, starting a worker and aiming for Bronze Working right out the chute. We already hold Mining and Hunting so the worker will not be at a loss for work once he appears.

Once two deer camps are operating we will not be at a loss for food and having a mone on the silver will certainly help with the commerce.

After the worker it is a little harder to judge - train out a settler or grow out the capitol training another scout while waiting for Masonry? Scouts don't move faster than warriors on this terrain but their tribal village results are better.

I think there is room to train a settler before the Great Wall project begins, especially with all the trees we have to chop.
I can't judge much without the resource icons. Unless we get a new photo with them I can't offer any input.
I can't judge much without the resource icons. Unless we get a new photo with them I can't offer any input.

As you wish, Mr Bond, stirred and shaken.
I'm up for it, but put me on a tight leash as RL is not being kind. If I take more than 24hrs for a got it, skip me without reservation. Just post here before taking it, dot, and that'll be fine.

I am more Clouseau than Bond with BTS spying, so expect a few trips over the banisters from me :)
Can't wait for the first pratfall, g-man! :salute:

With all on deck, here's the roster

AdmKutzov - as it turns out the squalid fellow disturbing my nap was Igor!
I think the proposed city spot is good. I especially welcome the silver since I found arboria maps rather hard on early commerce.

So LK has to pick it up if grahamiam's RL is too harsh on him?

My RL is currently rather eventful, too. But I take it that the usual 24/48 applies here as well.?! If so, I should be fine. ;)

Just as a sidenote. I just try to step up to Monarch in my SP's. So I hope I don't screw this up. :mischief: But I'll stop whenever in doubt of any rather major aspect to check in and ask for comments and to get my equal share of :gripe: and :pat:.
I like the spot that is over the river and thru the woods. Planning on building warrior, worker, worker. I will probably stop mid turn and post a dot map. 30 or 40 to start? this is a got it.
this is BtS at normal speed so 500 turns, more like C3C.

So how about 20 to start then tens.
Did 15 before I read the above, so I'll turn it over now.

Founded Askum as discussed, popped a hut w of the southern game and learned agriculture. Found bananas to feed our monkeys circa 3680; if we could only get enough monkeys writing, eventually they would spell out...

Buddha found a home elsewhere, no surprise.

Warrior finished the turn we grew a size, started a worker.

The major thing is the marble in the north. Plenty of food.

Do we want to try for the oracle giving the option of a scientist and spy in cities with a lib and a CH? and where do we want to chop the stone wall of wood? in the capital or elsewhere?


Special thanks to Bede for letting me go first; he knows my ciphering limitations. Mrs. Igor was happy I only had to use my hands and one foot to count. ;)

Story will gear up as things get more interesting. Speaking of which, no AI yet?
AK - semi-slacking, only did 15
Bede - up for 15
dot - on deck for 10

just for discussion, throwing out yellow and orange:

In the BtS games I have finished I have discovered that Caste System can be very powerful, especially once you combine it with Metal Casting (workshops) and Guilds (+1 Hammer to workshops) as Caste also gives +1 hammer to workshops, not to mention the ability to run as many scientists and merchants as you can feed. I have found you can delay building libraries and markets outside the capitol while you get the war machine in shape while still genning up a lot of scientist or Merchant GP points.

Running Caste instead of Slavery also avoids the "Slave Revolts" that seem to come along pretty frequently and cost anywhere from 1 to 2 population points.

Something to think about as we move forward.
lurker's comment: Looks like a blast. It will be fun to watch all the old warhorses get it on.
Got it for later today
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