What are the Ira?


Sep 23, 2007
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What are Ira? I mean the demons that are spawned by the Avatar of Wrath. Is there any lore at all regarding them?
there is an old thread with that exact question :

the most relevant post of that thread is this one by MC, which is the most probable :
I tend to think of them as Angels/Elementals of anger/hatred, in the service of Aeron, the god of body/blood/rage. I usually think of Aeron and Camullos as allies, so they may serve him too.

Prior to the introduction of the summon, Ira were mentioned in the Odio's Prison entry. Odio was commanding the Army of Ira when Aeron withdrew his aura and allowed Kilmorph to pull him into the earth. Perhaps the Ira were upset by this, and defected to Camullos or just went off on their own. (There may not be much of a difference between the two options, as most of Camullos's angels are rebelling against and trying to usurp him. The Avatar is Camullos's archangel though, not Aerons.)
in that case Angels refer to true demons , demons created by the related god and not a mortal soul turned demon.

They also have their own entry in the bestiary, but which doesn't give much more info :

Ira- These demons, also called “Drinkers,” consume the souls of their victims becoming more powerful each time they kill someone. After a few kills the ira becomes so powerful opponents are better served to hide until they return to normal rather than try to kill it. Calming spells are very effective against ira, and weaken them considerably.

That's more or less all we know at this point. You can try asking Kael directly on the ffh subreddit if you need more details : https://www.reddit.com/r/fallfromheaven/
Way back in the day when Kael was soliciting ideas for Common Events, I decided to have a little fun with the "Ira" name.

See, I might not have thought much of the lore concerning Ira except that I had a professor named Ira (yes, Jewish) way back in the day. So now, whenever an Ira is attacking, I think of my funny old professor! :lol:

Thank you, black_imperator!
Well, in the mod the name must come from the Latin word ira (pronounced ee-ra), meaning "wrath." As I said, I just decided to have a little fun with the name in coming up with events way back when.
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