what determines how many turns a unit is built?


May 18, 2008
sometimes if i build say an infantry in 1 city it might take 3 turns.in another city it might take 7 or 8.what factors causes this?

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Jan 24, 2009
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The number of turns is the cost (in UnitInfo.xml / the total prodction of a city.)

:hammers: is infulenced by yields, specialists and buildings; mines on 'building metals' and quarries add a lot, provided that they are worked, engineers and GEs add quite a bit, but engineers cost :food: and so are not a good choice for a developing city, plus they require forges which adds unhealthiness as it is.

You get a production boost from a few improvements that do not require resources - the watermil (which needs a river) and the workshop (which losts one :food:). Mines (which need either hills or resources) are good, and they also provide a chance of finding something valuable

The best way to get :hammers: by buildings is a factory + ironworks combo, but you then need power and possibly a recycling centre to get its full potential. Nevertheless, this n a mining centre is really useful


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Sep 27, 2008
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Your city's production capacity determines this. A city that has buildings like the aforementioned Factories, Forges, Ironworks, Heroic Epic, and so on, will have much higher production than a city that does not have these buildings. The other factor is the land around the city, and how your Workers improve that land. If you have a lot of grassland, and/or you have built Farms and Cottages and Windmills, then you will have almost no production in that city; but if you have a lot of plains, many hills, and/or have built Mines and Watermills and Workshops, that city will be very good for production.

Here you will find many great articles that help teach aspects of the game. I suggest you start here.


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Jul 7, 2008
Looking at your city screen would help you as well. Let your mouse hover over everywhere and let the tooltip show you more details. It would help you realize how everything works.

A warrior is 15 hammers? And if your city produces 5 hammers a turn, then the warrior will be built in 3 turns.


Feb 9, 2009
total turns=build cost/:)hammers:/:move:)

where :hammers:/:move:=the total number of hammers a city produces, after modifiers, per turn. modifiers could include forges- +25% base :hammers:- or other modifiers which only affect either unit or building production.

mousing over the blue bar on the top of each city screen should tell you these calculations.
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