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What are your TOP THREE favorite civs?

What are your TOP THREE fav civs?

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Dec 16, 2000
Washington, DC USA
I know there are a lot of polls always asking questions like this, but I figure so many people have a few top favorites instead of just one. So a poll allowing multiple picks (please, no more than three) could give a better idea of what the most played and popular civs are.

If y'all like, post your top three in order:

1. Sidar
2. Sheaim
3. Lanun
1. Sidar
2. Khazad
3. Lanun

(but i like many civs nearly as much as 2. and 3. With only the Sidar having a prime spot... the other favorites have changed through the times.)

2 Questions regarding your poll though (while i appreciate very much that you actually allowed to pick more than 1 which might lead to a much more smooth picture given the host of choices in FFH2):

First: Why public? (this is unneeded imo in this poll even though it doesn't specially bother me. Might still deter some.)

Second: Isn't there a technical way to limit it to just 3 (that might indeed be a slight reason to make it public. But perhaps there is a way?)?
1. Doviello
2. Clan
3. Grigori
1. Sheaim
2. Amurite
3. Bannor
1. Calabim- Vampires, Flauros, and financial trait...

2. Illians- rituals, Auric Ascended and the creeping suspense that a unit with a Godslayer is coming to get me.

3. Kuriotates- not sure about this but there aren't that much micro-management
1: Khazad - I like to turtle early in general, so Khazad suits me best. By the time I want to wage war, I have an economic power house to play with.

2: Ljosalfar - Second in economic potential, at least in my book. Keeping all my forests, plus the obvious synergies with FoL, leads to some massive cities with huge health and happiness caps.

3: Sheaim - Planar Gates, 'nuff said.
Balseraphs, Sheaim, and Amurites. I'd like to add that the Balseraphs are usually under Keelyn. Notice a pattern here? Yeah, I like magic.
First: Why public? (this is unneeded imo in this poll even though it doesn't specially bother me. Might still deter some.)

If I remember I always like to make polls public (unless they are about some embarrassing topic), just seems to make it more interesting to see who voted for what. PLUS we get to see who Kael's top three are. :D
You know, the reason why I don't like the Sheaim is purely a matter of luck. When I play as the Sheaim, the AC was still at 10 when it was turn 200 while in my game as the Calabim, it was at like, 30. Also, hell terrain frightens my head off
The first two picks were easy for me, the Grigori, for the Adventurer units (more reminiscent of D&D than any other element in the game) and the Luchirp, because Barnaxus and his brethern are nigh unstoppable once you get higher tier techs. The third one, after much, MUCH, deliberating, was the Clan (surprisingly even to myself).

I decided to go with the clan for three reasons. First, the warrens. Two for the price of one? I'm sold. Second, getting two traits PLUS the barbarian trait, which is a huge relief when playing on higher difficulties. Third, their world spell is one of the easiest ways to get a full world map quickly. The only thing that comes close is the Elohim's ability to see unique features, but they still have to travel there, which could take forever on larger maps. Long live Jonas!!!!:king:
1. Infernals, for being the ultimate badasses
2. Ljosalfar, after burning the world i guess i need to make everything green again once in a while.
3. Clan of Embers, ZEEEERG!!!!
Khazad and Calabim were easy choices.

Third one... I racked my brain trying to pick between Luchuirp, Elohim and Malakim. Eventually I rolled a d3, it came up 2. So I picked Elohim.

I also like the Illians and the Lanun quite a bit, but not as much as those top 5.

Mercurians having 0 votes

Is ANYONE surprised by this?
1. Balseraphs
2. Amurites
3. Svartalfar

Together, I play one of these about half the time. (Just recently came off a Clan of Embers binge. Next start will probably be Elohim.)
Suprising to see how many people like the civs that I can't stand playing like the Sheaim (too many 'I win' buttons), Lanun (navy? blech!) and Khazad (what? I can't spend all this gold?).

I have to say though, chosing only three was tough as there are more that I enjoy and I enjoy them almost equally. It would have been far easier to pick three that I never play.

Oh, if you don't want to track my name down in the list, my votes were for Svart's, Illians and the Clan. I ended up just picking the three that I wanted to change the least :)
Grigori - Adventurers are just so darn fun!
Balseraphs - They have so many little toys to play with, especially as Perpentach
Luchuirp - Short, quiet little guys who can have their golems rip your head off!
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