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What are your Civ-related Earworms?


Jun 12, 2013
There have been many songs written about various cities across the world, or wherein a city plays a prominent role, or the name of a city is even in the title of a song.
I often get an earworm when I play, prompted by the name of some city or another and I'm curious whether other players experience this too and what your earworms are.
I'll start out with this, maybe the most obvious one. Besides the title, it also mentions New York and New Amsterdam in the lyrics:
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Civ-related? Or city-related?

Going with "city" given the first choice (which is also the subject of an easter egg in Civ3), the first two songs that come to mind are Moscow Never Sleeps, a classic from a more innocent time, and the iconic New York, New York.

Huh, both of those songs are about cities that never sleep. I didn't realize that until I'd started listening to both of them just now. Maybe I like songs about cities that don't sleep?

I don't think of them when seeing/building them in Civ though.

On the other hand, I do think of Depeche Mode's Route when I come across a Route 66. Doesn't have to be U.S. Highway 66, state highways 66 work as well. I took a Route 66 last year just for the kicks of it; the locals said it was the windier, more hazardous route, so between that and the name, I had to try it for myself. It met expectations, especially on the "windy" part.

Other city songs... was it the Eagles that made one about Winslow, Arizona? I think Vanessa Carlton made one about San Francisco? Who was it that made Faxing Berlin? Ah, deadmau5. Not really a deadmau5 fan but I think there's a remix of it somewhere that I like. Edit: Okay, even the deadmau5 version of Faxing Berlin I like after the first couple of minutes. There are definitely remixes I like more though.

Still no city-song combos I think of right away... although I do think of food when I built Essen.
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